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It’s a Physical and Mental Rush

MasterMarc: Hi Stukka. Nice that you have found time for us. 🙂 You’ve been a US Marine, and you’re out of active service now. I’m sure now several of our readers have started to having fantasies about the military fetish. So, I have to start this interview by asking you, if you have ever had kinky experiences in the US Marine Corps?

Stukka: When I signed up I thought *some* might happen, a least some buddy-like gutpunch or sacktap. But as in most envirenments with a lot of guys under heavy pressure (bootcamp) and sort of a pecking order, and all of them horny of course without the chance to get off with girlfriends / wifes etc something is bound to happen. Of course the Marines are the tuffest, so its the highest pressure and in turn more pressure to seek relief. LOL that sounds so clinical. Theirs always two to the party it is not +really+ so that some innocent guys get hazed or raped just like that (that happens but thats rare). In most cases I think the guys that are up for some fun get a feel with who thats likely gonna work and who not. And being horny and doing something with guys doesnt mean anyone is actually gay.. Horny paired with power over others is more like it. So yeah i got busted and fucked and all that. The whole atmospheir sets a big part of it, cussing with “fuck” and “fucking”, the close combat training with the DIs claling you pussies when you dont hit or kick the balls.. etc it just comes together.

I have shared a few things on tumblr and on Scaffies, like this:

I have to say I love the Marines and what i shared is in NO WAY to make anyone look bad. Shit happens and it happens everywhere, every military in every country to diff degrees (Russian is by FAR worse) and other male-male closed group (just think about the boy-fucking catholicks) – and it is not exactly always a bad thing (it can be though). I did get a lot of private comments about each of the very few things I did share – I think it helps others with similer experience to read it (they werent the only ones), and to talk about it (some at least).

MasterMarc: You seem to be a kinky boy who has lived hierarchies and command structures for a longer time in your life. Is that something you love also in your private and sexual life? Why are hierarchies interesting and stimulant for you?

Stukka: Hierarchies i am not soo sure it is.. dominance or someone taking charge is something I like – but its not that I feel subserviant or sub or bottom or something like that – I just like to be on the receive end of getting a whoopin’ / gutpunching / ballbusting. It what I call my “fix” now and then. My husband likes to be total top in bed so theirs not much of a choice.. its his thing. But outside of bed I am like any other guy and my own guy and stand my ground. In the Marines the “fix” was more of an ongoing thing I gess 🙂

: Do you like the woopings / gutpunchings / ballbusting as punishment or is it something you like as action in general? And can you tell us, what make this kind of treatments such a turn-on for you?

Stukka: Punishment? What for? No, I don’t think I “deserve” a punishment or do something wrong to bring it upon me … I am just into it. I guess you could think why in the world it is that I get off on it so much … I really do not have a good answer for it myself. I get a boner when I get hit in the balls, and I cannot help it, that’s a natural reaction. I started out seeking very hard gutpunching from strangers via the Internet as a teen .. best from older redneckish guys with muscles. Of course, and obviously it didn’t just stick to that – in my very first such meet I caught two hard lowblows, and it quickly went from their from meet to meet. I racked myself a lot of skating, some accidents and then a bunch on purpose; only the event that gave me my nickname Stukka – and that was an accident you cannot possibly plan it, and wouldn’t in front of 120 people inch parents, that made me the “ballpain boy” in school and elsewhere. It got around fast, and I guess it laid out the ground works of what I am into it today. With that, I was deffo “into” it. I didn’t do anything any more like jacking off without any kind of ballpain – ideally with others. Plus the ballpain / sacktapping / ballbusting with other guys gave nutsack contact with others, jerking together, which was great when you are not interested in girls, and doesn’t look gay at all to others.

MasterMarc: I’m sure a lot of guys know pain in the balls by accident, but could you describe us, how this pain feels, if somebody is really kicking hard into your balls? What is the difference to other kind of pains you know?

Stukka: Of course ball pain pretty much hurt the worst short of any real injuries (I bet getting a blade in the guts is worse). And theirs  the mindfuck that goes with it. If you get the “accidential” kick in sports and racked really hard this way its one thing – but if someone does it on purpose and you know it, and then does it again (and again and again) its a whole diff trip in youre head to deal with. Its both a physical and mental rush … the physical I think is called endorphins and its a really intense feeling of pain and in the head its the mindfuck. Both together are the best and so intense you get hooked on it, like a drug, you want to do it again and again and again cos its beyond anything you experienced before. Just a little healthier addiction than drugs of course and you (usually) also get to cum lots. Then theirs diff kinds of bal pain .. each feels different, when its impact (kicks, knees, punches, etc) or electro or crushing, or weights. I like impact by far the best thats just me) and the worst I can handle is weights. Every guy is different that way. The nut pain travels up from your balls into your guts and can make you sick (if you throw up you know you played hard-er) and getting pushed so far you passed out is a trip. Once you have gone that far theirs no turning back though … its super intense. It hurts like FUCK (!!!) of course and while your pushed so far you HATE every bit of it but you also don’t want to stop short then. Does this answer it?

MasterMarc: Seems to be a hate love you get addicted of. 🙂 Could you tell us, what your hottest experience in this field was and why it has become your favourite?

