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I love being taken by force and then being forced to submit

Every kinkster has another start into his fetish life. First, we would really like to know, how have been your first steps into the kink world?

I’ve been living my kinky side since I was around 15 though when I was 15 I was primarily into cbt with needles and sounding after seeing videos of guys doing it and my ex at the time also loving the idea. Later after our breakup when I was 16 I meet a dominant guy who I would see every weekend who essentially made me learn how to submit and would take me outside to public parks and stuff to fuck, breed, spank and slap me around and ended up loving that forcefulness and getting used by dominant people and all 16 threw 17 I turned myself into a cumdump, waiting in the front of my door and inviting guys over to pump there load and use me and my holes.

Pup Bash


Conneticut (U.S.)

Then when I turned 18 I decided to start using RECON and meet a guy in New York who essentially made me into a pup with a collar and having me on all fours and bark around and being a cumdump for him and his friend while learning how pup play learned and then gave me the name Bash as my Pup name. I also meet a guy in CT who was into getting stretched and fucking so i started hooking up with him and he basically would dom and use me and make me his cumdump and in turn he had me play with his hole with his toys and my fists and was my first experience with fisting though at the time i thought my body was too small to get a fist into myself.

Then around 19-Now I got into fisting myself mainly due to not that much guys in my area were around anymore to hookup with so i bought toys and basically had a day where i kept fucking myself with my dildo and butt plugs till i got to a point where i wondered if i could fit both at once, then afterwards was like can i fit my fist and kept progressing from there and learned i loved the stretch. It’s still my main kink i enjoy but when i get my chance i do love being a cumdump and taking loads and getting owned. Usually thought if i run into guys who aren’t the most dominant I do like to disobey and push them around till they essentially force themselves down on me and completely control me.

Wow, you seem to be a real early bird. But needles and catheters are not really the stuff guys normally start with. How has it come you started with such more “extreme” clinic games?

Lots of the first ever gay porn videos I’ve watched were mainly sounding and clinic play and it just easily turned me on and got to the point where my bf in the time also wa getting into it and was encouraging me to try it. Eventually I ended up doing it and really enjoyed it and every time I came it was usually threw those ways at the time.

Clinic: Sounding, needles and more

Is clinic play still one of your kinks?

I still love watching it but it’s not really my thing anymore, since I last did it my skin has gotten way more sensitive to be able to do it myself but maybe if someone else was doing it to me I’d have better luck.

Clinic fetishes are mostly kinks you need a lot of experience to do well, even more if we talk about needles etc. But to be honest, that are fetishes I like. If I talk with young subs, they are mostly scared about them, but the fear mostly comes from of a lack of experience. How would you describe the feeling of getting sounded?

Actually sounding I still love doing, just something about having a rode sliding in and out feels heavenly to me especially pushing my precum right back inside. Recently I’ve tried the silicone soft one that goes really deep in you and it’s just a amazing feeling I can’t really describe. Still remember when I first got into it I used a thermometer and would cum with it inside me.

Hehe. I know it isn’t unusual to play with things we find at home in the beginnings of a kink career. But to be honest, it is not really a good idea to play with thermometers or other things like wires, etc. You can really harm yourself with that kind of domestic and hardware toys replacements.

Most of the guys who told me they don’t like sounding liked it, and wanted more after their consent to a first experience at my place. But let us talk about your needle experiences. What makes it such a turn-on for you?

It was just the feeling of the needle popping threw the skin of my cock and balls felt amazing. It would get me really hard quick just pilling them back out and in threw my foreskin and shaft would make me precum a lot. It usually try to get a total of 10 in all around my cock and balls. It was just a amazing feeling and my ex at the time seeing me push them one at a time and telling me to do another and another and kept encouraging me really motivated it. It was that motivation that kept me doing it and seeing him excited when I did.

Dominance and submissiveness

Seems you like self-torture. 🙂 And it seems you really like to please others at the same time. How important is your submissive nature in your sexuality?

It varies. I do like being submissive but I like more being forced into that position then willingly. It feels more fun to me.

Tell us a little more about your desire to get forced and dominated.

I don’t know how to describe it just seems way more fun to be forced into a position then willingly do it. To me it shows how dominant people really are because it’s easy for someone to say there a dominant aggressive person but I’d rather see of there true to there words.

