A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 5

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sal heard the garage door open, his Owner was returning home hours earlier than normal. For whatever reason Master decided not to text sal He was coming home early. sal glanced around. he was diligent, so where he still had chores to do, everything was as it should be. he scampered to kneel by the door to properly greet his Dominant. Max entered, sal kissed His Feet.

“Heel.” Max said as He strode on. sal got up and followed. Max and sal ended up in the master suite. “Pack for both of us, several days. It will be cold. Bring them down as soon as you are done.”

“Yes, Master.” sal immediately began to obey, packing things orderly into Master’s luxurious set of luggage and his own, once Master’s was complete. sal’s clothes were kept in the laundry room, and it took him less time as he had much fewer to choose from.

Max had left sal, knowing His slave needed no supervision. When sal brought the suitcases down, there were a couple bags sitting by the door. sal put all of them into the trunk of Max’s car.

“Go get dressed. You’ll need a coat.” Max shouted from the lounge.

“Yes, Master.” sal replied loud enough to be heard without shouting, since he was the slave. It was odd putting on actual clothes. The underwear felt more restrictive than his cage. Max wasn’t one of the ‘no underwear for slaves’ types. The fabric of the nice shirt and slacks were uncomfortable. They were good quality but sal was not used to having them on. he wiggled his toes in his socks, they were bad enough, but the shoes really got him. his feet felt like they were locked in, restricted. he’d rather be in a small cage over night. So used to being barefoot, sal walked funny.

Max let out a sound that was half a laugh and half a snort watching sal appear walking in shoes. “That is so funny.”

“i’m glad it amuses Master.” sal said with sincerity.

Max led the way to the car and sal got into the passenger side, grateful to remove his shoes, per standing orders. sal was sure they were going to the airport, but it was all up to Master. sal carried the luggage. he had some difficulty carrying all the luggage, one rolling suitcase for each hand, a backpack, and an over the shoulder on each arm. Once checked in he discovered they were on the way to a ski resort. sal was preparing for a problem. he was in a metal cage. Master knew that, so sal had to deal with it.

The security line advanced at a decent pace. sal knew he would get pulled out. Max went through screening easily, but it beeped for sal. Asked about metal, sal replied that it could not be removed, and asked if a private inspection could be done. Rolling her eyes the TSA agent called for a male. The Man that approached was every attractive, strong broad shoulders, dark hair, the 5 o’clock shadow that appeared before He arrived at work that morning. He also had a very macho, arrogant attitude, sal could tell He was not in the mood for a strip search. sal followed him, catching sight of his Owner with a big grin on His Face.

sal followed him to a room that smelled antiseptic, furnished in steel and plastic. “I am officer Groves. I’m going to need to ask you if you have anything dangerous on your person.” The agent gestured His Hand up and down sal’s body.

“No, Sir. my penis is in a locked cage. i cannot remove it.”

“You have got to be kidding me?”

“No, Sir, i am not.”

“I have got to see this.”

“Yes, Sir.” sal quickly removed his shirt, neatly hanging it over a chair as he kicked off his shoes. Groves took half a step forward when sal began to remove his pants, eyes widening a bit as the outline of the cage could be seen in the tight red briefs sal was wearing. Groves took a half step back at that. sal removed his briefs, which joined the rest of his clothes on the chair.

“I cannot believe you do that to yourself. Wait, is that a lock? You locked it in place? Do you have the key?”

“No, Sir, i do not have the key. i am a slave, and my Master has it.”

“Damn.” Groves looked at sal, who stood naked and calm. ‘How could anyone lock up their dick? No way he could get hard, much less cum like that.’ he thought, then said  “How, how long?”

“Sir, i have not been out of a cage for more than a few minutes in four years.”

“Holy fuck.” Groves looked at sal in amazement. “There is no way I’d take that.”

“Of course not Sir. You are a real Man and should have all the advantages of a Man. slaves like me are here to serve real Men.”

“You are bullshitting me?”

“No, Sir, i have devoted my life to serving.”

“So I could bend you over that table and fuck your brains out?”

“Yes, Sir, if that is what You desire.” sal usually needed Max’s approval to service a Man, but Max had long ago established that when sal was in official custody, he was to provide any service requested of him.

