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Steve Buys A Slave (10)

As we’d required him to put on the cuffs and Jake had then shackled his wrists to his collar, Reb had at first stood there silently. But as Jake went on to explain to me why we were doing it Reb looked less and less happy, and finally when Jake mentioned the word ‘rape’ he started to shout and scream. He even accused me of being a fag!

Jake picked up the cane and handed it to me. “Do you want to silence him with this – some hard strokes across not only his butt but his thighs should silence him.”

“No, I don’t want to have to look at the stripes for the next few days – I want him properly coloured up and with a nice unblemished skin so I can show him off to my buddy Bobby when he gets back from vacation – he only has a nigga, and he’s always bragging about what a great dick the guy has, but compared to Reb it’s nothing. And I don’t think that Rastus will ever get to be as good as Reb, either – he’s only sixteen now, sure, and Reb’s a proper man, but I need to show Bobby that Rastus hasn’t even got the potential…”

“Fucking perverts…”, Reb started to shout.

“We’ll gag him then….” Jake suggested.

“No need. My room’s pretty soundproof, and anyway there’s no-one around except for some of the contract slaves doing the cleaning. I’ll lock the door as I don’t want them disturbing us but there’s no problem with the noise – they’ll think it’s just a porno film.”

Reb’s language was not getting dreadful. A string of expletives. Doubts about our parentage. Suggestions that we were unnatural perverts… I won’t give such nonsense room on the page.

“Are you sure, Steve…? Some of the foul things Reb is saying…”

“Jake, I’ve heard my dad use worse on the phone when someone at the office has fucked up big time.”

“”Look, I’ve been in this situation before – it can be pretty distracting for you, throw you off your stride. Best to gag him.”

“No, Jake. I’ve watched some fucking on the ‘net, and I want to hear him as I enter him for the first time.”

“That’s play acting! All those guys you see are experienced porn actors. They’re used to taking dick. They’re getting paid for it… This is for real, and Reb’s not going simply to grunt and shout nicely for the camera…”

“What makes you think I’ve only watched movies? I paid to watch a couple of hours of live webcam from Europe – one of those funny countries in the middle whose names are always changing and where there are always civil wars and one faction is always pretty brutal. The winning soldiers there were doing the real thing, I reckon… It was really exciting, with the losers behind barbed wire in a big enclosure being pulled out one by one, and the winning guys holding them down and fucking them. They claimed it was to teach them a lesson, and that you could understand the savagery of the victors given some of the atrocities the losers had commented, and….”

“Steve, are we going to stand here all morning whilst you tell me about the way you entertain yourself? Or shall we get on with it?” Jake was smiling now, and before I could say anything more he bent forward and kissed me.

Reb shouted “Fucking perverts”, and Jake reacted so smoothly and quickly – he broke off, swung around and landed a punch right in Reb’s guts. It was so unexpected that Reb was totally unprepared (so much for marines training!) and he went down, sinking to his knees and groaning and gasping for breath. I went to pull him up, but Jake got hold of me. “Leave him! Perhaps that will teach him a lesson – and it won’t leave any unpleasant stripes to upset you, although he’ll be very bruised for a couple of days. We’ve got more important things to do…”

Jake started to undress me as he had the day before, pulling my polo off, then loosening my chinos and pushing them down, whilst he was kissing me, sucking at my nips, and snuffling in my pits as before. I was so aroused, even more so than I had been yesterday, that I forgot Reb was watching us, and as Jake pushed my boxer shorts down my dick flew up. “Well you’re ready…. Now, help me, Steve….”

I realised Jake wanted me to do the same thing to him, and we were soon both naked, arms wrapped around each other, bodies rubbing each other, dicks thrilling to the feel of each others bellies as we gloried in the sheer sensuous maleness of each other. “We’d better stop….”, Jake gasped. “You’re leaking so much pre-cum that you might shoot before you actually get right to it….”

He looked at Reb who was flushed with anger and kind of trembling with rage as he’d been watching us. “Normally for the first time I reckon it’s best to have the slave belly down on the bed, feet on the floor nicely apart, and the owner standing slightly crouched between his spread legs – but I reckon he’s not going to stand there. I’ve got my prod with me, so I’ll stand by you, with the tip at the top of his ass crack, and any trouble and I’ll zap him..”

