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The Slave Show (13)

I went through all that day in a fever of excitement, looking forward to picking up where we’d left off the night before.  Inside the hall where he Show was being held, though, we were a bit cut off from the world as there was no “outside awareness”, and so when we came to leave that night we were amazed to find that the weather had turned and the car park was already covered with a thin dusting of snow.  Dan looked at it and shrugged, as he said he was a careful driver, and we set off for the hotel.

The problem is that Dan had lived all his life in the south, and wasn’t prepared for how bad the weather could be, and how quickly it could change. And as we started to cross the high moors with no trees or anything giving protection to the road, the snow was drifting across it.  Those twenty miles to the hotel began to look a bit problematic, although Dan kept telling me everything would be all right.    When we were about half way, though, with the snow swirling around outside, someone hadn’t been such a good driver as us: coming up out of the storm we noticed a car in front of us in the ditch – well, not so much “in the ditch” as half way down quite a steep incline, with its lights still on.

We stopped of course, and ran down, to find the car looked pretty wrecked, and the driver trapped behind the steering wheel.  “Call the emergency services on your mobile, Dan”, I snapped, taking charge automatically as I’d got used to dealing with emergencies like this in the army.

“No good, mate….”, the trapped driver managed to gasp.  “No service out here, in the middle of the moors.  Help me, please… Go and fetch help….”

Dan looked at me, asking what to do.  “We can’t leave him”, I snapped.  “It’s way below freezing now.  I’m not sure we could make it to the hotel quickly enough to be able to summon help, before he gets hypothermia.  We’ve got to get him out.”

“No, Steve… They always say you should leave an accident victim for the experts….”

“Dan, shut the fuck up!  You need to assess he situation, and you leave him if that’s the best thing to do.  But if he might die whilst the exerts are coming, then you take minimal action there and then. Simple, really.  Anyway, I’ve done first-aid…. Let’s see what the problem is….”

I wrenched the car door open, needing all my strength to tug and pull at the twisted metal, and leaned right in, and started to run my hands over the driver.  As far as I could tell, there were no major injuries, and the only blood was coming from a small cut on his forehead where he’d banged into something before the airbag inflated.  But the steering column had collapsed awkwardly as the car nose-dived off the road, and the poor guy was trapped.

Without a diagram I can’t explain it very well, and I particularly can’t explain how we tore one of the fence posts by the road out of the ground, and then managed to lever  the steering column up enough so we could drag the driver out.  Dan just did as I told him, and all the time I kept telling the trapped bloke not to worry, as he was going to be OK.  He was terrified that the car might burst into flames with him still inside it, and, to tell you the truth, so was I – but you work away at times like that, don’t you, in spite of your personal safety?  But I did order Dan to keep well back at one point when the metal was scraping about, telling him that he had to think about Julie and the kids if there was going to be an explosion.

I actually carried the driver in my arms, and just as we got about ten yards away, back up towards the road, there was this terrific roar behind us as the car did indeed go up in flames.

Dan stood there, looking sick!  “Fuck me, Steve…. That was close….”

“Yeah.  I’ve been in some tight ones in the army, but that just about caps it….”

The bloke in my arms was shivering and I muttered “Hey, take it’s easy… It’s all over now – you’re safe….”

“I’m so fucking cold….”

I lowered him gently down on his feet, and sort of enfolded him with my body, as best  I could.  “Can you stand?”


“I thought so – I don’t think there’s anything broken.  You’re just sore…. And cold…. Come here….”

I started to massage some life and warmth back into his limbs then, and pushed him towards the car.  “Get that heater going, Dan!  Don’t stand there like a fuckwit….”

Dan scurried to obey, and I sat with the bloke in the back, still rubbing life and warmth back into his arms and legs, as I rapped “Now, Dan, show me just how good a driver you are!  Get us the next few miles to the hotel, mate…. Without accident!”

