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Unpacking & Test: Dragon and Lampwick by Mr Hankey’s Toys

Some days ago we received a very nice present by Mr Hankey’s Toys. Of course, when they arrived, we couldn’t resist unpacking them and kinky porn actor Casper Ellis was begging to try them out to give you our impression.

Watch our video with our review, the product testing assplay scene with Casper and get more information in the text below.

The box the toys arrived in was, as standard in this business, very uneyecatching. They were also well-wrapped. But that’s not what interests you here, I’m sure. Let’s get to the horny part ๐Ÿ˜‰

We received two Dildos from them, one normal-shaped and one fantasy. Both similar, a little upper, sizes.

From what I’ve seen on their website, their prices are higher than average, at least if you compare it to your run of the mill amazon dildo. Now comes the question whether they’re worth it.


This is probably the most important factor when buying toys. Will they hold up and not be harmful to you? This is what I can say from my experience and info gathering here.


As we all know, cheap toys give off an odour. That odour is a sign of bad quality silicone, and can, if you store it with other not high grade toys, actually be harmful to them, in the worst case even dissolve them.

When we unpacked these sexy monsters, there was no smell to them, only a slightly greasy feeling. That though apparently is just the fluid they use to get them out of the sculpt better and undamaged. It’s not harmful, and can be easily rinsed off. They immediately package them after taking them out of the sculpt and don’t wash them, to lower their costs and, in turn, their end prices for you.

Manufacture Quality

These toys are well made. There was not a nick or bubble on either or them, just some small excess silicone on a few small parts on the dragon, which is normal and understandable, considering it’s shape. If you don’t look up very close, it’s not noticable. The material feels solid, its not easily rubbed off anywhere.

For the material I’ve read on their website they only use 100% high platinum silicone for manufacture. That apparently means they are of such quality you could even store them with those low grade toys mentioned above and they wouldn’t be melt or be affected. They even are usable with silicone lube! Hell, they say you could even microvave them to warm them up for your butt! I’m testing these promises currently and so far they hold up ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope that will continue so.

(If you don’t know it yet, you should never use silicone lube with your average silicone toys, for the same reasons as storage. They deteriorate. And trust me, you do not want to have such stuff rubbing off on your innards).

Touch & Shape

Alright, this is probably what you want to know most. How are they really, for their purpose?

Touch & Softness

When I first unwrapped and touched them, I was quite surprised. There is something about Mr Hankey’s that made them feel very comfortable to the touch. Their give and firmness feels very nice. We’ve got their 75% Soft, which is, as they explained, about the firmness of an average dick that’s 75% hard. From what I can tell, their approximation is very good. It feels flexible yet bouncy, and will keep its shape. Larger toys without sufficient base though, as the Lampwick, will have difficulty to keep standing without support. The Dragon did fine.

I most appreciate this on the Dragon’s scales. As I have some toys with bumps, and “edges”, they often are quite hard, and sometimes uncomfortable to conquer inside. Not so here. They are very flexible, and give away. But you can still be sure that you’ll feel them when pulling out.
Be careful though, softer parts need great care. Don’t put them together with sharp and pointy toys. If they have a rip, it can become bigger very quickly.

You’ll have to be careful to wash this one properly as well, as the scales nooks and crannies and its texture can easily nest small pieces of body fluid, and those can develop bacteria over time.

As for their realistic Lampwick, it’s very much like a real dick. Like a really big dick. I can very much imagine someone with an oversized dong like that would actually feel like this, if he had enough blood in his veins to pump it up to this firmness ๐Ÿ™‚

They also have a medium firm variant, which is more like a fully erect dick. Though for larger sizes, I always prefer soft to prevent muscle cramps and fissures, and am happy to have gotten that here.


I am amazed. Can’t say it otherwise. The attention to detail they gave is just great. And I’m not saying this lightly or promotion or anything. I seriously am amazed.

The Lampwick looks like a fertility sculpture. Apparently they designed him from clay, and I think it it’s visible. You see the kneads and threads, and it makes it look very lifelike, as after all, real dicks are also never symmetrical and perfect. They’ve done a great job here. The Lampwick looks positively alive and pulsing. It draws me in and invites to pleasure.

The Dragon is the complete opposite on that end. Definite computer-design. But that’s in no way a critique. It looks cooool. The effort in detail they put in is astonishing. You can see it in the scales, the extra curves they put in to make them look more real. They do look like scales, not like some rough shapes or idea of them. The head to make it look almost like a face and snout. The texture to make it look like scaled skin. It’s just- wow.

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Testing the Toys

Of course, we also couldn’t resist taking these awesome toys for a ride. Casper was the first one to do so on camera. If you haven’t yet, you should go take a look at the video to see him do so ๐Ÿ˜‰ His impressions were that the two toys were made for two different types of character and sensation.

The Lampwick

This Dildo is made for sensual depth training. It will go in easily, feels very comfortable inside and you can ride it for a long time. It also invites you to go deeper each time, and you won’t hurt yourself when widening your depths due to its softness and round shape. He was a real fan of this one, I can say ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Dragon

He is made for sensory overload, similar to punch-fisting. It gives an easy entry with it’s head and downwards scale shape. But once you get over the thickest point – boom, you feel the fullness and pressure on your prostate. And if you try to push it out again, then the scales get really into play. You can be sure that you feel every single one. It will definitely leave you panting, and you probably won’t be able to play with it as long as the Lampwick. But you can be sure it’s a very enjoyable ride.


All in all we both are very happy with these presents. We’ve been testing them out a lot since we got them ๐Ÿ˜‰ They seem to know their stuff. I can definitely recommend them. Their higher than usual price, for me personally, can be worth the assurance of guaranteed quality. Plus, their shipping is still cheaper than other toys I’ve ordered, so some part balances out a bit.

So now it is up to you … Click the banner, visit the website of Mr. Hankey’s Toys and check what fits best with your ass.

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