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Preview Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium 2018 – February 21 – 26

Antwerp in Belgium is famous as the hot spot for diamond trading but not really for fetish. Ok there is The Boots, a well known fetish bar, but once a year you get the feeling that all guys on recon are in Antwerp. It started as a small leather pride but it has become the first important get together of the European fetish community. It is a real special event, as most activities are under one roof. Best is, we ask Jeroen, the responsible organiser, about the 2018 edition of the Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium.

sadOsam: The event’s URL is … My pup is asking me if that means that there will be only hairy guys with cigares in leather uniforms? 😉

Jeroen: It seems your pup needs to get out more :-). Many guys aren’t hairy and don’t smoke cigars :-). But that’s beside the question. As you may have noticed, we’ve changed the name of the event three years ago from Leatherpride to Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium to underline that this is an event catering for more fetishes than leather only. Your pup can rest assured that he will find many other pups to play with.

sadOsam: How can one imagine Darklands? You’re writing about the “all-under-one-roof” concept, what does that mean?

Jeroen: It’s actually a term brought to me by visitors. One of the main differences with other prides is that you don’t have to continuously move from venue to venue to follow the program. We’ve got all under one roof; the market, the restaurant, the workshops, the shows, the elections, the acts, the playroom, the parties, … When I started this concept I had a feeling this would work but at the same time a little doubt if people may find it a bit dull that everything was at the same place. But the responses have been extremely positive about this. It is often talked about as one of the most important features of Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium.

sadOsam: The program of the event is various. Could you tell us about the highlights of it?

Jeroen: The program indeed expands each year as we try to bring a wide variety of things to do for each tribe. So the highlights are probably determined by everyones interests. Rubber guys will definitely want to see the Mr Rubber Europe election and the Rubber only party afterwards. Leather lovers can vote during the Mr Leather election, have a drink at the leather social or join the events of BLUF Antwerp ( There’s a lot to do for everyone. But we do it all together under one roof, and that’s what Darklands always have been about, bringing the tribes together, building bridges between the many subgroups in our community.

sadOsam: Do you have to be all geared up to be let in? Is there a dress code?

Jeroen: The parties do have a strict dress code. At Darklands fetish gear is requested but we won’t make a problem out of it if you bring a friend for his first time. He can buy his first gear at the market.

sadOsam: How many kinksters do you expect and do you have some advice for people visiting your event for the first time?

Jeroen: This is a difficult estimate with still a month to go. Our presale is the best we’ve had so far and the traditional busiest month in ticket sales still has to come. I expect somewhere in between 7500 and 10000 visitors over the entire weekend. As such, my advice is to buy tickets in advance as they might not be available at the door anymore this year. We’re limited to the building’s capacity. To people who are attending for the first time I would say: relax and enjoy. It may seem like a big and complex event, but being all at one place makes it very convenient. And we are known for our great friendly staff. Over 150 volunteers will be doing all they can to offer our guests a Wonderfull time. Do not hesitate to ask any of them for information, they’ll be happy to help.

sadOsam: The suitcases of the sadOsam team are packed. And you, dear reader, will you join us in Antwerp? We are sure you will have a great and kinky time at Darklands.

Information about the event on our FETISH AGENDA To get more information about the event and it’s program visit the website.

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