It took ages, but he managed it, and by now the snow was really thick.  We staggered into reception, and Dan wanted to call the emergency services straight away.  But I looked at the bloke and said “I reckon you’re OK, mate – it’s pretty grim out there, and I don’t think they’d have  an easy time of getting here:  but it’s your call.  I reckon a good night’s sleep and you’ll feel a lot better – if we call them now, you’ll be carted off god knows where as most of the hospitals will be dealing with emergencies…. “

“You’re right.  I don’t want a big fuss.  It’s bad enough to crash the car, but if I’m in hospital it will be sort of…. sort of embarrassing.”

“You mean you’ve got two cocks, or something? How can being in hospital be embarrassing?”

“No… But I’m a journalist.  And I’ve had a lot of pieces recently about how bad hospitals are, and how they waste money dealing with accident victims who brought their injuries on themselves…. An now here I am, crashed because I was going too fast for that weather.  I’ll be the laughing stock of Fleet Street when the other papers get hold of it, and find I had to be taken off to a hospital and ‘wasted’ their money….”

I felt my anger bristling inside me.  “You fucking reporters – always making a fuss about something and making life hard for people…. Always goading the government, and the courts….”

He looked at me.  “Hey, steady on… You can’t blame the press for everything….”

Dan pushed us apart, as we’d kind of faced up to each other as we stood there in reception.  “Hey…. What’s your name, anyway?”


“Well, Jason, I’m Dan, and this is Steve, and Steve’s a slave!  And I reckon he probably wouldn’t be a slave if the press hadn’t made such a big fuss about everything and the government reacted and tried him and his mates for a crime that wasn’t a crime really….  But look, it probably wasn’t you that did it, but it might have been your newspaper!  So you can understand why Steve doesn’t like newspapermen…”

“Fucking right!”, I cut in.  “If I’d have known you were a reporter, you’d still be out there in snow…”

“Back off, Steve!”, Dan commanded. And then to Jason, he smiled “Steve’s  not serious.  You saw how he took command…. He just can’t resist taking charge when there’s something going on.”

He stopped then as both Jason and I had relaxed (and I suppose I was starting to feel pretty good about what I’d done).  Then he went on “You’d better get booked in, as I don’t think any of us are leaving tonight….”

course, as a lot of motorists had stopped as the weather turned from bad to worse, and there were already people trying to sleep on chairs in the lounge and reception area.  Jason just shrugged, and muttered something about it being “no worse than being on an aeroplane across the Atlantic” and that he’d be OK, but Dan  looked at him and said “Hey, no problem – there are two beds in our room, and Steve can sleep on the floor….”

“Dan…”, I whispered urgently.  “It’s our second night together… We were going to carry on where we left off last night…  There won’t be another chance for ages….”

“Steve, be sensible!  We can’t leave a bloke like Jason here in reception, trying to sleep on a chair! He’s probably all bruised, and needs a proper bed….”

Well, there was nothing  I could do about it, was there?  So we all three trooped up to our room, and Dan pointed out the bed that we hadn’t used the night before to Jason.

“You must be a hard master, Dan”, Jason said innocently.  “Making Steve sleep on the floor last night, even though there was a spare bed here!”

Dan didn’t make a direct reply, but suggested to Jason that he ought to have a hot bath to take away some of the ache from his body.  And I added “And I reckon I ought to go over you again just to make sure nothing’s broken…. I did first aid in the army.”

Jason didn’t seem to be bothered about stripping off in front of us, and was soon standing there in his briefs.  He hadn’t got a bad body for a bloke who presumably spent a lot of time behind a desk at a PC, and as we’d turned the heating right up when we went in, he was no longer shivering  or anything.  I was hot, though, so pulled off my outdoor coat and pullover so I was just in a T, and Jason gave a low whistle.  “Wow, Dan – your slave’s superb!  No wonder he could do all that stuff back at the car, with muscles like those!”

As I ran my hands over Jason’s body, Dan therefore gave him a brief potted history of me – how I’d been a soldier, then how they’d enslaved me after the fucking disaster in Africa, and how he’d found me working on construction and had decided to “show” me.  “So you see”, he added, “Steve’s always been pretty fit, and now I really make sure he’s in first class condition – he’s a real champion:  most men would, after all, die to have a body like his.”