“No. I don’t want Reb prodded – all that writhing and puking. I want his senses in good order, with him not in pain like that, so he’s totally focussed on me taking his cherry.”

“What do you mean ‘not in pain’ – you’re going to be fucking him hard and you’re very well hung, Steve! It sounds as if he’s a virgin, from the fuss he’s making, so there’s going to be some pain…”

“Well yes, but all the stuff I’ve read say it’s pain mixed with pleasure, and I want Reb to have a good experience…”

Jake looked at me as if I was some sort of idiot. “Steve, those stories are almost all about two guys doing it together for the first time who want to do it, guys like you and me, for example, taking a lot of time, doing a lot of preparation, wanting to do it, prepared to take a little hit of pain in return for the ultimate pleasure…. It’s not like that for Reb: He’s going to try to stop you, and you’re going to have to force him, and he won’t get any pleasure at all: for him it will be sheer agony. And I’m not talking about simply physically – his brain will be telling him he’s being violated, and he’ll need to protest to remind himself that he absolutely doesn’t want this, doesn’t like this…”

“You may be right, but I’m into natural things – we always have organic muesli, I’ve got some sweaters hand-knitted instead of being machine made…. And I want to experience the real thing, without having the slave insensitive from a prodding. It’s my first time too, you know!”

Jake shrugged, and went to move Reb towards the bed. “Get up on the bed, and kneel”, he ordered. Reb resisted and Jake slapped his face – very hard, so much so that Reb staggered. “Listen, fucker – or should I say fuckee – Steve’s a bit of a bleeding heart liberal and doesn’t want you caned or prodded, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways of controlling you….” Before Reb could move again Jake had reached down and grabbed Reb’s balls. I could see his fingers pulling them down so his sac was quite stretched and the balls clearly outlined. “Now, slave, you’d better be careful – Steve would probably be angry with me if I did actually tear these off, but before we get to that stage….”

Reb screamed. A dreadful, anguished sound, as I saw Jake’s fingers tighten and squeeze Reb’s balls. Reb was totally unable to prevent this happening with his hands out of action, and he clearly didn’t want to attack Jake by thrusting at him with his shoulders. “Now, boy, I gave you an order! Get on the bed, and kneel.”

Jake guided Reb to the bed, and I heard him ordering Reb to push his face down on to the sheet, then “And now your belly – get that ass of yours high in the air to make it easy for your owner.” My dick was almost hurting me – it wasn’t just the sight of Reb in this position, but seeing Jake’s dick sticking straight out, too, as he knelt there with Reb totally under his control.

“So what are you waiting for, Steve?” Yes, what was I waiting for? I suppose I was scared, yes, scared, but excited. It was the most daring thing I’d ever done in my entire life. It was almost like being in one of those many, many porno movies I’d seen, except that here it was taking place in my bedroom, with me, Steve, expected to take the main part. I stroked at my dick a couple of times – why, something inside me was wondering, as I knew I couldn’t possibly get harder: perhaps it was a learned reaction from watching so many porn actors do it before they started fucking. Slowly I climbed on to my bed, behind Reb, and knelt there. Jake’s head came forward and we kissed – I rested my hand on Reb’s butt so I could lean further forward to get at Jake, and there were tingles and shivers of sensation through me as I felt his hot, slightly clammy skin: could this really be happening to me?

Jake pulled away. “Come on then, big boy. Get on with it, take his cherry. I’m so fucking hard myself that it’s hurting and I can’t hold out much longer – I need to get in him after you…” My own dick strained upward even harder, if such a thing was possible, at the thought that I was also going to get to see Jake in action!

I stabbed my dick at Reb’s crack and started to run the head up and down that warm, moist crevice – shivers of excitement raced from my dick as it brushed against Reb’s wiry hairs, and he began to shout as he felt the violation of his manhood start – he had a terribly disgusting vocabulary which I guess you get if you’re a marine, and he was stringing all the words he knew together into totally unlikely combinations to describe me, Jake, and our ancestors!

“Shall I shut him up?”, Jake asked me. “He seems to have forgotten that he’s pretty much under my control here…” As he said this, Reb’s tone changed from the stream of expletives to one of pain, and I saw Jake smiling as he exerted pressure on Reb’s balls. It was all so totally arousing and I knew I was leaking pre-cum all down Reb’s crack.

