Hello there shiny, squeaky, rubbery friends and those whom have found themselves fallen through the rabbit hole, in to a world you may not know much about. Struggle Gummi here, writing to you from its fully rubber encased confines. Why, you ask?

It is here to tell you a little about the life of a full rubber object – toy, gimp, slave, drone, sub, boy- and what it consists of.

For this object, it’s interests in the fetish world started at a somewhat young age. It remembers a certain villainess from Batman named “Ink”, and she was basically a full rubber (looking) being. This was around the age of five, which is where my imagination started having me even playing out tag / scenarios with young friends of mine where people were captured and turned in to “Ink.” Little did I know that around the age of twelve I would be experiencing my first sexual arousals (boners) and looking at porn. I don’t recall exactly how, but I stumbled on to a rubber gimp. At this point I had an epiphany, I could really be that shiny, faceless, mysterious thing; I could be “IT”.

Before that had even happened (and after the “Ink” games) I started getting curious about what it would feel like to be in something tighter than regular clothes, trapped, and for some reason I figured putting a large face cloth over my face and pouring water on it from the top of my head would cause the towel to stick to my face, making it slightly harder to  breathe through the heavy fabric; an interesting side effect. It was technically then that I started messing around with very light breathplay through (also very light) waterboarding. I know, kids are weird, right?

It’s fate was most likely sealed in the ways of things like medical play, electro, and restriction from even the moment it was born. It had to wear an immobilizing back brace for scoliosis from the age of one, making it comfortable being restrained. It had to do multiple MRI tests from that point also, where it couldn’t move for over an hour or it would need to start the process all over again, and the loud noises of the machine and at the time the small compartment it was forced to lay still in made it uncomfortable, so it stayed still to get out as soon as possible. I guess you could say It had practice with situations that would come in handy for bondage scenes later in life. Go figure! Further still, the surgery required a halo after some of it’s spinal discs were removed. For one week it was suspended from nails in its skull that held it’s spine straight. A rod replaced that later, leaving it permanently immobile in the top half of it’s back (though it’s ironically double jointed everywhere else). Hell, the doctors even used electro current’s to text it’s reflexes before surgery, from head to toe. Two words: MEDICAL. PLAY.

Back on track. By the age of eighteen it moved away from its home town for university, where it purchased it’s first ever rubber catsuit. At this point it was only jerking itself off in it and spending alone time wearing it. It had no idea where to make like-minded friends. It spent most of its teen years and first year of university simply releasing to hundreds of videos involving heavy bondage, breath play, watersports, fisting, and most importantly, rubber encased objects.

Once it decided to change it’s career path and become a writer full time, the object relocated itself to London, England. While there it began to experience it’s first moments in the fetish world with others. While living there and travelling to Paris, Lyon, Nice, Monaco, Florence, Rome, Venice, Munich, and Amsterdam the object got to see what it truly meant to be kinky. To be a full rubber object, with the sole purpose of service, pleasure, and loyalty. Most of the experiences were beginners level for the first year of it’s exposure; partaking in being bound and edged, having it’s cock and balls beaten, being fisted, and charged with electro in light scenes.

The object is a writer that is attending university outside of the rubber world it lives in. As a writer I love to experience new things, and with my previous experiences at the age of eleven with surgery and the like, I had decided to try everything and anything outside of my few limits (Those limits being: Scat, Blood, Permanent Marks, Actual Underage, and Actual Beastiality) I even tried the things I figured I wouldn’t like, including electro and fisting. Oh, I was so wrong.

Next stop was Chicago, where it was living in BoysTown, the perfect place to meet lots of kinky rubbery friends and try new things. The toy wasn’t aware of that when it moved there, so it was pleasantly surprised to be brought to a house party held by local kinksters and rubbermen. At this party it was played with by a group, a group of people who would become very close friends. All while being watched closely by the friend who brought me there to make sure I was safe. After all, safety is the most important part of play in reality.

