A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 2

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Author’s Note: This story is inspired by/for slave sal of Florida. It is a fantasy of what his perfect slave life would be, and who knows, maybe it will come true. Of course, I couldn’t help but put myself in it as well 🙂 . I’m also conforming to some of his slave voice style of writing. There will be some “inspired by actual events” parts as well. Enjoy!


sal looked over the Dining Room, everything was placed perfectly. he slowly walked around the table, checking each place setting. All was in order. Master would be so pleased. sal went to the kitchen to give one more check to be sure everything was staged correctly. he would be busy and if he left anything out, he’d be delayed, and he knew that would lead to punishment. Canapes ready. Champagne chilled, glasses all sparkling. sal checked his list, every item was done. If he failed, sal would be totally at fault.

Glancing at the clock, sal realized the first guest was due in a few minutes. he put on his servant uniform. It was the second time that day he had to wear something. The first time was when the caterers delivered the food for the evening. That was just a thin pair of running shorts, he couldn’t shock the delivery men, but he did want to suck them off. he was sad he didn’t get a chance. The servant uniform was better. There was a white band around the neck, with a black bow tie, the black over white continued in a single strip to a small black pouch held on his hips by a white waist band. sal went into the lounge to present himself to his Master.

When he entered, Max looked up, sal standing at attention, hoping for approval. Max didn’t make any indication for a moment. sal felt a surge of panic, what if he had done something wrong? What if he didn’t look exactly as Master wanted?

“Good boy. Is everything ready?” Max said, still looking stern.

“Yes, Master.” sal remained nervous. How this night went would all be on him. The doorbell rang.

Max snapped his fingers and pointed in the direction of the door.

“Yes, Master.” sal said and went to answer it.

There were three men at the door, the first of many guests. sal ushered them in and into the presence of his Master. While the men were greeting each other, sal rushed to open the the champagne and pour it into nice stemware. Placing the stemware on a silver plate, he returned to serve the men. The only recognition the slave got was the feel of hands on his ass and thighs, sending thrills through his body. All the guests would know he was available to them. 

Master and His guests chatted as sal stood attentively in the corner, looking for any indication he was needed. Periodically the bell would ring again, and more men would arrive. This was an anniversary party, and the happy couple, Christopher and Robbie, arrived last, all totaling 19 guests, Master made the total 20 men, all talking and enjoying themselves.

Not checking that his slave was ready, Master announced they should go to the dining room, and everyone began to do so. sal followed at the start, but headed to the kitchen to put the first course on a cart to serve. In the dining room, as he had been instructed, he started not with his Master, but one of the guests of honor, putting the small plate before the blond man. In doing so,

sal felt a hand stroke up his inner thigh, make it to his pouch and give it a light squeeze. The next man did the same, followed by one drawing a single finger up his spine, after that, a man left his hand rest on sal’s ass. The next put a finger or two inside the slave’s ass hole. All throughout setting out the first course everyone felt parts of his body.

Once everyone was served, sal moved the cart out of the way and stood to be summoned. It was going to be tricky, serving a formal dinner to so many all by himself, but he had to make his Master proud. sal didn’t get to stand still long. The glasses needed refilling, and he had to act as the perfect waiter and servant for the large group of men. he was constantly attentive for the slightest indication he was needed. sal had to rush from one side of the table to the other. The men were already starting to play with him. As he fills one glass, then he was summoned to the other. he couldn’t run, it wouldn’t make Master happy. So he had to walk briskly. Hands became freer in touching his body. Some men would turn in their seats to touch him. sal never avoided the hands, they had every right to touch his body any way they chose.

At a sign from Max, sal began to gather the plates. After getting a few, a hand found its way into his pouch and felt his cage and lightly drew a fingernail across his balls. It didn’t hurt, but it did cause them to draw up a bit. It was thrilling. he couldn’t pass near a man without contact. sal’s cock was chubbing some in his cage, sal knew his Master expected it, and it would please Master.

sal quickly reloaded his cart with the next course, knowing every second counted, that he had to hurry and make no mistakes. he’d have to serve more drinks the instant he served the last plate.