Groves moved closer, detecting sal’s submission and willingness. “I do have to check you out for dangerous articles.”

“i will comply completely, Sir.”

“I bet you will.” Groves reached and felt the cage, twisting it around hard causing sal some pain. “Seems innocent enough and secure.”

“Could have something hidden.” Groves stuck a couple fingers in sal’s mouth and poked round, causing his head to be moved around. “Don’t see anything.” Groves got a glint in his eye. “But that is not the only cavity, is it?”

“No Sir.” sal turned around, spread his legs wide and pulled his ass cheeks apart.

Groves gave a chuckle and inserted His wet Finger into sal’s ass, probing around. He was fairly rough, and didn’t notice sal biting his lip to keep from groaning. Groves stuck in a second finger, and wiggled them. sal took it like a good boy.

“I can only get so far in. I think I need to check a bit deeper.”

“Check as deep as You want Sir.”

“This is too easy.” Groves said to Himself as He opened His pants. sal mentally prepared himself to be fucked. “I have to make sure, I need a longer implement that is still sensitive.” Groves put His hard Dick next to sal’s hole, with a grinning shake of His Head He shoved in.

sal hadn’t seen Groves’s Dick, but he could tell it was girthly, as his ass adjusted around a lot of meat that was not going to brook resistance. sal did let a moan escape his lips. Groves gave a chuckle over him as He shoved in more. sal reached across the table and gripped the opposite edge. Groves shoved His wide Dick hard into sal.

The table moved forward a bit, giving a wooden squeak. sal’s body was racked as Groves plowed into him, sal took it like the good slave he was, and pulled on the table as he knew he couldn’t let it hit the wall. That would only disrupt Groves’s pleasure to be interrupted by someone investigating. slaves were always to take on the effort so that everything the Man does goes perfectly for the Man.

Groves fucked in what was almost a business like manner, He wanted to get off. sal clenched his ass to heighten the pleasure the Man was getting. It was a thick Dick and sal took it. he would have to report to his Master later, and Master would be amused. sal heard Groves take deeper breaths and increase the speed of His rut. sal worked harder to keep the table in place as he worked his ass for Groves’s pleasure and it paid off, the Man came up sal’s ass.

sal felt Groves’s Hands on his back as the Man pushed back and out of his ass. Knowing his duty, sal turned around to see the Man was tucking His Dick in His pants. sal got on his knees. “Does Sir wish for me to clean Him off?” and left his mouth open wide, tongue stretched out ready to receive.

“Damn, that is full service. Suck me slow.” sal continued to take Groves’s Cock tasting the tangy flavors of cum and ass juices. Thoroughly cleaning every centimeter of the beautiful Cock before him. Finally able to see what was impaling him.

“Now. Hurry up and get dressed. You seem safe enough, I didn’t find any contraband in the very thorough examination I gave you.”

“Your exam was most exhaustive Sir.” sal hurried to dress so not to inconvenience the Man. Unuse to dressing sal quickly dressed stumbling. Ready, Groves opened the door, squeezing sal’s ass as the boy left the inspection room. Groves indicated sal could proceed on to his gate. sal glanced around and saw his Owner and headed to Him.

Max had a broad smile on his face. “That took time.”

“Yes, Master, the officer is very dedicated to His job.”

“He fucked you?”

“Yes, Master.”

Max chuckled, handed His bag to sal and headed to the gate. They didn’t have long to wait and were soon in first class on the way to their destination. Max had a scotch and ordered a club soda for sal. The flight was uneventful and while sal waited for the bags, Max got the rental car. sal rushed to find his Master waiting, he quickly put the bags in the trunk and got into the passenger seat. sal removed his shoes.

The two talked while Max drove. The GPS provided directions and the two conversed. Most didn’t realize the two had a relatively normal, open, friendly conversation when they were alone. A fly on the wall would see them as close friends easily going from topic to topic, to most of the world. sal was a devoted silent servant in private, but whenever Max wanted the companionship it was fantastic.

“Nabokov’s ‘Ada’ is much more intricate, vastly better than ‘Lolita’ in any case.” sal asserted.