I was almost certain I could see Jason’s cock going hard inside his briefs as he nodded in approval, and when I got up from where I’d been kneeling to go over his legs properly, he almost instantly went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him, as if he was a bit embarrassed.  I at once threw my arms around Dan and went to kiss him, but he pushed me away.

“Dan, for fuck’s sake – we were going to have a proper night together…. Now he’s here and we’ve only got the time he’s in the bath…. Come on, mate….” I muttered, trying to pull him to me again and at the same time reaching down to fondle his cock through his jeans.

“Steve, stop it, will you?  We can’t do anything now, not with him in the bathroom… He might come out at any moment…”

“So what?  We’re two blokes together – it’s all legal….”

“…and what about the headlines in his paper saying ‘champion slave fucked by his owner’ in big letters, for Julie to see?”

“Well it wouldn’t be true, would it?  It would have to be ‘Champion slave fucks his owner’.”  I tried to make a joke of it, but  I could see what he meant.  “You don’t think he’d write that, do you?”

“They’re always looking for stories…. And I reckon he’s from one of those tabloids that’s always printing sordid sensation.”

“Yes, but most owners fuck their slaves, or so they say.  So it’s not a story really.”

“But there’s the extra bit, Steve – you’re not just a slave, you’re a champion slave.  And if he asks me about myself, and I tell him about Julie an the boys….”

Well there was no shaking Dan, and I felt so fucking frustrated as I could see we weren’t going to have another night of passion.  We kissed, though, but only briefly as we heard the lavatory flush, and the next moment Jason came out of the bathroom.  He’d got a small towel around his waist, and was holding his briefs in his hand, and seemed completely unselfconscious as he strode over to the bed (exposing a lot of thigh on the way), pulled the covers back, then whipped the towel off completely before getting in.  He saw Dan and me watching him, and almost laughed.  “Sorry, Dan – you’re not embarrassed, are you?  I still play a lot of rugger and go away with the team on tours and stuff, and we all share rooms of course….”

“Hell no”, Dan cut in.  “I play football every Sunday, and when we go away on our annual tour it’s the same with us lads.”

Dan began to get ready for bed then, stripping off as Jason watched and walking into the bathroom naked, then coming out and getting into the other bed. “Hurry up, Steve”, he called out to me.  “I want to turn the light off, as we’ve got a long day tomorrow and we need to get some sleep….”

Well it didn’t bother me to strip off, of course, and I even had a shower as I was really sweaty after all the exertion I’d done.  But when I went back into the bedroom Dan and Jason were sitting up in their beds, and Jason looked at Dan “Wow!  I see what you mean about Steve being a champion!  He’s magnificent – and that chain collar really sets him off, doesn’t it? Somehow he’s not ‘naked’ he’s kind of ‘nude’ wearing that, and it’s much more erotic.”

“Yeah.  Steve’s doing well at the Shows.  I’m doing all right on my investment.  You sound as if you know something about it, though?”

“Oh, you know how it is – every now and then I have to do a story about slaves, or crooked auctioneers, or masters who have been prosecuted by the RSPCS..”


“You know, like the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, but for slaves.  So I get to see a lot of slaves, and usually when they’re stripped for sale, or having their wounds exhibited in court. It’s not often I get sight of such a superb piece of male flesh as Steve, though.  A lot of the slaves I see aren’t in very good condition, so it’s a nice change to see what a thoughtful, considerate owner can make of a slave.”

Dan half shrugged.  “Oh it’s not just me – it’s Steve, mostly.  Even before I bought him and started grooming him and training him for the Shows he was in pretty good nick – he worked, and still does when we’re not showing, in heavy construction and unlike some of the slaves he was always willing to work hard, to be the one who took the heavy end of the beam if they were carrying things, to load his barrow just that bit more…. He’s really willing, and a hard worker…”

“It sounds to me like you’re saying it’s not right that he’s a slave.”