As sal approached the dining room, he heard the voices of the men, all having a great time. They ignored him as he served them, except for feeling his body. Some of the men started to pinch him. It didn’t hurt, but sal had to concentrate not to keep his perfect serving going. Any mistake would get him punished, and sal had promised Master not to make even the slightest error. Master had a reputation to maintain, as the best host. In addition to Master’s retribution, sal would punish himself. Disappointing Master would devastate him, and he’d beat himself up over it.

sal succeeded in serving the second course, put up the cart and began to pour drinks. The slave never got a chance to stand still. his eyes were peeled for glasses low in alcohol, so he could fill them without instructions. he was mostly successful, and was sure he saw a slight smile directed to him by his Master.

The main course was next, and sal got the plates before Master and his guests before picking up a bottle to start on drinks. Maybe he’d get a small breather? No, any time he thought everyone was fully served, someone would finish their glass and hold it up for a second and sal would get right on his job. his work brought compliments of his training to his Master, filling sal’s slave heart with pride of what Master had done to him. Master deserved all the praise for the evening, it was His training that made sal the slave he was, so Max got the praise.

Another wave by Master had sal collecting the plates again, and returning to the kitchen for the next course. sal realized how fortunate he was that Master had catered this meal, since sal was already exhausted. If he had been cooking everything in addition to having to serve it, he would have been a wreck. Master had planned perfectly, as always, arranging a meal that could be served and enjoyed by His guests, and all the work would fall on sal, just as it should. sal knew Master should be rewarded for His kindness in setting up these arrangements, and wonder if sal would need to find something more to do for his Master or if Master had already decided on a price. If sal did think of something, and Master had already decided on what Master’s reward would be, sal knew he’d be doing both. As he pushed the cart to the dining room, sal decided it would be best to be prepared and have a thank offering already in mind.

This was the desert course. Little anniversary cakes for everyone. sal started with a larger, shared cake for the happy couple, before going to serve Master and the rest of the guests. As soon as the last plate was down, sal had to put up the cart and start on the champagne again. One guest bit sal’s butt, not hard, but enough for sal to have to concentrate not to spill. Everyone was congratulating the couple, saying how happy they were for them, and how handsome they looked together. sal continued his servant role, keeping the glasses filled.

One guest made an obvious drop of a fork, when sal bent over to retrieve it, the guest came out of his chair, grabbed sal’s bent-over hips and made a few fucking motions to the delight of everyone. sal stayed bent over until the guest finished and slapped sal on the rear letting sal know he could go on.

With the cakes done, Max waved for the plates to be removed, and sal obeyed, quickly returning to see if more drinks were wanted. Entering the room, sal saw Max standing by his chair. “Let’s have a little entertainment. slave, up on the table, walk the length slowly.”

“Yes, Master.” These were the first words sal had said for a while, and he obeyed with the required enthesium. Using his Master’s chair to get to the table top. Knowing he was on display, sal walked the table, being sure to place his feet where space permitted, even if he couldn’t show that he was carefully watching. his performance was appreciated based on the sounds of the men.

When sal had been the length of the table and back, Max said “Take off your uniform, and do it again.” The men all laughed, and sal quickly removed the small amount of clothing he was wearing. This trip was even more appreciated, and the men reached out to feel his legs, the rest of the slave being too high to easily reach from their chairs.

As sal approached his Master the second time, sal could see the slight smile that indicated Master was pleased. To the men He said, “Coffee will be in the lounge, if you all will follow me.” In a lower voice for sal He ordered “Back into your uniform slave.”  Max lead the men back to the lounge, and sal put his uniform back on. sal instantly went to the lounge where a coffee urn and cups were already in place, beginning to pour and serve the after dinner drink.

All the men had been served, and were slowing enjoying their coffee and sal was watching for needed refills. Discreetly standing by his service station, one of the men came up to him. sal kept his eyes down, in the process noticing that the man had nearly a full cup, so wasn’t here for more coffee.

The man’s free hand went from sal’s shoulder to his ass, beginning to knead it. “You should belong to me, I’d have so much fun with you.” The man whispered into sal ear. Then louder, “Hey Max! Can I use your boy for a minute? I’ve got something that needs to be taken care of.” The man gripped his crotch quickly before letting go. 

All the men laughed, and sal’s eyes darted to his Master. “Go ahead, just don’t take too long.” Max returned to his conversation.

