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A Sexy Russian Scally Boy’s Love for Sportswear, Sneakers, Socks and Feet

From Russia with love. No this article is not about James Bond but today a real sexy and submissive dancer from Moscow is visiting me. Hey Eugene, great to have you here with us. You are totally into kinks. Can you tell us, when have you realised, that there is more than vanilla and what have been your first steps into the fetish world?

Eugene: Hi MasterMarc. Nice you got me with you. Guys in sports pants, socks, sneakers and their hot legs always have been my love. I think it was in my childhood that I realized how much I like them but at the same time I also felt bad about it. I live in Russia, and my parents have always been very strict. So I tried to go over these feelings and met with girls, like a good boy. To accept to be gay and kinky was very difficult to me, and to feel that I’m into kink got me many sleepless nights where I thought about what’s wrong with me. 

But my desire to see such boys was deeper than my doubts, and after a while I found a website called gearfetish. I was shocked and attracted at the same time to see all these guys into bdsm, feets, motorcycles, sports pants, latex, etc. But my curiousity won over the shock, and I registered to the page and started to do my first pics at home. It was very nice to see that you’re not the only one with these desires and to chat with likeminded people helped me a lot.  it wasn’t easy for me in the beginning, as my English wasn’t really the best …. but I found my first fetish friends this way.

Eugene Scallyboy


It is not easy to discover your fetish lifestyle in Russia.

Now the virtual world was just great, but to discover these desires in Russia wasn’t easy. Most of the guys I have known then thought I’m a crazy guy. But then I had the opportinity to meet guys from Berlin. That changed a lot. After a while my Russian friends found out about my love for kinks. Someone of them quit our friendship, others continued to be friends. It wasn’t really important for me what people think about me at that point, I continued with my fetish life because my kinks are an important part of me.

In sportswear, you feel comfortable and sexy.

What is the attraction of sports gear? Can you explain us, what makes it sexual?

Sportswear is freedom for me. You feel comfortable and sexy. For me people look much sexier if they wear sportswear and not one of the big fashion brands, in which you look like a snobbish puppet. You look down to earth but at the same time easy going and hot. Even more if you wear shiny fabrics and some real tight elements so that you can see the body and of couse also the bulge. I love big bulges and the promise they give. That is why sportswear attracts me and why it makes me crazy and horny.

How important are the right sneax for you? And how has a sneaker to be, so that you really like it?

Oh that’s a difficult question because I love so many different models. Mostly they are from Nike or Adidas. The Air Force, the Air Max and the Adidas Boost series are hot. But it is not really the shoe, it is the guy who makes the snakers hot. New sneax are nice but they become real good if a hot boy is wearing them, then they get the smell and taste of the hot guy in it. That makes a sneaker real cool and hot. 

So you love to sniff and lick sneakers? Ah a little submissive slut is talking with me. I like that. What makes it hot to lick and sniff sneax? Can you explain that to our readers? Think about your answer and meanwhile go down and start licking, boy.

Yes Sir, mhhhhh …… Oh that’s an inner lust, a desire I have. I love to get down on my knees and to smell the musk of the man I’m with. It is such a animalistic desire. It is also a symbol of submission, to show that you belong at the feet of the guy and it can also be part of a punishment, as it is also a humiliating act, but one of the good ones.

I love to get down on my knees and to smell the musk of the man I’m with.

You’re doing that good, boy. Seems that you have experience. Btw. If you’re doing it good you can get my shoes off. A pair of white Sk8erboy sox is waiting, which I was wearing for two weeks now. Do you like dirty sox and why?

Again, it is really hard to explain, as it is something you have deep inside you. But having tried it once it becomes difficult to refuse later. It is this special aroma which attracts me and I think with dirty things it is always also the knowlege that you’re doing something the society sees as dirty, so you are becoming a dirty guy by yourself, something which is lower than the rest, a kind of subhuman. And why I prefer it dirty is again to explain that it isn’t the sock which is attractive, it is the combination of the guy wearing this sox and that he gives you the feeling that your position is lower than his own.

It’s time to take the socks off, boy …. what kind of action do you like with bare feet? What do you love to do, how you lick it and do you like also other action with feet?

I really love if a top puts his feet on my face. It is a great feeling to be under the sole of a guy, feel his power and to be forced on the ground. I love to take his foot into my hands, to massage it and sniff the sole so that I get my nose full of his maculine odour, so much that I just feel obligated to start licking his sole, slowly and careful from heel to the top. Then I love to lick each of his toes. One by one and slurping it. At the end I love to penetrate the space between his toes with my tongue …. huff, now you’re getting me very hot. 🙂 Should I show you how I love to do it?

I love good foot boys and you will lick my feet but first we finish the interview boy. Then a lot can happen. 🙂 I know you top from time to time also other bottoms. Can you tell me, why you love to have boys working on your sneax, sox and feet?

At the end, I love to penetrate the space between His toes with my tongue.

If a boy is at your feet you can feel that you got power over him. He is showing his devotion and that he is ready to serve you. It is kind of an energy, a tension you feel between you and your boy. You feel that he is willing to be at your service and to do what you order him to. It is an animalic instinct which takes over the situation and makes a lot possible.

You’re right boy, it does makes a lot possible …. I think it is time to let the animialic instinct guide us to new spheres. 🙂 Thank you for the interview boy and now shut-up and start licking!

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