“Well it isn’t!  It’s only because the government bowed to all those fucking little piss-poor African nations in the UN and prosecuted their own soldiers…. He was sent there and doing his best, as usual, to do the right thing – he stopped a whole lot of the natives from slaughtering each other, and then from turning on his mates….  If he hadn’t fired, they’d all have been hacked to pieces by the black savages.   He ought to be a fucking hero, not a slave.”

I stood there as Dan said all this, feeling really proud of the way he stood up for me.  But then Dan went on “Anyway, what’s done is done.  They were all hauled into court because the papers started to say the government didn’t care about the UN.  Then they only reported how they’d shot at the ‘innocent’ natives, not how all of them had big machetes and things and were going to cut Steve and his mates into little pieces.  But that’s all water under the bridge.  They did prosecute them, and they were all enslaved, and here Steve is now, my slave.”

Dan looked at me then.  “Come on, Steve – get a move on!  You’d better wrap yourself in the bed cover, and get as comfortable as you can on the armchair.  And straight off to sleep – Jason and I don’t want to be kept awake as you lie there wanking!”

I smiled.  “Yes, sir!”, I replied, exaggerating deliberately, poking fun at him giving me orders about something like that.  “No wanking, sir.  So you won’t be staying awake either, sir?”

Jason roared with laughter.  “He seems to know you pretty well, Dan!”

“Well, you know, we spend a lot of time together….”

“I’ve never owned a slave, Dan… So I’ve never had the use of one at a hotel….”

I saw Dan looking at Jason.  “So do yo want to fuck him?”


“…or have him fuck you?  You can see he’s got a pretty spectacular cock.”

“I don’t really do sex with men, Dan.”

At once Dan started to blush.  “Oh, neither do I…. Of course…. I’m a happily married man…. With kids….   But Steve’s a slave, and I think he’s been with men,,,, and I just thought you might like….”

“It’s very tempting, I must say.  But no thanks, all the same…”

Well I was glad of that – although Jason seemed a nice bloke and wasn’t in bad shape, it was Dan I wanted, Dan’s body next to mine, Dan’s arse wrapped around my cock, Dan’s throat sliding over my cock, Dan’s scent filling my nostrils….

I did wank, of course, as there was no way I could get to sleep with my cock rock hard having been expecting sex, but I did it quietly as you learn to in the army – and I reckon Jason and Dan did the same thing, too. Then in the morning I showered as Dan stood there shaving, and I did at least get to pat his bum, and wrap my arms around him as we both stood in the bathroom, before he again pushed me away making little “Ssshhhh…” noises, as he was concerned about Jason hearing.  We both sat there then watching the TV news as Jason got ready (his cock was erect as he strode across the bedroom, but Dan and I pretended not to notice), and we all went down to breakfast together.

The dining room was packed with all the stranded motorists, and we had difficulty in finding a table. It was one of those “serve yourself buffets”, so I had a huge plate crammed with sausages and bacon and eggs and tomatoes and stuff, and Jason looked mildly surprised.  Dan smiled “It’s good staying at places like this – we really get value for money at breakfast time!”

“But look at Steve’s plate – won’t he get fat?  And don’t you make him eat slave chow?”

“Oh no – he does too much physical labour ever to get fat.  And at home he lives as one of the family, so he eats what we eat – although our food bill soared when I bought him!  My wife says it’s good to see a man appreciate his food, though – it makes the time she spends in the kitchen worth while.”

“So he lives actually in the house?  You aren’t worried about him with your wife?  And you said kids…?”

“Yes, two boys.  And of course I don’t worry about Steve!  If he wasn’t a slave, we’d be best mates.  And  I feel safer with him in the house with Julie and the boys if I’m away – any burglars or thugs would come off pretty badly, I reckon:  Steve would die defending Julie from rapists…”

“You say that, Dan… But he is a slave.”

“And, as I explained, wrongly so!  You saw how he worked last night to get you free….  A slave could just have stood there, and when I didn’t know what to do, he could have just watched you freeze to death.”