“My favorite will always be ‘King, Queen, Knave’” Max replied. “I know you don’t care for the plot, but the emotions bleed off the page. That once scene when she visits him in his ramshackle flat. I can see them so clearly. You don’t like it because the scandal in that one is so minor compared to the rest of his works. Especially ‘Lolita’”.

“That’s one part of it. Still watching Van Veer with the historical differences, he makes a wider story, so much wider.” sal went on as they debated various things for the entire drive. They came to a building holding the office of the rental agency for the cabin they were renting. sal felt the cold air when Max got out to register, leaving him in the car. There was snow everywhere, at least a foot deep.

Max was not gone long, returning and setting a new destination. sal didn’t ask, all of that was in his Master’s Hands.

They drove to a very remote cabin. Max opened the door and sal brought the the bags from the trunk. Leaving them by the door, sal quickly stripped, found the kitchen, realized it was prepared and fully stocked, located the bar and made a drink for his Master.

Max was sitting in an armchair, having turned on a gas fire. sal presented the drink and took the bags up the stairs, locating the master suite. he unpack, Max’s things first. Once done he made a quick plate in case Master was peckish. sal left it within easy reach of his Owner.

sal knelt down to the side, his hand palms up resting on his thighs. As was his habit, his eyes rested on Max’s Feet and he settled to wait as long as Master wanted. Where they might have been congenial moments before, sal knew to be a slave until Max indicated He wanted stimulating conversation. It could be a long time, but it was always as Master wanted.

A slight signal told sal to remove Max’s shoes and massage His Feet. sal did, adding his mouth not long after. Max eased back, enjoying the attention. He let sal work for a bit before resurrecting the conversation they had been before they arrived at the cabin. sal responded, occasionally removing his mouth from the Foot, which he knew was allowed in this situation. Max enjoyed the physical and intellectual servitude of His slave.

Deciding it was time to sleep, Max rose and headed to the bedroom. sal quickly gathered the socks and shoes and followed his Owner. Max removed His clothes and signaled sal to bend over the bed. sal obeyed, knowing he would be fucked. He was. Max rested His Dick on sal’s ass for a moment, then ran His Dick up and down once. Finding sal’s hole, Max pushed in with a steady force that made sal feel like the possession he was. The invasion was inevitable and sal welcomed it.

The slow assault reminded sal how he was bound to his Owner, that his body was to pleasure his Master in any way Master desired. Fully sheathed in sal, Max stopped and let his slave’s ass massage and warm Him. Everything Max desired from him, sal provided willingly. So wonderful. Max grinded against sal’s ass, moving his slave’s body by the hips alone. Pushing forward, compressing the ass to go deeper. sal felt impaled letting a moan escape his lips.

sal’s ass surrounded Max’s Cock as He began a slow fuck, and sal was the one who felt engulfed by the personality of his Owner. The Cock in him was the physical completeness he always felt he needed. Fully in him, sal was all he could be.

Max enjoyed the leisure of fucking for Himself, how He wanted it. Now He wanted it slow, sal’s body gently twisting under Him, and all was right with the world.

Max pulled out leaving the Head in sal’s hole. Stop. No movement. Then a quick thrust to the hilt and jack-rabbit like going for a quick cum. sal gripped the bed coverings and emitted a squeak at the change, taking it like a good slave. Max leaned over him, grabbing his shoulder’s and ramming in with speed and determination. Now He wanted to cum. sal’s body would be the tool He used, and He did. Rough, uncaring, crushing sal beneath Him. One of sal’s legs came up and bent as he dealt with the surprise onslaught. However Master wanted.

Master wanted fast and hard. He gave it to sal, and sal took it all. It did not take long for Max to cum after that. He did, rolling to one side of sal onto His back. sal got between his Owner’s Knees and gently licked all over His Cock and Balls while Max took deep breaths, staring at the ceiling, arms spread to either side.