“This way boy.” The man turned to walk out of the room, knowing sal would have to follow. And sal did follow, his gut screaming that he was in trouble, and hoping Master would rescue him, but knowing it would not happen.

In a side room, the man turned and unfasted his trousers, letting them open up. sal knew his duty and obediently knelt before this man who caused him such concern. “Get on it slaveboy.” The man said with a sneer.

“Yes, Sir.” sal opened his mouth and used his hand to get the hardening prick into place, starting to suck as soon as the head passed his lips.

“Oh fuck yeah.” The man leaned back a bit.

sal worked hard on the blow job, knowing that as a slave he had to give his all. But sal was worried. This man had clearly indicated he wanted to take sal from his Master. sal didn’t want to leave his Master, but that was actually Max’s decision. Max could easily let this man borrow sal, or worse give or sell him. sal knew he would have to tell his Master as soon as he could, but the slave knew he wouldn’t get a chance before the party ended. Max would not like being pulled aside to deal with sal’s fears. sal would just have to wait until they were alone.

The man had a good sized dick, and quickly started to fuck sal’s thoat, grabbing sal’s head with his hands for more control. sal let him set the pace, of course, and did his best to give the man every pleasure. “Damn, I need you around every day to do this for me. I’d really teach you some tricks.” sal shivered inside at the comment, but could not lesson his effort. The man had a right to use sal, especially since Max had agreed, but sal felt the man wanted to take full ownership of him.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” The man came in sal’s mouth, pulling back far enough so that it hit the slave’s tongue. sal dutifully looked up, holding it in his mouth. The man gave a wicked grin. “Swallow it bitch. Taste the man who will become your master.”

sal swallowed. “Thank you, Sir.” sal then moved forward, in accordance with his training, and began to lick the cock before him clean. “Fuck, you’re good. I’d pound your ass hard boy. Real hard. Would you like that slaveboy?”

“Yes, Sir.” sal instantly answered.

“I know you would, you’d be walking funny all the time. Ha. I’ll get you slaveboy, just you wait.” The man put his genitalia away and pulled sal up to his feet, turning him around and giving a harder than necessary slap on sal’s ass. “Get that sweet ass back, you have work to do cumdump.”

“Yes, Sir.” sal answered, putting on an inconceivably small amount of speed so not to be alone with the man any longer than necessary.

Giving the blow job had put sal behind in serving coffee to the guests, and the slave had to do his best to catch up. Hands were free on his body, lingering as he poured and walked by. sal felt like a piece of meat, and he loved it. sal knew his humble servitude to the men was making them all admire his Master, and that his Master was envied for the way Max had trained sal. The guests were mostly talking, sitting or standing around, taking advantage of a relaxing evening. Only sal was working, all the men had to do was enjoy themselves. As the evening wore on, the guests gradually made their excuses and departed, having had their fill of fondling sal as much as they wanted. The man who sal had blown was the last except for the anniversary couple.

Max and the couple were seated in chairs, and talking quietly, sal near a corner, head down but attentive should he be needed. “So, I have a present for you.” Max said to the couple, who gave slight protests. “No, you can have sal for the night. he’ll show you to a guest room, let you get settled while he attends to me, and return to you. You can do anything you want to him.”

“Oh, that’s great!” “We’ll love that!” they said, standing as they didn’t want to wait.

Max snapped his fingers and pointed towards the staircase. sal lead the men to their room up one floor. As he did, he felt their hands on his ass. sal knew he was in for a long night. Opening the door to a guest room, sal gave a bow to usher them in. The men embraced each other and kissed as sal silently closed the door.

As sal turned to go to the master bedroom, he caught sight of Max coming up the stairs, so he waited for his Master. When Max came near him, sal said “Master, I need to tell you something.” Max had made it very clear that if something important came up, sal was to tell him, not having to get into a position indicating he had a question or whatever. Speaking first signaled that it was a serious matter.

Max stopped and looked at sal. “Yes, boy?” Max’s face showed concern, sal would not be bringing up some minor point, and Max would give it full gravity.

“The man you had me blow tonight.” sal began.

“Aiden.” Max provided.

“Yes, Master. Sir Aiden. He said he was going to make me his slaveboy. That i should belong to him.” sal was looking at the floor.