“Get a move on, Steve – you look as if you’re about to cum…”

!Yes, I know..” I shouted back at Jake. And I let my dick head now “toy” with Reb’s pucker until I knew I had to get in before I lost control totally.

It’s easy when you see those porn videos. The guy rests his dick against the ass of the one who’s taking it, and leans forward a bit – the taker moans a bit, but the dick slides in as the fucker steadies himself by putting his hands against the waist of the taker, and gives a moan of pleasure. Well it’s not like that in real life, is it? Even with an experienced guy taking it, I was to learn subsequently getting your dick head through the sphincter is just not that easy.

I pushed at Reb, held my dick to stop it buckling under the force I was exerting, and still I couldn’t get in.

“Steve, what are you doing?”, Jake shouted, sounding as if he was exasperated. “He’ll be as tight as a drum – use your fingers first, and stretch him properly. Lots of spit to lubricate him…”

I’d seen it done, of course: you kneel a bit, pull the guy’s butt apart and blow a big gob of spit onto his pucker, or just above so a big slimy trail slides down his crack. There are some advantages to watching porn, I suppose, as instructional material! But nothing prepares you for actually doing it – pursing and unpursing your mouth to get a huge gob of spit ready, then as you take aim and get closer, you’re assailed by the unbelievable smell of male musk and sweat. I spat my load and watched, then began to force my middle finger in.

Reb resisted. I could feel him actively trying to keep his hole closed. But it’s no good, is it? A strong finger will always overcome an asshole. Soon I was kneeling there and my finger was probing around – I found that “walnut” thing you read about and massaged it, and Reb’s cries softened and turned to loud moans. “Get on with it, Steve”, Jake told me. “This fucker’s leaking cum all over my arm. You can play with him later….”

I spat again, then got two fingers in him, and then three. Reb’s outbursts and cries of pain got louder and more violent as I stretched him, and somehow that spurred me on: rather than stopping and going more gently, his animal sounds aroused and excited me to put my four fingers together and push even harder. But then I knew the time was right – I took my fingers out – the smell of Reb’s ass on them was pretty disgusting, and they don’t show you that on the pornos, but one part of my brain reminded me that they were actors and probably cleaned themselves out first anyway, and it’s another thing I’d need to train Reb to do.

It was still hard to get my dick in, but once the head was past, I was able to slide myself in. I went slowly, as I didn’t want to damage Reb, but it was difficult – the way he was crying out, the feel of his hot skin now soaked in a sheen of sweat, and the scent of him, all were telling a deep part of me to fuck him and fuck him hard. But I managed to restrain myself, until I was in as far as I could go, my balls pressed hard against his hot body. I shuffled my position so that my legs were over his as we knelt there, and a new wave of sensation as our hairs meshed ran through me. I gave a cry of sheer ecstasy as I straightened my body and my head went back as if I needed to get my dick even further in. It all seemed so natural, so normal – it was what a man was designed to do, almost. And then Jake leant forward and kissed me again, and it was the best moment of my life.

The first time it wasn’t a great fuck, but what do you expect? I was so aroused, it was like a boiler whose safety valve has stuck and the pressure was too great. I rocked my dick backwards and forwards in Reb a few times, but I knew I was about to cum and started to cry out in ecstasy.

“Pull out, shoot your load in his crack….”. Jake’s voice came through to me in spite of all the excitement, and I did – I watched almost in slow motion as I pumped an enormous volume of cum and saw it start to slide and trickle down Reb’s crack. “Now in again…”

Look, I’ve got an incredibly sensitive dick. When I’m jerking off I have to stop stroking the moment I’ve cum, as if I touch my dick head then the waves of sensation that go through me border on the painful. But there’s something different when you push your dick back in to a guy’s ass, when it’s lubricated with your own cum, isn’t there? Yes, there was that incredible ‘hurting’ feeling, but now I wanted it, I needed it, and I pushed away, sliding in once or twice as my back arched, my head went back and I was crying out with unintelligible, loud cries of sheer animal passion.

