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Everyone has his own idea what he wants to be as a rubberman

Last week we’ve published the review about the Dublin Rubber Weekend and the Mr Rubber Ireland election, and today we have him with us, the post-pandemic Mr. Rubber Ireland 2021. We talk with him about the election and the community, what it means to be a rubber man, his goals, the sexual side of rubber and about Irish piss drinking skills.

Everybody enjoys and explores kink in their own way, so there can’t be one piece of gear, one specific look or one attitude that makes someone a real rubberman.

First of all …. CONGRATULATIONS … you’re the first post-pandemic Mr Rubber Ireland. How did you feel after the election, and how did your feelings change meanwhile?

Thank you, Marc, I am absolutely delighted to represent my community alongside the Rubbermen of Ireland Team!

Becoming Mr Rubber Ireland is something that I had aspired to for quite a long time and I had originally applied for the contest last year, but unfortunately the situation with COVID-19 forced that to be postponed until this year. I am in fact the first Mr Rubber Ireland to hold the title with Rubbermen of Ireland, as it used to be run by another fetish group here, Geared Ireland. I am also the first Mr Rubber Ireland since 2016 which is very exciting as I feel this marks a revival of our fantastic rubber community!

Hearing my name announced as the new titleholder for 2021 was a wonderfully surreal moment, I was and still am overjoyed that both the judges and the community chose me to represent Rubbermen of Ireland and the Irish kink community as a whole. My feelings about that have not changed one bit (it was only five days ago after all). I am incredibly excited to jump in to the role and start rebuilding our scene and communities post-COVID.

There is a lot of work to be done and high on my agenda for Ireland will be; Reuniting our members, encouraging them to return to our events and get back to the wonderful mischief we had before. Reclaiming our venues, many of which have struggled during the mandatory closures caused by the pandemic, so they need our support and to be shown that kinksters are an important, vibrant community worth having in their spaces. And finally, to begin recruiting new membership once again, to build our communities and grow them to be stronger and better than ever!

Of course, I also have plenty of international travel lined up, and I’m hoping to learn from communities all over the world so that I can take their influence home with me to improve our own events. Hopefully I’ll make plenty of new friends along the way, and I will be incredibly proud to show off the Irish scene to any international visitors who want to share in our events.

Tell us, what is your kink career, and why do you think that you’re the right guy to represent the community?

I have been part of the kink community both at home here in Ireland and on the international scene since 2016, attending events and running the Pups of Ireland group which I was a founding member of. So last year I felt ready to try to earn a title, with my experience of five years as a leader of the Irish pup community I believed that I made a strong candidate. I attend and support a huge range of events here, and I feel that I was the right person to take on this responsibility because I have a good insight into our communities, what works, what our members like to see at events and how I would like to see improvements made.

What makes a rubberman a real rubberman, just the latex cloths, or is it more than just dressing up?

I don’t believe that there is any right answer to that question. To me there is no one thing that constitutes a real rubberman. Everybody enjoys and explores kink in their own way, so there can’t be one piece of gear, one specific look, or one attitude that makes someone a real rubberman.

But to try to answer your question in a roundabout sense; For me as a titleholder I believe that our main focus must always be our communities. We must be held to a standard that goes beyond how we look and dress and give our hearts to our communities. To me the best rubberman that I can be is a friendly face who can be approached by anybody with an interest in our scene and help them come in to the community with open arms. But I truly believe that there is no right answer, everyone has their own journey to take and their own ideas of what they want to be as a rubberman.

Do you remember when you’ve had your first contact with rubber? What was the fascination of it?

Well my interest began with Lycra, I like the tight stuff! I realized very early on that tightness and constriction we’re something I was very much into, and I remember persuading my parents to buy me Lycra gear for “sports” knowing well that I had no intention to put that gear to use for its original purpose!

From Lycra I naturally moved on to loving rubber and I was already using apps like FetLife and Recon at this stage so there was alot of experienced people there for me to talk with before I made my first purchase. The first piece of rubber I ever touched was my first suit which I bought second hand from a generous stranger on FetLife, it was a full suit with head to toe coverage and it fit me like garbage bag! But I loved it, the feeling of being confined within that suit, the smell of the latex and the hot sweatiness while wearing it.

I didn’t have that suit for very long before I wanted more and a year or so later I moved to Chicago for college and spent every penny I had saved on new gear. When I came home to Ireland I had a brand new custom fit suit so the first one didn’t have as much of an appeal anymore. In the end I donated it to an annual fetish gear sale in Dublin run by John O’Brien (RubJob as he is known online) and he became my first friend in the Irish kink community. We are still great friends today and I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for bringing me into the scene here, I would not have come so far without the amazing welcome he gave me.