Jason nodded, and looked thoughtful.  Then, when I’d finished another big plateful, we all went onto reception only to find that the roads out of the village were all blocked, and weren’t expected to open until the afternoon.  The sun was out, though, and the wind had dropped so we went outside and mooched around, enjoying the open air.  Then Dan threw a snowball at me… And, well, you know how it is when blokes are mucking around a bit…. I threw one back, Jason joined in, and then they both started pelting me so I ran over and picked Dan up and dropped him into a snow drift!  He lay there, almost submerged, hooting with laughter, and when Jason carried on throwing snowballs at me, I did the same thing to him so that he was alongside Dan.

I had to pull them out, as they were helpless, and we were all roaring with laughter – although the deep loose snow had gone all into Dan and Jason’s clothes, so we went in and they decided they had to take them off to get dry.  Well, with them both almost naked, and all three of us still laughing and generally mucking around, they decided I ought to be stripped, too, and they tried to wrestle me down on to the floor.  I had to be careful, of course, as I might have hurt them, but I kind of “allowed” them to pull my jeans and T off, and Jason sat astride my chest as Dan held my legs down.

We were all laughing and it wasn’t serious, but Jason’s crotch was right in front of my face in his thin grey briefs, and his cock began to stir.  I pushed my head up and forward playfully, pretending to bite at him, and he shuffled his knees forward onto my shoulders to try to pin me down…. So his crotch was right over my face.  I could smell his male scent faintly overlaid with dried piss from his briefs, and as I looked up I could see his staring down at me.

“I reckon we’ve got this so-called tough slave pinned down properly, Dan….  What shall we do with him?  He needs paying back for dumping us in the snow….”

“I reckon you’re right, Jason.  Let’s strip him first, as we said….”  As he said this, I could feel Dan’s hands on the waistband of my boxers, and then he pulled them down, even though I tried to press my bum into the carpet to prevent them moving.    Dan slid his hand up and down my cock once or twice, and I knew he was enjoying it as much as I was.  When he tweaked the rim of my cock head, though, I couldn’t help but moan and cry, and buck around a bit with the sheer excitement of it.  Jason’s cock seemed to be going rock solid as I writhed around under him, and then, when he was looking around to try to see what Dan was doing to me, I kind of flicked him off me, then pounced so that he was now trapped under me.

I didn’t use my knees on his shoulders, of course, as that would have hurt him.  Instead I grabbed his wrists and held them together and pushed them to the floor above his head a s I squatted over him.  My cock was scraping at his pecs, and I called out “Now pull those briefs off him, Dan!”

After that, there was no way that Jason and I were going to let Dan keep his boxers on, was there?  It was a bit like the fun and games we used to have with the new recruits, when we all ended up naked, sprawling in a big heap.  And I couldn’t resist stroking Dan’s cock,  I was so desperate for it….

Look, there are a lot of things three blokes can do together.  I’m not writing a sex manual, so I don’t need to describe them.  None of us wanted to fuck, actually, so we didn’t.  But I honestly can’t remember whose cock  I sucked, and who sucked mine – I think we all enjoyed each other, actually, and afterwards, we kind of sprawled there in an untidy heap of bodies, arms and legs, and it wasn’t clear whose cum was where either, and we didn’t care!

After a fun time like that, though, the rest of the day can go a bit flat.  So we lazed around, and Jason started to ask me about the army, and in particular the time in Africa, and how it felt to be prosecuted by my own government, and then enslaved.  Towards the end he looked at me thoughtfully.  “You know, Steve, I’d have expected you to be really angry, all burning up inside at the injustice of it all….”

“I was at first.  But there’s no point, is there? You’ve just got to get on with life, and play the cards you’ve been dealt as best you can…. I was enslaved, and that’s a fact, and I try to make the best of it… .and now Dan’s my owner, it’s not so bad….”

“Especially if you have sex like that….?”

I blushed, and looked away.  Jason looked thoughtful and then smiled.  “I see….. You don’t want to rat on Dan, do you?  His wife and all that?”

I looked down now.  “You know, Steve, there’s no problem with an owner fucking his slave… Lots of men do.  And lots of them are married – I reckon slavery is helping to hold a lot of marriages together:  the divorce rate is right down since slavery was introduced, as men can now enjoy themselves and not need to get divorced….”