When Max started to rise off the bed, sal rushed to one side to pull the covers back. Max got in followed by His slave. Max spooned His boy and left a light kiss on sal’s neck, just above the collar. sal relaxed, feeling safe and secure.

sal knew a few minutes later that Master was asleep. sal stayed awake, waiting until Max was fully under. sal could tell by the breathing and small noises that Max made, and patience is an invaluable trait for a submissive. sal had that in abundance. When Max was deep, sal slipped out of the bed without making a sound. he tip-toed to the door and closed it behind him. he checked out the rooms on this floor, bedrooms and a bath. Exactly as expected.

Downstairs, sal first examined the kitchen. It was very well stocked, ingredients and equipment. sal’s mind inventoried everything and made tentative plans for what he could do. sal knew lack of familiarity would not be an excuse. sal moved onto the den, checking the bar. There was a dining area, another bathroom with a jacuzzi. Outside he could see a hot tub. No basement.

sal returned to the kitchen to compare his memory with what was actually there. he smiled at how well he did. sal mentally planned breakfast, one that would fit in with where they were. And sal hoped please his Owner. Taking a final look out to see the moonlight reflected on the snow, sal went back upstairs. He was so quiet slipping into bed again. he was ready for anything Master would want in the morning.

sal’s alarm collar woke him and he again left his Master in the bed. he has to prepare coffee for Master’s awakening. Master set the time on sal’s collar so he had no doubt it was almost time to wake his Owner. sal did some brief yoga, stretching out all his defined muscles, while the coffee brewed. sal took a moment to evaluate where to put the cup. sal could see his Master sleeping. he had to put it where it would be reached easily. sal knew his Master’s habits, so chose with a breath of hope he had guessed right.

Max’s Dick was soft in sal’s mouth as he gently took it in and nursed it to rouse Max. Max woke as He preferred, sal on His Dick. Eyes closed, He slowly moved His Arm. There was the coffee cup. sal had it right. Max pulled Himself to sit up and got the cup waiting for Him. sal moved to keep up his work going as uninterrupted as possible.

Max moved in a certain way, and sal knew He was done with the coffee. A quick glance told sal it was time for him to get started on breakfast. Max went to take a shower while sal headed for the kitchen.

When Max came down in a robe, naked sal had a good breakfast ready for Him, which He started eating at the counter. sal joined Him. They ate, sal sipping tea which he preferred. Max allowed sal a few minutes to put everything in order once they finished. Max led to the back, so they looked over the snowscape to see the mountains and surrounding woods. It was a magnificent sight to see. Max put His arm around sal’s waist. sal leaned against Max and feeling His strength. The slave always felt so content like this.

“Look at the rabbit.” Max pointed to a rabbit hopping through the snow.

“Yes Master. There must be all sorts of animals in the forest.”

“You need to go out and hop in the snow like a bunny.” Max squeezed sal’s ass.

sal looked up at his Master in shock. Max’s Face had an amused seriousness on it. sal knew he was going to do it. “Yes, Master.”

sal slid open the door and felt the cold rush around his naked body. His bare feet felt the chill of the deck. He moved to the snow, and was already shivering. Elbows down, wrists bent, and palms in he was in the classic bunny pose, and he started to hop in the snow. He felt the snow give way under his feet. Snow would fall in and chill his ankles. Not much but skin and bones there, so the cold got into him.

It was extremely cold. sal’s breath billowed in front of him. It ran between his ass cheeks and gripped his hole. All his body heat leaching out into the winter around him. Shorn of body hair, there was nothing to give a pretense of protection. sal stole a quick glance at his Master to see Him laughing. As cold as he was, that was what mattered. That Max was enjoying Himself was all that was important. sal put a bit more effort into his hopping, since he saw his efforts were doing what they should. Master’s pleasure is all there was. sal’s teeth started chattering in the bitter cold. he kept hopping since he had not been told to stop.

sal didn’t usually wish for an order to be over, but he did now, he wanted to get warm. Still, it was up to Master. sal heard the door slide open and a hope rose in him that he would be let in.

“That is marvelous. Now make a snow angel.” Max said laughing.