It was a “slippery slope” from there to say the least. Since it worked from home the boy turned more object from being in rubber on an almost daily basis, and from having regular playmates who enjoyed intense play sessions (some even up to four times in a week). It attended MIR that year and was held in the demo area for the entire time almost. Being exposed to true suspension bondage and breath control with electro, a vac-bed, a sleepsac bound to a bondage table with bubbler breath control, and inflatable rubber suit (things it had only dreamt of for years).

Since then, the object has made wonderful connections in the community, forming friendships both in and out of rubber, and trying as many new things in scenes as possible, always in it’s rightful shiny skin.

The object ordered its own vacbed from MIR and was then using it multiple nights per week with friends, finding ways to get more and more heavy with it each time. Adding full motobike suits with boots, gloves and all on top of our full rubber enclosures and climbing in to the vac-sealed heaven where the only connection to the outside world was the gag tube used for air. Adding electro and even a car buffer being ran over it brought releases so intense that there was no way it could ever leave the life of a sex object. Any free time it had that was possible would be spent in full rubber encasement.

During it’s travels the object managed to attend events other than MIR, such as IML, MAL, GearBlast UK, alongside smaller events like Recon New Years in London, and bar nights. This allowed the object to make even more great friends, ones it trusts.

It learned the importance of having friends and only playing with those you trust, which is why it kept to it’s close friends with play, along with people those friends recommended. It has had one or two terrible experiences, and those were both with people the object didn’t know, and neither did it’s friends. This is why it’s always important to trust and know who you play with; something the object won’t even consider play without having. That being said, it’s very open to meeting new people, and loves getting to know them; but, trust takes time to build before play. Rushing for fun tends to cause more problems than bring good scenes. It can even leave one in severe danger, or dead if the person they play with is not safe.

From being suspended inverted in a dungeon in the countryside of the Netherlands; having it’s nipples literally stripped, throat fucked, balls and cock tormented with heavy weight stretching, never leaving it’s rubber skin; to being left in storage with the milk machine (or electro), poppers, one hundred percent immobilized bondage, and hypnosis in Helsinki. From spending hours having it’s hole widened by a fuck machine while being milked in a mobile dungeon in Florida, to becoming a piece of shibari rope artwork in London during intense suspension, contortion, edging, milking, and transformation scenes; all while entirely mindless due to the Gimpicide (Nitrous) being fed to it; even while being suspended from it’s cock and balls on top-toe. Nothing more than a rubber object.

The object has found itself feeling most at home in the kink community. It finds it’s time in rubber and the fun that comes with it to be therapeutic and relaxing; even when it’s begging to have mercy through an inflatable rubber gag.

The other thing is that the wants of a rubber object tend to change over time as it is trained. Over time it wants less. It just wants to experience what the trusted dominant has in store for it, whatever that may be. At first the object found itself wanting to be played with during the scene, not to be left. Over time it grew so comfortable in giving up it’s control that it wanted to even simply be left immobile in bondage as a motionless toy, for hours, even days. It became comfortable with this as a way initially to allow the dominant some time to go off and do errands or relax; but, it quickly learned it loved being just left, having it’s mind drift off in to nothingness. Feeling nothing but it’s rubber skin and the restraints (the restraints being a feeling that disappeared after time, the toy also learned it would just freeze still and not even fight the bindings that held it).

Long story short, that is what brings us to here. The object is now on a stint of One-hundred-and-twenty-hours in it’s fully encased rubber skin; no breaks, no world that isn’t entirely rubber. It has been practicing over four years of experiences, becoming more and more comfortable in it’s rubber skin. So much so, in fact, that it is more comfortable in it’s rubber skin than it is out of it. Just two weeks ago it did over two days non-stop and it was literally itching the moment it came out of its suit, an itch that stopped two hours later the moment it got back in to its skin again.

How does one become a full (almost permanent) rubber object? Well, it starts with putting yourself out there to meet others, to make friends that have a common interest / lifestyle to yours. They say that your friends influence who you are, and I guess that’s very true, since most of my friends are rubberized themselves, I guess that rubbed (pardon my pun) off on me, taking me from someone with a fetish, to someone with a literal lifestyle. It also involves soft soaps in the shower running water between it and the rubber to keep it from smelling after a few days, you know, cleanliness.