But now we want also to know a little about the sexual effects rubber has to you.

Where to start? CONSTRICTION! Nothing gets me going more than tight rubber. The cold feeling as I first pull it on is a little shock to the system, but exciting all the same. Then it warms up around me and grips to my skin, that’s the best feeling.

In my ideal submissive scenario I am covered head to toe in tight sweaty latex, throw in some heavy bondage and we’re really getting somewhere now!

Submissive me likes to be a rubber pup or gimp, in some senses I guess it’s the wearing of a hood that makes the difference. But that’s not the only side of me that loves rubber. I am very much a switch and I have gear that I prefer to wear when I Dom as much as I have gear I prefer as a sub.

As a Dom I am not so focused on head to toe gear as I am on my outfits and style. Style gives me confidence and I live off that feeling as a Dom. I like to keep my Dom outfits sleek and uniform creating a kind of cheeky villainous character. I feel powerful and incredibly horny when I think I look the part.

The psychological effect gear can have is always impressive. Can you explain to us why some outfits make you feel more subby and others more dom?

For me it’s the identity association with pieces of gear that unleash a more subby or dominant attitude within me. That’s not to say I can’t be Dom or sub with no gear involved at all, but as a gear head I always enjoy getting dressed up for a scene.

For example I often wear a hood to bring out my submissive side. A hood in a way is a stripping down of my identity, concealing the face and replacing my identity with something different, I am now a pup, a gimp, a drone. There are also other things that bring this out, paw mitts, gags, restraints, a leash, etc.

While as a Dom I find this attitude requires confidence. I feel most dominant when I wear gear that brings out this confidence, a Muir cap, heavy boots, even something as simple as an outfit that I think I’m wearing really well. Anything that gives me confidence allows me to explore my dominant side. I know it is not the same for everyone, but for me, finding the dominant headspace requires a little more effort than my submissive one. I enjoy both equally, but to feel good as I Dom I need to be confident in myself, and when I think I look good that confidence is easier to channel.

I know from other Misters that the travelling part is a lot of fun, they really look forward and enjoy, but it is also expensive. What are your travelling plans and do you get any support?

At the moment my travel plans begin with the NYE Recon party on January 2nd in London. I booked my ticket this morning! I do hope to get to some other events before then but right now this is the first thing I have 100% confirmed.

I will also be at Florida Rubber Weekend in February, which I am incredibly excited for. I have never been to Florida or met the rubbermen there yet, so it will be fantastic to network and see what they do. Huge thanks to the organisers as they provided my pass for the weekend as part of my prize package for earning the title.

Another part of my prize was an Alpha Madness pass for Darklands so huge thanks to them also, you will absolutely be seeing me there. One of my best friends and an organiser of Rubbermen of Ireland, Pup Astra, is performing a song at Worldfetish during Darklands, so I’m very excited to travel with team Rubbermen of Ireland and support him as well as making new friends and connections at the event.

I will be sitting down with the team to discuss our plan of action for the year this weekend, there are events I want to go to and events they will ask me to be at too, so we need to discuss and decide exactly my schedule. They have also very graciously set up a travel fund to assist me in covering costs, I always do a lot of travel for kink anyway, so I am happy to keep paying my way, but the help will be much appreciated because there’ll be even more travel this year!

I plan to get to as much as I can and squish it all in to an action packed year. At the moment I definitely want to get to MRM, Folsom, FWL. These big ones I have been to before, but I also want to make lots of trips to see smaller scale events like the ones we have here in Ireland, so I can meet new friends and take the ideas of other countries home to improve our events.

The title is not on my shoulders for even a full week yet, so my plans are not all confirmed and laid down right now. I need to do lots of work networking with communities outside of Ireland to get event dates and make connections with their groups, and would absolutely love if anyone reading this article sends me messages with details for their events. I will try my best to get to everything I can (work holidays and costs allowing).

Sounds like it will become a busy but a very exciting year. Last but not least I have a question concerning your outfits. As much yellow as you’re wearing, you’ve to tell us how many litres of piss you have drank during the event and the first week as Mr Rubber Ireland. We all know, Irish are famous for their drinking skills.

Well Marc it’s a very good question but I wear my yellow hanky on the left so it’s really my Pup Blondie who should answer that question for you!

But I can tell you he was certainly a very good boy and eager to help me avoid using a real urinal whenever possible!

Pup Rolo

1996 | 181 cm | 60 kg
Dublin (IR)


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