Then I slumped forward, my dick still buried in him, and revelled in the feeling of his hot sweaty back against my belly and chest. I strained forward, and simply couldn’t resist biting in to the soft skin of Reb’s neck and the top of his shoulders. As I tasted the salt of his sweat and his blood, I was simply amazed that I, Steve, a clever, rational guy could have been turned into such an abandoned creature of passion to the extent that my brain ‘knew’ it needed to mark Reb in this way as a sign of my mastery and control.

I guess I might have stayed there for some time as my breathing and heart rate slowed. Somehow it was so comforting to have Reb’s big body under me and I felt so totally spent, so totally fulfilled, so totally in control that I wanted the feeling to go on for ever. But Jake shook my shoulder. “Come on, buddy – move over! It’s my turn….”

It hadn’t occurred to me, I suppose, that Jake would want to fuck Reb! I’d kind of thought that he’d be ‘mine’. I was about to tell Jake no, but then he’d called me ‘buddy’. Was this something buddies did for each other, sharing their slaves – the asses of their slaves? Was this another one of those things I didn’t know anything about really? I mean, Bobby and I were best buddies, and we’d often watched porn together and stuff like that, but we’d never actually done anything of course – I’d seen him in the showers in the locker room and stuff like that, but we’d never touched each other sexually. And he’d certainly never offered Rastus to me. But did real buddies, men like Jake, kind of expect to use each other’s slaves? And now Jake had not only seen me naked, and we’d jerked off together, but he’d watched me fuck – different rules must apply in the adult world. I could see that Jake was urgently in need of relief, though – I couldn’t help noticing the jewel of pre-cum on his piss slit as he knelt there with his dick at right angles to his body and his balls hanging low beneath them.

So I knelt up again and pulled my dick out of Reb. My nose was assailed by the smell of his ass juices, but Jake didn’t seem to notice – or care – as he leaned over to kiss me deeply again, muttered “Wow! It’s almost as if you’d done this before”, which made me feel pretty good, then in a more businesslike tone added “He’s still a bit wild, I should think – it needs more than one fuck to complete the enslavement of a virile guy like this. So take hold of his balls and hold him down, will you?”

I shuffled around so I was kneeling on the other side of Reb, then reached under him and took his balls from Jake’s hand. Jake stroked my hand and I saw him looking at me across Reb’s body, and I knew he was trusting me to keep him safe.

Jake’s fucking of Reb wasn’t at all like my own hesitant attempts. He knelt behind Reb, stroked his dick a couple of times so it was even harder than before, then slapped Reb’s Butt a couple of times as if to warm him up or to show his mastery of Reb’s body. He simply thrust in, in one smooth move, hard and deep. And Reb gave a big shout of surprise and I guess pain. Jake didn’t falter, though, and began to fuck hard – big, long strokes pulling almost right out of Reb and then slamming back in so that there was a distinct ‘slap’ sound as his body collided with Reb’s. Jake was shouting “Oh fuck, yes… Yes….” And this almost drowned out Reb’s cries of anguish and the whole thing was utterly exhilarating for me to watch – this was clearly how real men fucked. Not only was it great to watch Jake in action and to hear – and smell – sex like that, but I had another excitement as well: I could feel Reb’s balls flexing and twisting between my fingers as his body was used so remorselessly.

There’s no doubt about it – watching porn on video is absolutely nothing like as good as seeing sex at close quarters like that, and being part of the action. As Jake explained to me later “It’s like the difference between masturbation and fucking, Steve. There’s the same ‘apparatus’ involved, and the result is the same – you shoot a whole load of cum. But once you’re into fucking, there’s no way that masturbation is ever going to be as satisfying again.” I had to agree with him, even based on my very limited experience.

It seemed to go on and on. Then Jake pulled right out and knelt there with his dick still straining. I couldn’t help but admire his muscular torso and belly, covered in sweat from his exertions, as his breath raged in and out stretching and relaxing them. “Keep hold of those balls, Steve!”, he gasped. “He’s still a wild one!” And then to Reb he snapped “Over onto your back, fucker!”