“And what do you think about that. The truth boy.” Saying it this way meant Max wanted to know what sal really thought, not just the agreement expected of a slave. his actual opinion. Max may not follow that opinion, but he wanted to know it.

“i love being owned by you, Master. i don’t ever want to stop being Your slave.” sal hazarded a look at Max’s face. Max appeared deep in thought.

Silence prevailed in the hall a moment. sal hoped Max wasn’t thinking of giving him to Aiden, but he couldn’t tell. It would be Master’s decision in the end, sal wouldn’t have any say in the matter.

“Well, I haven’t tired of you yet. So he’d have to wait. He’s still a man, however, so at the club or wherever, you’ll be bound to obey him. But never forget, you are my property. I come first.” Max finally said.

“Yes, Master. Of course, Master.” sal still held onto the hope that Max would keep him, and not give him to Aiden, but he could never be sure. And he would have to obey Aiden like he did all his superiors.

“Now, let’s get you ready.” Max started to his room.

“Yes, Master.” sal followed, knowing what was next.

Max had a small surprise for the anniversary couple. sal was fitted into a large silk bow, like on a present, crossing his chest in an “x” like a harness. It was bright red and matched a smaller bow tied around his balls and caged cock. sal had removed the uniform he was wearing, and was just in the bows, looking at himself in a mirror with his Master. “Perfect.” Max said. sal looked a bit ridiculous, but Master wanted it, so sal obeyed. “Get going, we don’t want to keep the happy couple waiting.”

“Yes, Master.” sal left his Master and returned to the guestroom, knocking on the door.

When it opened Robbie said “Oh, look at this present!” And pulled sal in to show his husband. He and Christopher had taken some of their clothes off, shirts open, revealing well-defined chests. sal stood there while Christopher came up.

Feeling sal’s body up and fiddling with the bows the men enjoyed themselves a bit. “We should unwrap our present.” Christopher decreed.

“Sure, boss.” Robbie agreed, giving the big bow a pull. It easily came apart, falling to the floor. Robbie ran his hands over sal’s newly exposed chest.

Christopher grabbed sal’s cock cage, giving it a jiggle “Slave’s little dick is all locked up and wrapped up for us. No boner for you.” He laughed, then ran his hand along Robbie’s jawline. “Aren’t you glad I didn’t put you in one for tonight?”

“Yes, thank you, boss.” Robbie sounded both grateful and a bit put out that that the idea was even considered.

“Get down and take it off him.” Christopher told Robbie.

“Yes, boss.” Robbie knelt down before sal. For sal, it was an odd feeling, no one ever got on their knees before him. Christopher looked down at his sub, who ran his hands over the parts of sal’s thighs closest to his cage and balls, bringing them close together to hold them cupped in both hands. Robbie’s fingers found the bow and pulled it apart, letting it fall to the floor. “Our present’s all unwrapped!”

“This is going to be fun.” Christopher pulled Robbie up. “Let’s get our clothes off.”

“Sure, boss.” They quickly stripped, and climbed on the bed, sal stayed standing, awaiting instructions.

Christopher and Robbie arranged themselves on each side. Christopher patted the bit between them. “Here boy, between up, feel up our bodies, mirroring each other.”

“Yes, Sir.” sal got between them, starting on their sides, just above the hips. sal’s hands moved in perfect unison up to brush the nipples before going down the chest to the Apollo’s girdle, then diverting down their thighs to the area of their knees.

sal went around the knee to the inner thighs, and up to the balls. sal’s hands went over each pair of balls still in sync. Together they groaned, not as well matched as sal’s hands, but showing that the slave’s work was doing as intended.

sal moved his hands up to the cocks, and lightly stroked them. The groans got louder, and sal moved up their bodies to the far nipples. sal moved his hands across their chests and back down, lightly drawing his nails over their skin. Once sal reached the dicks again, Christopher moved to kiss Robbie, and Robbie moved to kiss him back. Now the men’s bodies were angled up and sal concentrated on the cocks, slowly stroking them up and down as the men’s kiss became more passionate. sal watched them, still moving his hands up and down on the penises.

Breaking the kiss, Christopher, ordered sal to the middle of the bed. The men got off it. “Here’s what we’re going to do. slave, you stretch out, and don’t move for anything. Absolutely anything.”