“Yes, Master.” sal’s desires didn’t matter. But he was not looking forward to obeying, but he did. Deciding he had best do it, sal fell backwards. The snow was soft, but bitter cold. A big shiver racked sal’s body. Snow fell over on him, melting on his skin, taking more heat from him. sal spread his arms and legs to make the angel shape in the snow. Forcing his limbs against the snow chilled sal even more. A lifelong Florida resident, sal did actually know that you had to do several passes. Gritting his teeth against the cold, sal did that. he could see Max laughing through the glass. Max was warm and enjoying himself. sal was cold and doing as ordered.

sal wondered if he should continue, or if he was expected to continue until ordered to do something else. sal felt he was turning blue. The mental cage was totally cold now, and sal could feel the bands of the steel on his dick. “Come on in, boy.” Max had the door open and was waving to sal. sal hadn’t been so excited to obey an order in a while. he got up and rushed, bent over into the cabin.

Max wrapped His Arms around His slave and adjusting so sal was inside the thick robe. Max held and cuddled his boy “Such a good boy. I’m very proud of you.” Max half carried sal to a seat by the fireplace, pressing a button to light it.

Max arranged sal on His Lap, and sal snuggled up to his Owner. Max’s Hand wandered over sal’s body, helping warm it. sal felt the warmth of the room, the fire, and most of all his Master. sal was shivering and wanted to burrow into Max, as ridiculous as it sounded.

sal wished he could purr, he was so glad to be where he was now. The cold was abating, and Master’s Hands on him made him warm up. sal’s cock started to expand. sal knew Master was planning on that. his discomfort was for Master’s amusement, so it happened.

As sal warmed, he noticed Max’s hard Dick against his legs and rubbed it some. Slight signs told sal this was the right thing to do so he continued, once a hand was warmed, he gripped his Owner’s Cock and stroked it. A bigger moan came from Max. “That’s my good bunny.” Max nuzzled into sal’s hair.

Max moved and slipped a bottle of lube into sal’s hand. That was all that was needed. sal applied the lube to the massive Dick of his Owner. Slight motions told sal he needed to straddle his Master Face to face, so he did, lifting up to sit on the Boner beneath him.

“Ohhhh, yes.” Max let out, as sal started to ride Him. “That’s my bunny.” Max opened His Eyes and watched His slave slowly go up and down on His Pole. “Put your hands up like a bunny, hop on my dick that way.”

“Yes, Master.” sal obeyed, shifting his legs to give him support as he needed his arms for another purpose. Back in the classic bunny pose sal hopped up and down by going almost off Max’s Prick and back down to the base. Max had a wide grin.

“Who’s my cute little bunny? You are. Twitch your nose for me bunny.” sal obeyed “Ha! That’s great.”

sal felt the effects, Max’s Cock was hard and His Hips were thrusting something fierce, not in time to sal’s movements. sal felt the Cock, always knew it was coming, he was used to it. But it was always a welcome Invader. A form of control of him that made his submission blossom. Even in this degrading position, doing it for his Master made it all sal wanted. sal wanted to rub up against Max’s furry Chest, but had his instructions to follow, so he did.

“Arrrgghhhh!!!” Max came with a roar, reaching up and pulling sal to Him. Shooting the last of His Seed into sal’s ass, He kissed sal on the top of the head. “My good bunny.” Max kept sal in place a few minutes before shifting. “Let’s take a shower.”

“Yes, Master.” sal replied. Max kept sal’s hand and they walked up to the en suite Hand in hand.

In the large shower, sal washed his Master and when they were dry, both dressed for skiing. Max drove to the slopes, and where He was on a main slope, sal got lessons. Late that afternoon, Max said sal could strip up in the bedroom, which made it easier with all the layers. As they both finished, Max tossed a couple items on the bed near where sal was standing. “Put those on.”

sal looked at them. Bunny ears and a bunny-tail butt plug. He had no idea where Max got them.

“Yes, Master.” sal got them on as Max watched, Arms folded and a bit shit-eating grin on His Face.

“Unless you’re carrying something, you’re hopping like a bunny.”

“Yes, Master.” sal followed his Master downstairs, glad to get the order that he could walk on stairs as well.

The hopping was tiring, and humiliating, but sal did it to please his Owner. he carefully carried the two hot chocolates into the den where Max was relaxing in front of the fire and took to his knees.

The gentle touch of Max’s Hand on his shoulder made it all worthwhile for sal. he knew he was pleasing his Owner.

To be continued …

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