As I’ve told you, I’ve got a very big bed. But even then it was hard to get Reb manoeuvred into the right position with both of us surrounding him and with me still holding his balls. I was terrified I might inadvertently let go of them, and cause a problem. But we managed it, and I watched as Jake got hold of the spreader bar joining Reb’s ankles and lifted his legs up and back over his body. Jake leant forward and Reb’s legs bent backwards and I could now see Reb’s asshole looking all swollen and sort of ‘puffy’, surrounded with what must be some of my cum. Jake shuffled his body so his dick was positioned properly, then plunged in without hesitating, and I could see Reb’s torso flex upwards as he cried out with the pain. Jake carried on fucking him hard and mercilessly, leaning his body right forward so that he could get his face down almost on top of Reb’s – then, as I watched, Jake screwed up his cheeks to gather a big gob of spit, then let it drool out from between his lips so that it fell in a big viscous string down onto Reb. Reb threw his head from side to side in a desperate attempt to avoid it, but the spit landed square on, leaving a slime between his eyes, across his nose, and down over his lips. “There, fucker!”, Jake half shouted, then gathered more spit, and this time spat it out with force so that Reb’s whole face was covered with little droplets. That was a new lesson for me – you didn’t need to only fuck a guy, you could also humiliate him and show your control at the same time.

I could tell Jake was nearing his climax now though, and, as I had done, his back arched, his head went back and he thrust savagely forward one last time as if he wanted to sink the last millimetre of his dick deep into Reb. “Fucking Jesus!”, he shouted in ecstasy, and I watched in fascination as the muscles in his ass flexed in time with what I knew must be the rhythm of the spurts of his cum.

He stayed there for a few moments, still looking down at Reb. “So, fucker, how was that?”

“Bastards!”, Reb replied, quietly but with a real note of anger in his voice.

Jake looked at me. “I reckon Reb’s lucky – the first time he has dick up his ass, and he gets two guys like us: he’s had a proper experience, two really good sessions.”

Well, I wasn’t sure about ‘lucky’, but on reflection perhaps Jake was correct – after all Reb was a slave, a slave might expect to have his owner use his body, and if you were going to be forcibly fucked it surely couldn’t be much better than to have me and Jake do it, could it?

I watched as Jake pulled out of Reb’s ass – there was a distinct oozing of white cum, stained by ass juice, trickling out from his angry-looking puffed-up asshole now. Jake looked at his dick and gave me another lesson in slave management. “All this is OK for the first time, Steve, but you don’t want all this ass juice all over you each time you fuck Reb. He needs to learn how to clean himself out thoroughly – I’d recommend you order him to do it as he showers.” He paused for a moment, looked a bit uncertain and went on “Well, I expect you’ll use him in the shower to help you… deal with a morning hard-on, that kind of stuff? So having him give himself an enema there wouldn’t be very pleasant for you. But make it clear to him that during the day he needs to find time to do it, so that if you take him any time after, say, lunch, he’ll be as sweet as a whistle.”

I nodded. I’d never thought about practical stuff like that before – in all the porno I’d seen all the guys just fucked and it looked nicely hygienic. But the smell that was coming from our dicks now told me that this was far from being true. “Actually”, Jake went on, “It’s one of the easiest lessons to get a slave to learn. If he ever leaves his shit over your dick as he didn’t do it properly, you simply make him clean it off with his tongue. After that I think you’ll find his memory is substantially improved!”

Fuck me, what a good job it was I had someone like Jake to guide me in all this stuff. I was going to say something, but Jake told me he needed to get on as he had to work a shift that day. He got off the bed and I enjoyed seeing his body in action once more, then told me to follow him to the bathroom. I looked at Reb lying there and Jake saw me “Don’t worry about him – I think we’ve fucked some of the fight out of him. Leave him secured like that for the time being.”

I thought Jake and I would shower together, but instead we stood by the sink and I watched as Jake soaped his hands then started to clean his dick. He leaned over and started to do me, too, and it felt so odd to have another guy slide back my ‘skin to soap under there – I started to wriggle a little, and Jake put one soapy hand around my waist to calm me. I’d never done anything this totally intimate with another guy before, and I whispered “..the shower?”

“No, Steve! We need to clean the shit off us, but you don’t want to shower. A man’s sweat takes on a special smell when he’s had sex, and you don’t want to wash all that off – for the rest of today you’ll keep getting whiffs of yourself, and it will remind you of what you’ve just done.” Wow – I’d never have thought of that, I thought. Then I wondered why we showered after races, and after wrestling, at High School. I could understand why you needed to after football and hockey as you were all muddy, but when all you’d done was work up a real sweat it now seemed stupid to have immediately washed it all away and deprived yourself of the scent of that labour – especially if you’d been wrestling and had the other guy’s sweat all over you too.

