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STWU, Whiteout and The Padded Puppy: New Episodes in our Media Section

Hello everyone,

We just wanted to inform here you off the new episodes Shut the WOOF up and Whiteout released over the last weeks.

It has been a while since we last updated them in our posts here, but that is just because they are now presented in our Media Center in the VLOG and Podcast section. They will be continually updated there whenever a new episode appears.

Go take a look and give them a thumbs up if you like them. Both of them definitely will be interesting and may stiffle some good laughs out of you 🙂

We also would like the chance to quickly tell you about the newest vlogger that we got for you. His name is The Padded Puppy and he is, as you can probably tell by his name, all about ABDL and Pup play. If this mix is something that interests you, or you just want to take a curious look, go check him out. His videos are really well made and entertaining, even if you are not a pup or want to wear diapers 😉

That is it already, we hope you have a great time browsing around.

Have fun,

The sadOsam team

Shut the WOOF up – VLOGS and Podcast


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Whiteout Rubber


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The Padded Puppy


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