The other part is practice. It hears many people ask how it can spend so much time in rubber, or how it has such high pain tolerance, etcetera. The thing is, it didn’t at the start. Ok, maybe it had a higher pain threshhold due to the surgeries and such; but, it had to submit to being trained to taking more than it could initially handle. That meant bearing what it considered too painful to be sexually arousing for long enough to condition itself to being aroused by the heavier pain, or whatever the scene entailed. If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter, and if you’re gagged and give permission, it doesn’t matter if you mind. It’s even easier when you form a connection with someone to the point they can tell when you’re simply at your limit (which can be pushed in fun ways) or you truly cannot take any more. There is a difference, and knowing the difference (along with training) can lead you to experiences you never thought you could handle originally.

The same goes for rubber. It hated long term rubber at first simply due to sweating, which lead to shorter scenes. So, the object spent more time in it, finding ways to cool itself off when it overheated (such as a cool damp cloth or a water spray bottle with cold water, or even the simple ice cube trick) that would allow it to stay in it’s full rubber encasement; going deeper and deeper in to it’s object headspace the longer it stays where it’s meant to be.

The object headspace is for lack of a better term somewhat one of absent-mindedness ( or in some ways meditation), along with sensory deprivation. The object can now sit on a couch and not move a single inch for hours on end, even without restraint, as it’s off daydreaming about being nothing more than it is, a rubber toy. Poppers do help, but It has found things easiest to get a blindfold (or no eye hood) along with a gag, and going to take a nap spread eagle on the bed. Poppers help it to relax if there is ever a moment of stress (or broken headspace), leaving it able to stay indifferent to the non-rubber world.

As a writer going back to school this fall for an even more demanding career, rubber time is a time of meditation, of peace, even when it’s torture (winks). Having to be so dominant in my everyday life leaves the “It” side of me wanting nothing more than to submit. No stress aside from stress position bondage. It enjoys a mix of vanilla life and kink life; but make no mistake, it will always be in full rubber any time there aren’t other commitments. Rubber ,and fetish is to It what hiking or sports are to vanilla people; it’s my rush and my relaxation at the same time. Some like cheering on their favourite team or going ice skating; IT likes being bound, having it’s balls and cock beaten mercilessly, being milked, edged, having its holes filled, drinking golden liquids through a catheter (it’s a straw after all, it makes things easier.. duh), and submitting as the perfect rubber service object it has trained and been reprogrammed to be.

Which brings us to today, going in to day three of full rubber encasement for the rubber object. It is spending a total five days in it’s mindless object headspace for days of edging, milking, and general gimpy-ness. Day one consisted of the object waking up, getting fully rubbered and hooking itself up to electro on it’s cock, balls and hungry hole. It stayed there for hours as it smoked a joint and charged itself, feeling every drop of fluid build up, driving it insane until the moment it finally released. That wasn’t enough for the object though, it decided on a second round of electro, this time with self bondage to a chair; something that also takes practice, but the toy managed to get itself relatively immobile for over an hour while the electricity tormented it’s cock, balls, and hole until it released once more. It spent a total twelve hours on day one simply edging itself and releasing.

On day two the toy decided jerking itself off from the outside with electro simply wasn’t enough still, so it decided to sound itself. Sounding is quite fun for the object, though it is quite dangerous and should never be done unless one is properly trained to do so, like this object is. Another day of edging ensued, and the toy was glad it gagged itself as its fluids released around the stainless steel object in its cock hole, the intensity leaving it a slumped over, limp, object for a good few minutes afterward before it could even slide the sound back out. Along the adventures in kink the object makes sure to take pictures and video as it views rubber, bondage and the like as somewhat of an art-form, one to share with others. And it also hopes to convert more “muggles” to rubber objects through making kink more accessible to the general public that is otherwise unaware of it.

With the object now entering day three it has plans to do some more creative “art” while once again edging itself with electro, and this time with a sound inserted for added fun. The toy will also take the time to write some of the sex (BDSM) scenes for it’s novel being released this fall while it is in its full rubber encasement, as doing so helps it to write more in depth and detailed kink scenes, many of which scenes are real life experiences the object has had along its journey to being “reprogrammed” in to the “perfect permanent rubber object.”

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