“Yes, Sir.” sal spread his arms and legs in an X. Robbie went to one of the items of decor in the room, a vase holding decorative feathers, removing two. Robbie handed one to Christopher. Each taking a side of the bed and aiming the tips at sal’s side. sal had been getting more and more nervous, he hated being tickled and he had been ordered not to move. sal really hoped he could obey.

The feathers hit sal at almost the same time, sal took a deep breath in and started to giggle, working hard to keep his limbs in place. sal wasn’t able to completely succeed, so his arms and legs moved back and forth as he forced himself back. Robbie laughed and Christopher sounded threatening when he said “I told you not to move.”

“i’m sorry, Sir, i’m trying hard.” sal said sincerely.

“Try harder boy!” Christopher added his fingers to the tickling, but laughed showing he was enjoying it all.

“Yes, Sir, i’ll do better.” sal was really trying, giving it his best, but he couldn’t stay still. Robbie was laughing as well.

“Faster Robbie!” Christopher encouraged his husband, who sped up his feather against sal’s side. Christopher moved his feather faster. Finally sal lost it and curled up in a ball.

Christopher and Robbie pulled back their feathers and laughed, climbing on the bed and wrapping sal in their arms. sal got control of himself and lay there as their hands felt over his tight body.

The husbands kissed again, with sal between them. sal’s hands found their cocks and pulled on them. Both were very hard and felt good in the slave’s hands.

Christopher moved his cock to sal’s lips and slowly pushed in. sal began to suck, putting all his effort into the job. sal moved both hands to Robbie’s dick and played with Robbie’s balls as well. Robbie’s balls felt nice in his hands, even as he realized he was serving a sub.

Christopher slowly fucked his cock in and out of sal’s mouth, going deeper and deeper in. sal could take an amazing amount of dick down his throat, so it wasn’t difficult for him to take the impressive length of Christopher in. sal managed his breathing correctly, and was able to really make Christopher feel good. sal caught sight of Robbie, and saw a smile on the sub’s face, glad sal was pleasing his Dom so well, and that he wasn’t the low one on the totem pole.

After a good sucking, Christopher pulled out, “Time to suck Robbie now.”

“Yes, Sir.” sal said, both he and Robbie moving so sal’s mouth could engulf the sub’s cock.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Robbie exclaimed as he got his dick sucked. sal was proud that he made Robbie feel so good.

“I know you don’t get to put your cock in a lot of stuff, aren’t you glad today’s special?” Christopher asked his sub.

“Oh, fuck yes boss!” Robbie writhed, putting his hands on sal’s head and guiding the slave deeper on his prick. Robbie was almost cruel, but sal loved it rough. “So fucking warm, the mouth is so fucking warm.”

Robbie continued to hump sal’s face for a few minutes, moving his hips, and hence his dick, to new angles in sal’s mouth.

Christopher let it go on for a bit, them moved beside his husband, gripping Robbie tightly around the waist. Christopher poked his cock towards sal’s mouth, “Do us both now.” Christopher’s tone was even.  sal pulled his mouth back, eliciting a sigh of loss from Robbie. sal moved to try to get both big cocks into his mouth. It was not going to be possible, but sal did his best, getting the heads in and really moving his lips and tongue.

Christopher gave a soft chuckle, Robbie did a full laugh. The husbands used their hands to keep their cocks playing in sal’s mouth as the slave tried to get as much of the dicks in him as possible.

Christopher pulled out. “Keep going on Robbie.”

“Yebs Sirb.” sal managed to get out almost intelligible words as his mouth again covered Robbie’s penis, to Robbie’s animalistic grunts of resumed pleasure.

Christopher moved over to the back of sal, who was splayed over the bed. Christopher’s hand move over the globes of sal’s ass, feeling and kneading them. Christopher’s hand move into the crevice, teasing sal’s hole, causing sal to moan around Robbie’s dick.

Christopher leaned over and picked up the bottle of lube on the bedside table, applying some to this finger. That finger found its way back to sal’s hole and outlined the pucker. sal’s ass twitched,  Christopher grinned, even if neither of the others saw it. The finger started to push slowly in, wiggling. The spasms the invasion caused moved up sal’s body and added to the fellatio sal was giving to Robbie. Both boys groaned, a single finger of the Dom eliciting such a reaction.