I stood there then and watched as Jake took my wash cloth and walked out back towards the bed – even though I’d only had sex a few minutes ago I felt my dick stirring as I saw the play of muscles in his body, especially in his ass, as he strode so confidently across the carpet. He stood at the foot of the bed, grabbed the spreader bar again, looked at Reb, and ordered “Up!”

Reb must have know what was going to happen as he raised his legs again, and Reb then used my cloth to wipe away all the cum and ass juice from Reb’s ass. He tossed the cloth back towards the bathroom, and called out “Come on. Steve – what are you waiting for? I’ve got to go to my shift soon – let’s not waste the time.”

We wasn’t in all that much of a hurry, though, as he indicated that we should lie on each side of Reb, and we kissed and played with each other – and with Reb – across his hot sweaty body. Reb just lay there, unable to move freely, and really unable to stop both Jake and me teasing his nips as we kissed. I threw my leg across Reb’s thigh, and felt my dick against his as I lay there on him, and it made Jake’s stroking of my back as he kissed me even more erotic.

In spite of me wanting it to go on for ever, Jake was soon insistent we stop though as he was afraid of losing his job at Scabbard & Drass, reminding me just how difficult jobs were to find these days for guys like him without a college degree. So we stood there dressing, and I muttered “I’ll show you out, then…”

Jake gave a short, kind of disgusted laugh. “You really are the limit, Steve! You know how far your house is from town? You know I’ve got a shift coming up, and yet you don’t offer to drive me in that fancy car of yours….” I stared at him helplessly, as it honestly hadn’t occurred to me. All the guys I knew at high school, and dad, always took a cab.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t think…..”

“Yes, Steve – you don’t think much about others, do you? And have you thought about what happens next?”

I shuffled uneasily on my feet, feeling my exuberant mood completely evaporate under this criticism from Jake. “No….”, I muttered, probably sounding as miserable as I felt.

Jake looked at me, came over and put his arm around me, raised my head, and kissed me lightly. “Oh Steve, you should see yourself! Super confident Mr ‘in control’ one moment, and the next…. Still, I guess you’ve never had it tough, never had to learn how to deal with other people properly. I forgive you! But you’ll need to drive me to work – and we need to think about what we’re going to do tonight.”

“Tonight?” At once I was elated, thinking that at least Jake wanted to see me again. Then I began to worry – was he expecting to come around again and have us fuck Reb once more? Dad wouldn’t like someone like Jake in the house, not to dinner or anything, as dad only wanted me to make friends with ‘people like us’. I started to try to plan how I could get Jake to come later, after dinner, when dad was on the phone, or something like that.

“Yes, tonight, Steve. You’ve got a lot to learn still.. Don’t you want me to help you?”

I nodded eagerly – I didn’t simply want Jake to help me, I wanted Jake to be my buddy. But now I was really in anguish inside about how I could arrange it. But the next moment it was all fixed as Jake said “I don’t know exactly what time I’ll get off from S&D, and I won’t be able to come out here as I’ve got to go in for ‘earlies’ the next day.” “I could come to your place…

“Good idea, but I’ve only got one set of keys…. So come to the club – we’ll meet there, some time around eight thirty.”

We went down the stairs and got into my car, and as I was driving into town Jake looked serious. “Two things, Steve. Firstly, evenings at the club – there are some guys there who are not as nice as me…”

“It’s OK. I’ll wait outside.”

“You will not! You may have noticed that it’s not in the best neighbourhood. A rich looking young guy like you, hanging around there, word will get out… You’ll be mugged. So go in – slip the doorman a couple of new bucks, tell him you’re waiting for me… You’ll have to wear a collar and take your shirt off of course as there’s no way you look old enough to be a member, but that’s OK, you’ve done it before. This is one of Ray and Stu’s regular club nights, so when you go in find them straight away – they’re good guys, and will look after you until I get there.”

“I don’t need looking after! I’m a man, I….”