Stukka: Oh lord, what should I pick for that one? I gess the earlier stuff i did was more memorable because their the first times – not that it gets boring later but then you know more what to expect. But you want to hear something so maybe this will do. When i was MUCH younger (teenager, just legal age with is 17 in Texas) I went to meet some rednecks that I knew from online. I had done something with one of them already 1on1 and he said if i had the balls to come out and meet a whole group, his and his friends. We did not really talk about what would be done, but since I had met that one guy for “very hard gutpunching” it was sort of implied that was what I was going their for. But I didnt bring it up and they didnt either. And going ment a busdrive an hour and a half and getting picked up 1 quartermile from the bustop … they didnt want to get seen with me. Deep down I knew their be doing a lot more than just GP me hard and that was scary but then had they not done anything else, I would have been disappointed too. I really didn’t think about it too much. When we got their from the bus top that Saturday and i actually saw them I knew i was in trouble. All in there 30s and 40s, country rednecks and they were through a bunch of sixpacks (beer) already. It was hot (100F) and they had ice cold beers. I had taken my shirt off when i got out of the bus since i had to walk through the heat for a while so getting to the place with the guy that came to pick me up meant they had been waiting for me and didnt fuss around and got right to it. In the barn they made a circle around me and started pushing me around and hitting me, punching from all sides, and then grabbing me and really punching me hard in the belly a bunch till i did some good grunting and screaming. After 20 mins or so they let me drop and i was dizzy and in serious gut pain but they got me after a few minutes and tied me to a stall wall with arms to the side tied to a bar of the wall and my legs tied apart. And then they all came and took turns punching my guts up and a few hit me low in the balls “to break my abs up”. That went on for a long time and they only stopped when i got sick so i could throw up in a bucket and a few times to empty a bucked of water over me to cool me off and wash down some sweat i poured out in the heat. And they also made me drink a couple of beers like that, always one at a time with no pause, like forcing a whole bottle down into me. After a couple hours of that I was DONE and also pretty drunk too. Later on I got tied naked over the tailgate of a truck, caught a bunch of nut kicks from behind and got fucked hard by a couple guys. I gess that sort of set the standard for later meets, and is a good example of the stuff I’m into. I had not really expected to get that far (esp naked and the fucked part, I have nver really been into that anal stuff) but I didnt say anything about it to them and didnt complain either.

MasterMarc: Sounds if it has been a hard day and night for you. How important is the sexual part in sessions nowadays?

Stukka: I am a married man now 🙂 So I am not meeting other guys for the rough stuff to have sexual parts in them. Getting nailed hard in the balls *is* of course somewhat sexual for me too (especially when I cum from it..) – but its not my intention. Plus my husband is also into the rough stuff, so that goes hand-in-hand with him, every time we do it.

MasterMarc: Yes but I’m sure that the sex has also with your husband an importance, or not? Or is it just the pain you like? I am sure you have also the need ob being used sexually. 🙂

Stukka: We are pretty compatible with that .. he LOVES to knucklepunch balls, and he is also very much into fucking – for him it is like a sport, and you can’t do that often enough (he would do it 20 times a day if I would let him). I can cope with it, in some areas you have to compromise, but he DOES punch me in the balls every time, many times and HARD :), and now and then even ties me up for that. Without the busting it wouldn’t do anything for me (except it being my hubby of course!). When I fuck a guy (which is kind of rare since my hubby is 100% top and then some), I basically do the same I like, I bust him HARD and rape his ass. I am not any good at it, since I just fuck him so I get off – I wouldn’t even know what to do to make the other guy cum, not that I really care. I am always somewhat surprised when they actually get off on it and cum. I don’t have much empathy (none, really) when I do another guy (not my husband of course, just in case anyone was thinking that now).

MasterMarc: Hehe. Sounds like a painful love. 🙂 You’re running a webpage too. Can you tell us, what Scaffies.NL is?

Stukka: Yes sure. It is Scaffies.NL – and it just came to exist by chance. It is the only M/M Ballbusting site on the interweb. For 10 years their was, which was THE ballbusting site for guys into busting guys (M/M) and it had a very loyal following. It was of course more the technology from a long time ago (2000’s) but it had pictures and story shares, a chat room, and provided all the important basics to find like-minded guys from all around the world into ballbusting. I myself was on it since I was 15 (I just avoided saying my age on their). The one line you would ALWAYS here from new guys on there was “OMG I thought I was the only one!” when they discovered there are hundreds others into ballbusting. Even though you see it in every single action movie, Stevo Jack-ass stunts etc etc, not many admit to it getting off on it, and so it is hard to find like-minded guys (on a side note: my hubby and I met in a ballbusting group). So when the owner of that site decided after 10 years he had enough of running it (he had recruited other admins to help and take the load off, but they didnt work, so a lot of spam started to appear all over, which was really nasty, as nobody would look after it anymore), their was a huge outcry of all the people who would miss it. He only gave a few days notice … and while everyone was crying oh no, no more kramtoad, nobody actually did something. Thats when I thought ok if nobody else will, then I do.. and I got a few friends together that I knew either in the real world or online into busting and with the help of my then-boyfriend-now-husband (under protest but he finally gave in)  we got some colliborritive effort going, and within 1 month had a name, a basic website, etc etc together. That was in September 2013, the launch was Sept 23rd. Scaffies.NL has grown dramatically since, and it is with all the modern social media stuff using wordpress and buddypress and giving everyone a lot of options to interact. There are now almost 600,000 users, close to 4,800 registered members (about 100 new each week), soon 14 million pageviews, and more – a LOT more than I had every intended, planned, or hoped for. Scaffies is not-for-profit, has no ads, and runs entirely on donations to cover expenses (and it will stay that way). It has grown so much, that we are now in the middle of moving to our own dedicated server – the social media overhead requires a lot of processing power with so many users and growth. So by now, if you are into any kind of ballbusting, Scaffies is the one place to go. The site is even mentioned on Wikipedia! 🙂

MasterMarc: Sounds like a big project and you’ve done a great work. I know more or less how much work it is. I wish you a lot of success, and I’m sure we will talk again soon. Thank you Stukka. CU soon.

Visit Scaffies.NL

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