Christopher’s expert finger moved and continued the thrills sal was experiencing, virtually requiring him to increase the intensity of the head he was delivering to Robbie. For his part, the submissive husband was playing with his own nipples and letting out enough loud sounds to make up for sal’s filled but silent mouth.

The Dominant played a little, than used both hands to pull apart sal’s cheeks, his thumbs opening the hole and jiggling  it a bit. Picking up the lube bottle, Christopher applied it to the ass in front of him and his own dick. Getting between sal’s legs, he put his cock’s crown up to the opening and ran it up and down the valley. Christopher could see sal’s body writhing in anticipation, Robbie’s eyes were closed, lost in his own world.

Christopher started to push in, so slowly, so deliberately, sal moving to accommodate the huge manmeat. Robbie opened his eyes as he felt the changes echoing on his own dick, and smiled at this husband. Christopher’s advance kept on unstoppably, sal making noise and bucking his hips.

Fully sheathed in sal’s ass Christopher moved his own hips around, mixing his body with sal’s. The thrusts began, slowly, very slowly, full withdraws and reentries. Christopher felt every inch of his prick covered with sal’s hot ass, and then exposed out to the air, then back again. The Dom watched the sub and the slave reacting to the start of his fucking, every movement reflected in them.

Placing his hands on either side of sal, Christopher began to speed his thrusts, this reverberating in the other two, more and more speed and power, the bed moving under his powerful assault. sal took it all like a good slave, still concentrating on the dick in his mouth.

Christopher got into a strong fucking rhythm, enjoying the sensations on his dick, and the control he had over the two others on the bed, knowing his fuck was directed to sal, indirect to Robbie, but he fucked all the same.

Slowing and wanting a change, Christopher moved so he was taking sal from the side, both laying on the bed. As the movement happened, sal’s hands came up to keep Robbie’s cock in his mouth. Robbie moved to adjust, never letting his dick out, and moving so his head was now close to sal’s knees. Robbie hugged the legs before him, feeling the reactions of Christopher’s fuck there as he did on sal’s mouth work.

Tired of the tighter fuck of sal’s closed legs, Christopher reached down and guided Robbie’s hand to raise sal’s leg up, giving Christopher access to fuck deeper. He grinned again as the sounds from both submissives grew more intense as that change moved from sal’s mouth to Robbie’s prick.

Deciding it was time to cum, Christopher increased to full speed, the bed shaking and the bodies reacting to his fuck grabbing the covers to hold on. With a final deep thrust, he shot into sal’s boy-pussy, the man letting out a guttural growl. Robbie couldn’t take it any more and shot as well, coating sal’s mouth with spunk.

Robbie pushed sal’s face out of his crotch, rolling completely on his back. Christopher withdrew his spent cock, and sal, taking two quick breaths to gather himself, shifted around the men to clean off Christopher’s dick.

When sal finished cleaning his cock, Christopher moved up to rest at the head of the bed, patting the spot beside him, Robbie came to lay there, arms under each other. sal started to clean Robbie’s dick, gently licking every bit.

The husbands lay there, sal kneeling further down the bed waiting for instructions.

“Quite a present, isn’t he?” Christopher reached over and kissed Robbie on the cheek.

“He sure is. Max is very good to us.” Robbie moved over to cuddle a bit to his husband. “It was great actually getting sucked off for once.“

sal waited patiently, this was an evening for them, and he just needed to wait until called to do something. It came when Christopher told him to gently massage their cocks. sal did, letting the husbands relax. sal’s hand were talented, so it wasn’t long before both had responded with blood flowing in, adding to their size. Christopher tossed the lube to sal, and indicated sal should apply it to the Dom’s cock. Once done, Christopher said “Up, get yourself on that pole.”

“Yes, Sir.” sal got into position, sliding the massive member into the ass, taking it all until sal was literally sitting on Christopher’s lap. sal began to rock up and down on the length of the dick in him.

“You can get blown again.” Christopher looked over at Robbie, who didn’t need to be told twice. Robbie stood up on the bed, guiding his prick into sal’s bobbing mouth.

sal rode Christopher, the man’s hands on sal’s hips setting the pace while sucking Robbie. Having already gotten off, neither of the husbands was in a rush, and sal had a long slog in front of him.