I still said nothing, and Jason laughed out loud now. “Fuck me, Dan, but you’ve got a good slave here!  He won’t even admit you fuck him, even though it’s obvious you and he go at it like ferrets….”

“Jason, leave it, will you?  My wife wouldn’t like it.  I don’t care what some owners do, or even what most of them do!  If Julie thought that Steve and me were fucking. I’d be out of the house!”

“Ah…. So you do, then?  Did I hear an admission there, Dan?”

“Jason, listen to me!  Don’t you dare print anything like that, or even hint at it!  I know what your fucking paper is like – all it wants is scandals and sensations, and never mind the human cost….”

I sprang at Jason then, and before he could even react I had him pinioned to the floor, this time not caring whether I hurt him or not.  “Listen, you fucker!”,  I was almost screaming now.  “You do anything to hurt Julie, or Dan…. And I’ll track you down and kill you, understand?  I’ll break out from wherever I’m caged, and hunt you down like the animal you are…. But no, I won’t kill you, on second thoughts – I’ll just maim you so badly that you’ll never walk again…..”

Dan’s hands were pulling at my shoulders now, urgently, frantically.  “Steve!  Stop it!  Let him go, let him go NOW!”

Reluctantly I got off Jason, who was lying there panting hard, looking shit scared.  Dan dropped to his knees beside him.  “I’m sorry…. Steve shouldn’t have done that…. But, you know…. He cares about us….”

Jason sat up.  “Dan, don’t worry.  It’s my fault – I can understand why Steve is touchy about newspapers. And I’m truly grateful to you both for saving my life – I’d never put anything in the paper that would hurt you…  So no hard feelings, eh?”  As he said this, he held out his hand to “shake”, to me!  No one had done this to me since I was enslaved, and it made me feel almost like a proper man again, and I pumped his hand eagerly, muttering “Sorry, mate”, as I did so.

After that we just looked like three ordinary blokes as we had a sandwich and a pint for lunch (except that anyone looking closely would see the chain collar on me, of course), and then they announced the roads were going to re-open shortly.

I went around to the slave quarters at the back of the hotel and found the slave who it seemed normally looked after the grounds – he was huddled up, wrapped in some sacks and stuff in the shed where they kept the mowers and the big brooms for sweeping the car parks, and  I asked him if I could borrow a shovel. “Rather you than me, mate!”, he told me.  “I’m keeping well out of it – I reckon the manager won’t think of me out here with all that chaos going on – I don’t want to have to dig out all those cars!”  That’s the problem with slavery in general, I suppose – unless owners and masters are really on the ball, and keeping track of the slaves and what they’re doing all the time, then there’s no incentive for the slaves to really get stuck in and work hard and properly:  no one’s going to promote them and give them a better job or anything, after all.

When I went out with the shovel and started to clear Dan’s car, there were a lot of others in the same position.  The owner of the car next to Dan’s asked me if I’d help him.  “You’re so strong”, he told me, ” And you did your car so quickly…. I don’t want to get my shoes all sodden with the snow, as I’ve only got these thin leather ones….  I’d make it worth your while….”

“I’m sorry, sir.”  I whipped my coat open a bit so he could see my collar.  “If I could, I would.  But I think my owner wants to get away….”

The man looked around.  “Look, slave, there’s a tenner in it for you!  I know you slaves don’t get much money – but your owner’s not here yet, by the looks of things….”

Well it only took minutes to clear him and I pocketed the note he gave me, and then, seeing this, other car owners came up and asked me to help them….

When Dan and Jason did appear, I thought they looked a bit flushed and it did cross my mind that they might have been fucking whilst  I was slaving away.  But then  I thought that was stupid – I mean, if Dan wanted sex, he’d have asked me, wouldn’t he?  But they were standing very close together, “intimately close”, I think you might say…..  I put this thought out of my mind, though, and strode over to them.  Thrusting the bunch of notes at Dan, I told him “There’s a hundred and twenty here… I reckon that makes up just a bit for the competition being cancelled, so we didn’t get the prize….”

Jason just looked astonished.

To be continued …

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