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He wasn’t really sure what it was all about either, but we discovered it together

Hello readers, I’m here today with Rupert, a cute blue UK puppy. How’re you doing doggo? Can you tell us a little about yourself? What do you all like and are you into?

Hi! I’m good thanks. So I’m Rupert, a kinky human pup from Cambridgeshire, UK. I’m friendly and love chatting with people, but also shy at times. I’m 30 in human years, but probably 6 in pup years. Outside of kink I am a bit of a geek, working in IT and enjoying technology. I also enjoy cycling and gardening. When it comes to kink, I’m heavily into leather, collars, chastity, and off course… Pup play 😇.

I also love erotic hypnosis, sounding, and electro and curious about rubber and gas masks. I’m owned by my loving Sir and partner, he is my Dom but I’m so good he never needs to punish me 😝.

Haha careful, saying that you’re the goodest might make you bad ;P Alright, so how did you start out with that journey? What and how was it that got you into the world of kink and fetish?

😏 hehe. So I started out fairly young with a fascination for leather… I remember this particular gay times magazine front cover, hot blonde guy, white leather cuff on his wrist and black leather jeans… That was both the moment I realised I was definitely gay, and definitely had a thing for leather! I didn’t really know what a fetish was at the time but I later realised that was exactly what it was when it came to leather. The Google image disappeared (didn’t think to save it, oops) and I had no choice but to explore the internet further for more hot guys in leather (oh no, what a shame 😂).

I saw more similar images that I loved, collars quickly became a big fetish for me which was born out of my hunt for more leather, and in the last few years that fetish has developed from leather collars to pretty much any collar 😂.

Chastity was next, I was curious about the control I wanted someone to control my sexuality, it again quickly developed until I bought some horrible cheap devices that should have put me off, but somehow they didn’t…

Now I have spent way too much money on that kink and spend a lot of my life wearing a device with the keys locked away under Sirs control… I go through phases with this one, but I always end up coming back to it.

Finally pup play. I was actually scared of exploring this one to start with, it happened much later than all the other’s and it was only explored after Sir pushed me to discover it – he wasn’t really sure what it was all about either but we discovered it together…

Pup play is special to me because it’s more than just a kink or fetish, I have Asperger’s so I often struggle to express myself and often get worked up and stressed in some situations. Pup play allows me to enter a headspace where I don’t have to worry about these things and it allows me to express myself in a simpler more primal way which is much easier to do as a pup… Not forgetting it’s actually a really fun way to let go 😜

Funny thing is, sex plays a big part in most of my fetishes, however pup play is different. Sex and sexual exploration takes a back seat with this one but it doesn’t make it any less important to me and my life, if anything is becomes even more so.

Oh yeah chastity, it’s always a little a hunt for the most perfect device possible isn’t it xD ?

And what’s the allure for you when you see leather? Is it the material, is it what it represents?

Hehe yeah! Definitely is, and even to the point where you still have to make tweaks and changes to the perfect device to get it right!

With leather it’s the smell, the look, the feel, it honestly sends me wild. There’s something almost primal about it that I feel I really connect to. Then there is what it represents, the kink, the community, the Dom/sub relationships… Imagine a Dom with leather gloves on (amongst other leather of course 😏) teasing me with them, touching and playing.

Using a leather harness on me to pull me close and control me, being overwhelmed by the smells, the feeling and honestly it just looks great too, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone in leather and thought they looked bad… Then again I guess I’m biased 😂

You said you were scared of pup play? What were the thoughts you had there, and how was it when you first gave it a try then?

You know, I think that’s a great question. I think it’s something that is very close to us (Sir and I), but I hope my answer will help others curious with pup play to start out if they’ve been curious to explore it.

I was scared of pup play, it was something so alien to me I thought “acting like a dog, that’s so weird, why would anyone want to do that?!” at the same time I was thinking “these pictures and videos are hot, I wonder what is like??” I was so confused by feelings I honestly didn’t understand, thoughts I hadn’t shared with anyone before. Sir was asking me one afternoon what I’m into… We were just starting at the beginning of our relationship, and he wanted to know everything, I guess he really wanted to know what he was in for 😂 (I’m the ultra kinky one in the relationship).

We got talking, and sharing photos, and I decided to share a hot guy in a pup hood… He seemed positive and enthusiastic so we talked about pup play a bit more, and did some exploring together.

We tried it out one evening, I tried barking, and fetching and playing like and he joined in like he would with a real dog.

It felt silly at first but the more we did it, the more we both realised we were onto something….

I had no gear, but that absolutely didn’t stop me, barking, fetching, doing tricks, and demanding belly rubs and treats from him along the way, in his bedroom… It was probably the first time in years, maybe ever I truly let go, relaxed, and just enjoyed the moment.

And are you guys still experimenting with new things today? Or are you content with the list of kinky fun you got together now?

I want to experiment with some new things. The recent world events kind of held things up a little. But I’d be interested in trying rubber, and gas masks, and those sleep sacks as well. It’s one of those things where I see something on Twitter and I will want to try it. I’m actually quite shy in “normal” life, but when it comes to being a pup, and kink I like to think I’m adventurous 😇

And what would be something you’d love to do or try when things calmed down around the world then?

I’m quite shy in real life, however since coming out, I’d love to meet some like minded guys and pups, it would be awesome to have some friends in real life who know about my kink, so I can wear my collar or his around them, talk about that side of my life.

I’m also really looking forward to being able to go to pride in September! We went to our first one in 2019, and were gutted that we couldn’t go last year so we’re really looking forward to that!

Thank you for your time Rupert. It was a real pleasure and I hope you get to live those things out soon!

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