When his thighs began to ache, sal knew he couldn’t stop, he had to continue pleasing the men using him. sal’s pain or tiredness was irrelevant, and he kept up his work. Robbie’s eyes were closed and head thrown back so glad to be in the receiving end.

It was a long fuck, a long steady fuck as sal got exercised hard and had to use all his skills to keep the men aroused. 

“Baby, do you love me?” Christopher asked, obviously to Robbie.

“Boss, I love you more than anything in the world.” Robbie replied, opening his eyes and looking at his husband.

“Than join me in this pussy, get your dick in there. And Happy Anniversary.” Christopher rubbed his hand Robbie’s leg as huge smiles grew on both their faces.

Robbie pulled out of sal’s mouth, who had heard the exchange, and hoped he would be able to take both giant cocks. Not that he had any choice, he was a slave and his existence was to pleasure men.

Robbie put a massive amount of lube on his own cock, and as Christopher slowed his thrusts, added as much lube as he could to sal’s ass. Once applied, Robbie position himself to insert his cock next to his husbands, who had stopped moving.

The pressure on and in sal’s ass was tremendous, the slave gripped the covers tightly and let out an inhuman sound.

“I know Robbie’s hung, make all the noise you want boy.” Christopher gave permission, and sal let it all out. Robbie joined in, and the room filled with noise.

After significant pushing, Robbie made it in, both he and sal making new, even louder shouts. sal gasped for breath, his pussy feeling completely stuffed, so much manhood in him, his ass stretched as wide as it could be.

The husbands left their dicks in place not moving for a moment, reaching around the slave to feel each other. Both began to pump, moving against each other and sal’s back channel. The friction was great, and both had to put muscle into their fucking. sal considered that he still had permission to make noise, so he did, giving out loud grunts.

Robbie and Christopher added their own sounds, both obviously enjoying the double penetration. Christopher was able to speed his thrusts more than Robbie, and sal had the odd sensation of two cocks fucking him at different speeds.

Robbie dripped sweat on sal, who dripped sweat on Christopher, everyone was hot and their muscles straining.

“I’m so close!” Robbie shouted.

“Cum! Cum! Cum!” Christopher spat out. Robbie did, his orgasim triggering his husband’s. Robbie fell on sal, who fell on Christopher. All three bodies lay entwined a few minutes as they struggled for breath. sal stayed in place until Robbie rolled off, then sal moved down to clean off Christopher. Finishing that, sal moved to Robbie, amazed at how much girth had been in his boy-pussy. The husbands were holding each other, and dozing, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Following the plan sal had with his Master, the slave curled up at the foot of the bed, to be available to them if they wanted him in the night. Turns out they didn’t, and the good slave had been awake and unmoving a bit before the couple.

Christopher woke first, and seeing sal patiently waiting whispered, “Go on ahead, I’d like some alone time with Robbie.”

“Yes, Sir.” sal eased off the bed. “Thank You for using me, i hope You had a wonderful anniversary.”

“We did, you did a good job, I’ll tell Max how pleased we are.” Christopher softly responded.

“Thank You, Sir.” sal slipped out of the room. In the hall, sal moved down to the main floor, and checking in the lounge, found his Master reading a book and sipping coffee.

“Master, i’m sorry i wasn’t able to make Your coffee.” sal knelt before his Master.

“It’s alright boy, I know you had a busy night. I could hear quite well. Sounded like you all really had a good time.” Max looked down at His slave.

“Yes, Master. They split roasted me first, then they both put their dicks in my boy-pussy at the same time.” sal reported.

“DP, that must have been a lot of meat in my boy.” Max gave a slight smile.

“Yes, Master, a whole lot of meat.” sal looked with admiration at his Owner.

“I’m proud of what you’ve done. You handled the dinner quite well, and I know that was tough, there were a lot of guests, but you kept up. After you serve our guests breakfast and they head home, I’m going to fuck you good.” Max had a full smile now.

“Oh, thank You Master! i love getting fucked by You.” sal said in all earnestness.

“Good boy, now go get breakfast ready for when the lovers decide to join us.” Max ran his hand over sal’s head, from the back to under his chin.

“Yes, Master.” sal got up and went to the kitchen, looking forward to the fucking he would be getting later.

To be continued …

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