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To freely express yourself while having acceptance

Hello readers, I’m sitting here with a cute Colorado Pup today. Jules, please tell us a little about yourself. What do you all like, what are you into?



United States

Thank you! Well, I’m 20 yrs old, a student, and currently working. I am a very outgoing, social, loving introvert of a pup! My hobbies include such things as cooking, hitting the gym, reading, video games, and pup play. I also really enjoy Dancing and I’m a huge music lover!☺️🐾

Haha well that’s a lovely mix. What music? And how did pup play get added in there? Was that early on? When did you first notice that interest?

I listen to every genre from Alt rock, Indie, pop, hip hop, and country. I first found interest in pup play when I was 17. Although I didn’t pay much attention to the community nor did I know much about it until I met my current boyfriend when I turned 18. Who had already been in the pup community for years.

What was it that intrigued you about it?

What intrigued me the most about the pup community or pup play was the ability to really freely express yourself while having acceptance and open arms from everyone in the community. That of course, And all the beautiful variety of pup hoods!

Hehe the colours do add a very unique form to everything don’t they? So for you it was more the social rather than the classic fetish play aspects? Did they still play a role though?

They do! I feel as though that every pup hood has its own personality. I would say it’s 50/50. I was intrigued by the fetish play aspects and the social.

True. What’s Jules personality would you say? 😉 Do you have a breed you identify with?

I would say I identify best with a full breed Doberman, because I am lovable, goofy, playful, but very territorial and loyal to the ones that I love.🐾💕

What would be a great kinky pup day for you? What would it all include?

A great kinky pup day for me would be to spend the whole day with my Alpha or pup friends trying on new gear, playing with toys, and testing out fun/new Equipment😈🐾😌

What does good pup action include for you? What are some of the personal criteria?

It’s important to create a bond and just have a good time with other pups! That way you have a pack. Good pup play for me is to just be in the moment and vibe with whatever is going around. 🐾

Did pup play give you interest in trying out other kinks? Can you tell us some of them?

Pup play did give me interest in trying out other kinks! Such as bondage, chastity, impact play, and gear.

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