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Rubber Changes My Personality

PupZen | 1991 | 178 cm | 65 kg | Toronto (CA)

Fully rubbered up Zen is more flirtatious, adventurous and more confident about himself

Twitter: @Alzentai91 

A Talk about Transformation by Rubber

MasterMarc: Hi Zen. As people can see on the pictures you’re a real rubber lover. Can you tell us, what are the feelings you love to feel if you’re wearing rubber? What is the attraction of it?

PupZen: Hey MasterMarc, The feeling of wearing rubber is a sensation that envelopes your whole body that feels smooth and sometimes slimy. How it surrounds and invades your body can be arousing. Seeing yourself wear it or on others can make you feel anonymous and lustful. The attraction of latex on your skin just feels right. From head to toe, you’re covered. It can also be a form of an art expression or as a fashion statement.

MasterMarc: Is it a way to become somebody else? To become an object which is just driven by instincts? And can you tell me more about the transformation?

PupZen: It’s a way to become that somebody that you are too afraid to show. I wear a mask to not only hide my identity, It’s an urge, a need to have and to be that rubbery, gimp, pup that I’m driven to be.

My transformation towards the fetish started with wearing full body zentai suits. The feels of the fabric covering your entire body is breathtaking, also calming to wear too. This got me looking to towards wearing latex and it carried on from there.

MasterMarc: Can you tell us a little about the difference between the naked Zen and Zen in rubber? How does it change you and your behaviour?

PupZen: Naked Zen is a shyer than Rubber Zen! When naked, I can feel a little nervous and uneasy sometimes. Rubber Zen is a lot more lustful than naked Zen! When naked, I can feel a little nervous and uneasy sometimes. Fully rubbered up Zen is more flirtatious, adventurous and more confident about himself.

The transformation changes me into someone anonymous and that black goo takes over my desires sometimes. Depending on the type of rubber look I’m in whether it’s gimp or pup, I behave differently.

MasterMarc: And can you tell us how this rubber gimp is? What kind of desires do you have if you are in that mode?

PupZen: This rubber gimp is a rubber toy ready to be used. He wants a master or a handler that can treat him right. The kind of desires that I want is to be used, to feel wanted and needed during that time. Once in that mode, I just want to be tied up to any object such as a chair, table, a board where I’m not able to move an inch. At this point I would be weak and willing to let you do whatever you want to this Rubber gimp

MasterMarc: Can you tell us some of your hottest and most exciting rubber experiences and why they have attracted you so much?

PupZen: Some of my hottest experiences are being covered from head to toe in rubber with wrist, ankle and collar leather restraints, on a board completely strained down, not able to move. Fed poppers through my s10 gas mask, listening to Zen music, and being teased for a good 2 hours before releasing.

Another time is the same as the above story, but on a sling, getting fucked by 3 different rubber men!

MasterMarc: Is it important that the guys you play with are wearing rubber too? 

PupZen: Yes, adding the rubber just makes it that more exciting, it adds the thrill to the experience for me. The rubber contact between each other feels smooth and seeing the contours of the bodies in rubber gear makes it alluring.

MasterMarc: We can not talk about the rubber fetish without talking about the sweaty feeling. Can you tell us a little how it feels if you’re wearing rubber for a longer time?

PupZen: That’s very true about sweat.. damn that sweat! For me, my body in the summer, no matter what I am wearing or where I am, I’m the worst when it comes to sweating.

First time I put on my fullsuit rubber during the summer, my experience wasn’t the greatest. Within the first 5-10 min I could start to feel the sweat forming under the rubber and I wasn’t ready for what was about to come next.

Just after a section of fun and play, the bed that we played on was soaked with sweat, and after getting out of the rubber, the socks had a good amount of the sweat, once I poured it out of both socks. I find that when wearing rubber for longer periods of time, applying baby powder inside the rubber helps soak up the sweat. It helps a lot for me and I am able to enjoy the experience a lot more.

MasterMarc: But can you understand that other rubber lover love this sweaty feeling?

PupZen: Hmm.. I guess in their eyes, that when they see the sweat dripping from the rubber, it means that fun section was hard work and driven to be a great experience. Not gonna lie, just thinking about this makes me wanna get in rubber again.

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