What is a dominant person in your eyes? How does a Master have to be? And what kind of treatment do you want from him?

Well for me they have to be assertive of them selves, they also shouldn’t be afraid of “breaking me”. As I’ve ran into lots of guys who see me and see how little I am and tell me there afraid of breaking me and it really turns me off. They also need to be controlling to a extent as I find that a major part of a relationship and also playful I’m both sexual and nonsexual manner.

I want to get broken

Oh, guys who want to get broken are always interesting. What includes a good breaking in your eyes, and what is the goal of it?

To me it’s getting to the point where I can no longer resist someone and fully view them as superior usually happens when someone makes me feel like I can’t escape them but also that I feel safe with them. Usually getting talked down to and being used with force help contribute to me surrendering myself but also aftercare brings me safety in them and both those things I can’t resist.

The goal is for me to feel completely safe and protected but also completely under there control and dominance whenever they say the word or give the order knowing I can’t resist there needs and wants and that if I do resist they’ll just do it anyways.

Is that just a sexual need, or do you like to have a boss in life? How much should your life become guided by someone else?

I like to have a boss/alpha. I’d say like 70% of my life, I don’t function well or know how to make decisions well on my own and usually when I have someone else to make those it feels easier on me, there are some things I do prefer deciding for myself but most part I prefer someone controlling and guiding my decisions. Sexually tho I’d say I’d allow 100% control as that’s a aspect I prefer trying to fully please someone else rather then myself.

Aren’t you afraid to become dependant?

No not really, I’ve actually lived my whole life independent and to me now that’s sort of not really fun vs having someone to depend on. Seeing what someone else comes up with and what they like is just way more interesting.

Best sessions

Can you give us an insight into a session or also something longer you have felt most submissive yet?

Well go back to my first session I had in New York. It was the first time I had a dominant guy controlling my decision. The first day he started with deciding I was to wear nothing but loose shorts and a collar all times at his house, originally was just suppose to be a collar but I kept leaking precum all over 😂. He then took me to the store deciding I wear my collar out and plugged at all times and decided what foods I would eat and when and when we got home. He’d then would invite his friend over and make decisions on whether I would suck him, worship his body, ride him and whatever he wanted to see. When he would leave he would call me and order me to wait by his bed on all fours till he got home to plant his seed in me or order me to wait on my knees to get my throat used. Basically in the week time I was with him he decided everything I was gonna do and how from going out to normal house stuff to getting used

The first session was the best? Why, what was else in all other sessions you have had afterwards?

Yea still was the best as it’s the longest session I had with someone with over a week and lots of time to develop a dom/sub dynamic. A lot of my current sessions have been a sort of quick day or two and at least for me that’s hard to set up a complete dynamic with someone. There are some people like my friend who I meet like twice a month and over time we have sort of developed this beta and alpha dynamic where when I’m with him he’s in control but nothing like a whole 1-2 weeks on nonstop playing.

Yes the factor time is very important to get really the feeling you’re looking for. Could you give us an insight into your most extreme fantasies you would like to make come true?

I really would love just a pure gangbang scene filled with punk guys fucking my holes and filling it with cum and then using there cum as lube and fuck my hole with large toys and fist and stretch my hole wide open while im just tied, gagged and poppered up unable to stop anyone and then when there done they have me push out all there cum into a cup and pour it down my mouth and then tell me im there bitch pup forever.

For more extreme a fantasy of mine is sort of a kidnapping fantasy where a group of guys grab me and throw me in there car and take me to a abandoned place where I would then be bound in a doggy position with weighted nipple clamps on and in a chastity with a sounding rod attached unable to move and constantly getting guys coming in to fuck me in both ends and filling me with both cum and piss. That’s something I would love to have for a longer period. The more longer the sessions are the more I break and submit more.

I’ve always liked the idea of aggressive men taking control of me and turning me into nothing but a hole for them to constantly fill. I also am turned on by the idea of having a chastity with a sounding rod blocking me completely from even precuming and pissing and keeping my insides full and having weighed nipple clamps all time bringing a nice pain element to keep me eager and attentive.

Alot of my fantasies are of this though, essential being taken by force and then being forced to submit down and get broken to the point all I want is getting my holes filled 24/7 with no resistance.

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