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STWU: Volka Opens Up

Shut the WOOF up is a monthly, absurdist/comedy podcast by pups, for pups. But also NOT by pups and for non-pups too. See? It’s weird. Some might even call us a pupcast….

From dogbates and dogscussions (and many more dog related puns) on a range of weird and wonderful pup and fetish topics with a light-hearted twist, combined with a smorgasbord of weird and stupid radio sounds and jingles – Shut the WOOF up is the definitive podcast for anyone into puppy play. (Unless you find a better one, then that’s probably the definitive one).

Shut the WOOF up is independent – we are not hosted or supported by a pup event or pup website. Keep us neutral and open minded ‘n all that stuff. Shows are pre-recorded a week before release. Or a day before if Volka is being lazy.

Please note: The show may contain strong language and references to the more adult side of puppy play and is therefore aimed at those aged 18 years or over.

Volka Opens Up | Episode 1 | SUGAR!

Yes this IS Volka from Shut the WOOF up but this AIN’T a STWU video.

Instead, I did something for Puppy Pride – and unboxed something! I’ve never done this before. I was scared. Please visit Puppy Pride and check out their boxes!

And thanks Puppy Pride for suPRIDEing me with one (thank you, that just came to me now actually). Happy Pride 😀


Want to hear more from STWU? Go visit their page and twitter.

Any ideas or feedback for their podcast? Go contact them here.

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