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I Really Need To Take A Lot On Me When Somebody Teases Ne With His Sneakers.


1979 | 172 cm | 55 kg

Tournai (BEL)

Hello readers, I’ve got a sneaker addict here to talk with. Tournaiskets, how’re you doing? Can you tell me, how exactly did you discover you’ve got a thing for tn & sneakers? When did you first realize that?

Hello, I think I’ve always been attracted by good looking sneakers, at middle school I was always looking for cool one to wear during sport.

I’ve only started to ask myself more questions at uni, there was this guy wearing those green BW in my class, I couldn’t detach my eyes from his sneakers.

Internet was only at its beginning (1998) but there was already enough website to tell me I had some fetish for sneakers.

What exactly made you so fascinated with them? What’s their attraction for you?

The look. I almost love more watching lads wearing sneakers than playing with them. Sneakers can make you looking super sexy, can give you a dom/sub touch, make you desirable. I really need to take a lot on me when somebody teases me with his sneakers.

I’m usually hard very quickly and will do whatever is needed to get the guy on his knees very quickly to start licking my sneakers.

Does the brand the other person is wearing affect the horniness for you? And if yes, which one’s your favorite?

Clearly yes! I have 2 main addictions: Nike (TN, Shox, AM90, BW) and sk8 shoes (some Osiris and some DC). Any other brand/model out of those ones will not trigger anything.

It even happened already that I had to re-equip a guest that was coming at home for the week-end as his gear was not top. He has been wearing one of my pair of TN for the whoe week-end. That’s another turn on in fact, watching a lad wearing my gear / swapping gear.

XD haha well good that you had some to spare then 😉 Has your style and what kind you prefer changed over time from back when you began liking them?

I have “some” spare, indeed 😉 My taste hasn’t really evolved to be honest. Maybe I’m a bit less to the sk8 shoes now because I’m getting older and my husband is mainly Nike fetish.

He has some fetish for the Nike Jordan but I’m not such a big fan on my own. Nike TN is really where we both are the most horny when wearing them.

They are very cool 🙂 But your mention about your husband actually brings me to my next question. How important is the sneaker fetish for you in others?

In fact, I’ve met my husband on a sneaker fetish website in 2005, we are living together since 2009 and are married since 2011. I’ll also be one of the candidate to Mr Sneakers Belgium 2020. So I’d say the sneaker fetish is a big part of my life 🙂 and if I step back and look at our gay friends’ community, most of them got a sneaker fetish too.

What we like about them is that while our sneaker is our common point, we are really talking and sharing many more things than this fetish. So when we meet up, it’s much more about other things, even if there is always a sneakers’ pic at a point of time.

At work, I’m also lucky, we can wear sneakers, so I’m always in sneakers.

Do you have some tn/sneaker that are on your wish list to get once?

Not really to be honest. With my husband we buy a lot, about 20-25 pairs per year, so we cover a lot of our wishes. And in the unlikely case we miss a super sexy pair, there’s often a friend who has them, so he is strongly advised to wear them when we see each other, that way I can still play with the model.

And sometime I’m also asked to wear the pair of somebody else,

who likes to see his TN on my Tweeter feed for a couple of month and get them back with my smell.

Do new and worn sneakers affect you differently?

Yes I prefer much more newly looking sneakers. Destroyed TN create less excitment and I’m less willing to play with them.

Brand new ones just excite me like hell and the only thing I have in mind is to fill them in.

Thank you for showing us part of your world, tournaiskets. I hope we’ll talk again sometime.

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