Jake laughed. “Oh Steve, all these things you keep saying. Do you really believe them? First of all it was ‘..not a fag…’ And now it’s ‘…a man…’. Listen, little buddy, it’s a big tough world out there, one you know little about – your dad’s done you no favours wrapping you in some sort of protective cocoon. But deep down you’re a nice guy, and I reckon with my help you’ll soon mature a bit and then will be a really nice guy.” I was feeling at first outraged as he was speaking, then started to feel happy when he talked about ‘his help’, but now his tone changed to be much more abrupt. “So do as I fucking well tell you, will you? Go to the Club, and wait with Ray and Stu!”

We got to S&D then, except that Jake insisted he was dropped off a block away as he didn’t want any of the other guards to see him arriving in a car “In case they got the wrong idea”, whatever that meant – surely Jake wasn’t ashamed of knowing someone like me, someone who owned a car?. Then as he kissed me briefly as he opened the door (I blushed, at the thought that people might see!), he added “Oh, and the second thing, just in case it doesn’t occur to you: leave that car at home! We’ll be having a few beers, and if the cops see you driving home, I assume you know what the penalty for driving under the influence is? I’d never have enough money to buy you after you’d been enslaved, and I’d hate to think of some other guy taking that ass of yours!”

He slid out, slammed the door and stalked off, giving me a cheery wave as he did so. I sat there watching him, half of me wanting him, wanting to feel his body next to mine. And the other half of me starting to worry as I pondered on ‘some other guy taking my ass’ – that implied that it was going to be he, Jake, who was going to do it. I started to imagine what it would be like to be helpless, as Reb had been, even if Jake was a whole lot more gentle with me: I felt myself starting to sweat with worry.

When I got home I went out to the pool and gym, expecting Reb to be there – then I remembered he was still shackled, and raced up the stairs to my bedroom. There he was, still lying on his back, and he glared at me. I looked around and the room, apart from the bed, was in its usual immaculate state of tidiness and cleanliness, and through the bathroom door I could see everything sparkling and all the towels fresh, as they should be. “You bastard! The maids have been in. I’m lying here stark naked, tied up, and all those women laughing at me and….”

“Sorry!” I was genuinely sorry, actually, as I’d completely forgotten about them. “But Reb, there’s no problem – they’re slaves, and you’re a slave.”

“I’m a man, sir! And they’re women! And I’ve had to lie here with my body all exposed with them giggling and laughing at me. One of them even dusted me with her feather duster! They wouldn’t even cover me up with the sheet, make me feel a bit decent. They said that if you wanted me like this, they couldn’t interfere….”

I laughed at him. “Oh come on, Reb! When we had that little ‘discussion’ about breakfast yesterday, wasn’t it you telling me that we needed to try new things? So quit complaining – I bet that’s the first time you’ve been naked with a woman and not had your dick up her – isn’t that a new thing for you to try?”

His mood seemed to lighten a bit. I went and lay next to him on the bed, and let my hand lie on his belly. I could feel his skin hot and moist under my palm, and couldn’t help moving it down over the planes of his muscles so that I could gently play with his dick. He turned his face away from me then, and I asked him what was wrong “Reb, I was only lying here to make sure you’re calm – I want to release you from the cuffs and stuff, but I don’t want to have to prod you, so I need to know you’re going to be sensible…”

“You raped me! You and that fag, you raped me! And you want me to be calm?”

“Oh come on, Reb, stop making such a fuss… So OK you haven’t had a dick up your ass before, but no harm done…”

“No harm done?” He was shouting now, and I could see the veins in is forehead and neck all swelling as his anger mounted. “No harm done? Let me repeat, in case you didn’t hear me: you raped me…”

I slapped him hard, on his belly, to remind him who was in charge, and the unexpected nature of it caused his body to jerk , but at least it shut him up.

“Listen, Reb, think about it – if you were a female slave there might very well have been a problem as you might be pregnant. But there’s no problem, is there, in fucking a guy’s ass? – well, except that I can see you’re all puffy and swollen down there, but that’s only transitory. By tomorrow all that soreness will have gone, especially if I rub in some anti-inflammatory cream and…”

He looked at me. “You don’t get it, do you? You’ve raped me, I’m no longer a proper man…”

“Let me stop you there, Reb. You’re not a man, you’re a slave!”

I sat up to show him I wasn’t going to have any more senseless arguments, then added “So now all that’s clear, I’ll untie these restraints. But I think I’ll keep them up here in the bedroom as it will be fun to play with them again, don’t you think?”

To be continued …