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Serving time as a rubber toy (2)

A report written by LukeRubberPig.

Chapter 2

As I lay in my cell i started to feel the loneliness of being a slave. I hadn’t seen daylight for at least a week and the outside world seemed so far away. I also hadn’t cum whilst been there and sporting a constant hard cock under my rubber skin. The zip to my suit was locked to the collar so i couldn’t pleasure myself. Id often rub myself against the floor or try to hump the pillow but the pressure wasn’t strong enough to make me cum. I tried to access my cock through my ass zip but it brought pain than pleasure. I could feel myself getting irritable with sexual deprivation and i felt more trapped than ever before in my cell.

‘i need to cum!’ I shouted over to boy 206

‘You need to let it take over you’ replied boy 206

‘How do i do that?’ I asked

‘Relax, appreciate it let it take over your body and it will absorb you making you a proper sex slave’ he said in a relaxed, calming tone. I was so pent up that i thought he was insane, i am a proper sex slave i’m being one now i thought. I tried using the hose to rub against my cock but it wasn’t doing anything to help me get close. My new master has thought of everything to stop me from having a sneaky wank.

Later on, i could hear Sir coming down the stairs, i thought great this is my chance to use his cock against my prostate to make me cum. I got on all fours and peered through the bars happily waiting for him to come and use me. The dim lights came on as he came through the door, he was wearing rubber chaps with his hard cock pressed up against his stomach. He approached the cells and paced up and down, looking in and observing. He stopped at my cell bars and gently nudged his cock through the bars and indicating for me to come closer. I obliged and started to lick his solid man meat. He pushed his cock into my mouth and i started to suck his tasty length. My cock was throbbing in my rubber suit and my ass was twitching thinking i was going to finally shoot my heavy load. His cock got wet as i was working it, and the drool dribbled down my chin. I was getting into a good rhythm and i could feel him enjoying it. Then he pulled out of my mouth and moved over to boy 206’s cell. I could hear he was getting the same treatment next door then i heard him open boy 206 cell door. I watched as he pulled him out of his cell and fastened him to the sling cuffing his hands and ankles. I was devastated that he picked him first. I watched as Sir slid his cock into boy 206 and proceed to pound away at his hole. The rattling of the sling and the slapping sounds only turned me on more. It was live porn and was very hot to watch. Sir looked over to see me watching and gave me a smirk, I remained on all fours as i watched, Sir still looking at me, pulled out of boy 206 and approached my cell. I thought it was my turn but he just pushed his cock through for me to suck again. I put his throbbing cock in my mouth sucking him and licking him, before he pulled out and returned to boy 206’s ass. They continued to fuck in front of me for a short while until sir suddenly erupted inside his hole with loud grunts and shouts, Sir turned to look at me and smirked again.

‘Did you like that show Boy 207?’ He muttered with his cock still inside boy 206’s hole

‘Yes Sir’ I replied

He eventually pulled out and released boy 206 and placed him back in his cell.

‘You starting to feel it boy 207?’ Sir said as he peered into my cell

He cought a glimpse of my indiscreet solid cock and laughed

‘You are definitely feeling it boy, Bet you’re feeling a bit agitated?’ He asked between laughter

‘Yes Sir’ I said desperately. He continued to laugh at me as he pushed his cock into my cell again. I went over to suck him when he unloaded a sudden hot jet of piss, it shot straight into my face and i held my tongue out. He shook his cock around to cover me and my cell in his piss. Once he finished he turned and left the room turning the light out as he did. I stayed poised on all fours surrounded by piss hoping for him to return.

‘You know all that was at your expense’ said the boy next door

‘He knows you’re in an irritable state and has purposely teased you’ he continued.

‘He did the same to me when i was at your stage’

I fell from my knees to the floor and laid their in my piss wet cell. I began to relax, taking deep piss breaths. My urges began to cease as i started to accept my position, my own needs turned into the need to please. My built up testosterone took over my body in a different way, it wasn’t the need to cum but the need to be their for my master. He had complete control and i realised my world now is him and to satisfy his needs. My needs mean nothing to him, i’m not here to be sexually satisfied just to provide a service. I felt enlightened and free as my current existence became my whole world. I drifted off to sleep in my masters piss and slept well for the first time being there.

I woke up stuck to the floor as the piss had dried under the rubber suit. I peeled myself off the padded floor and reached for the tap to clean my cell. The room was pitch black and i couldn’t see what i was doing, I used my tongue to taste where the piss was and cleaned accordingly. I completely forgot about the outside world, and my life previously. I just wanted to satisfy my master. I fell into a deep state of being a slave, i finally knew what boy 206 was talking about. I was still constantly horny but not for myself i was horny for my masters needs.

my cell was comfortable for what it was, the floor and walls were padded in black waterproof material. I had my own tap with a hose to clean, and for my water source. A drain for the water, a bucket for any waste, and a waterproof pillow to sleep on. The bars were solid metal and looked out onto a further dark room with a hanging sling in the middle. I had no sense of time or knew if it was day or night. I was fed twice a day on either porridge or soup, but at different times to discourage routine. The bucket was emptied daily and my butt was shaven and plugged daily.This was all done by someone different to my master, he had a different slimmer build and was much gentler. He was also dressed in full rubber with his face covered by a hood. He wore big boots and a belt with various cleaning products hanging from it. He was known as the cleaner between me and boy 206. He’d be the one to sort us out and feed us etc. He would open my collar and unzip the rubber suit to let my skin breath underneath for a short while. My body would become cold from the sweat hitting the cool air. He’d do his job without speaking then leave us in the sightless dark.

I couldn’t open up my cock from the suit to have a piss, so i had to piss on myself inside the suit and then drain the piss from my ass zip. It would trickle out of my suit and onto the floor of my cell.

My master came through the door and turned on the light, I saw him standing fully naked with a hard on. He pointed at me and walked over to my cell. He opened the door and pulled me out. He pushed me towards the sling and continued to tie my hands and ankles. I laid there sprawled out defenseless. He opened up my ass zip and pulled my plug out. He wasted no time in pushing his hard horn driven cock deep into my ass. I laid their and took it not making much sound but really appreciating him. He pounded away building up to a hard fucking. I wanted to satisfy him and hoped i was. I was getting pleasure from him using me like never before. His naked body began to get sweaty and glistened in the light. He’d occasionally spit at me as he fucked, he’d pull out then slam back in me making the sling swing. He looked into my eyes and could see i was in this moment with him. He smirked at me before spitting at my face. His cock pounded to a climax and erupted inside me. I could feel his cock burst and his body quiver as he unloaded. I felt a sudden shudder of satisfaction as i laid their with his cock still in me. He bend over to my face and started to snog me, his cock still in me he released a load full of piss directly into my used ass. I could feel it filling my hole up, the hot piss expanded into my intestine. Once he finished he slowly withdrew his cock but quickly slamming in a butt plug to hold in his accomplishments. He uncuffed me from the sling and lifted me off, it was hard to get up with all the piss inside me. He gave me another snog as he walked me back to my cell.

‘Well done boy, you’re a proper slave boy now!’ He said to me as he locked me in my cell.



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