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DIY: Loki’s Improved Autofuck Machine Stand

Pup Loki presents you a DIY which will help you, to use your Fuck Machine in more different ways as you’ve been used to do.

So our fucking machine had been stuck in a corner gathering dust as there was no easy way to arrange it to work against someone in the sling, when suspended in our bondage frame. On a whim, I decided to whip up a frame to hold it vertically (its legs only tilt +/- 30 degrees of horizontal and are quite short) to see if I might get some more use of it, especially as we enjoy suspending subs 🙂


If you want to build your own adapter for the F Machine Pro, you’ll need:

  • 6 x 23 cm of 33.7mm diameter tube
  • 2 x 50 cm of 33.7mm diameter tube
  • 4 x 90 degree elbow connectors
  • 6 x short T connectors
  • F Machine Pro (of course)
  • Screwdriver with bit for your pipe connector’s clamp screws

Lengths may need to be slightly adjusted for other Machines. When using different piping, please adjust all lengths for the size of the piping as well and make sure they fit your machine’s clamps, or you have padding to account for the difference.

Building the Stand

The buildup is relatively easy. Get the pieces in a hardware shop or online, and for the build, just put the pipes in the connecters, and screw them in. Make a square on the ground, with two T piece on opposite sides for the 50cm tubes to rise vertically. 4 Ts on the risers hold the F Machine in place – you’ll need to use some tape for a snug fit.

(Tip: Put in the tube for the fuckmachine first if you want to make sure they fit)

That’s it. You’re already done. Now go and enjoy the ride 😉

This lecture has been presented by:

Pup Loki

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