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There Is An Intense Focus in BDSM Play…And That Focus Is Intoxicating.

Phoenix Leather

1966 | 178 cm | 89 kg

Phoenix (US)

Hello readers. We got something different from the usual pup programm here today. I’m talking to Phoenix Leather, a man from the old leather guard so to say. Say Phoenix, how did you first find your way into the fetish world?

My introduction into the fetish community began at an early age of around 9 when playing with the other young boys. We would tie each other up and enclose ourselves into plastic garbage bags and suck dick and eat ass.

I loved the feeling of being all sweaty and having our body smells trapped in the bag with us.

With 9 years? Wow I guess someone was an early starter 🙂 Did you already realize back then that your interests differ from what most people do? And how was that for your dominant side? Did that grow/show from young age as well?

I grew up in military bases. I was surrounded by hyper masculinity. I remember checking out men in the public pools as well as the underwear sections of catalogues. I’ve always had a thing for older guys, so that naturally led to me being more the boi/bottom at first.

I’ve always liked structure and.was raised with discipline…so those aspects started creeping in later in life.

Especially when I became frustrated that i wasn’t getting what I wanted sexually. So taking control was the best way to insure I got what I wanted. Though when young, it was probably more through manipulation and coercion than dominance. True dominance comes from self confidence. That takes time and experience to nurture.

What did you start to want sexually? And what do you like about it?

Sexually, I like a man who is willing to try new things. I have a strong aversion to being told no.

We negotiate a scene, then you are committed to it. We miss out on so much experience due to fear.

I want my sub/slave to completely release himself to me. Our biggest sex organ is the brain.

Using props/tools as well as sexual engagement truly brings the mind and body together.

I enjoy seeing my sub/slave whimper and squirm. Only to then release into a state of deep calm and contentment. There is an intense focus that comes from BDSM play…and that focus is intoxicating.

That’s true. One can’t help but want more 🙂 By now you have surely had time and gained experience and self confidence. Did your style of domination change with it? Where do you see the differences for yourself?

I live a 24/7 M/s relationship with my husband and slave. My dominant side has matured a great deal.

I relate more to Old School. I like the rigid protocols, rules, and discipline associated with it.

My slave always knows he is owned. He has very strict rules that are enforced when neglected.

I am approached daily on some form of media by a boi/sub/slave seeking something. A few capture my interest and I have considered starting a leather family.

We have no issues or problems as everything is spelled out in our contract.

When slave does have something that needs discussed, I provide a safe space to do so, without the protocol. Once the issue is resolved, it’s done. There is no break for his servitude and he has no escape from ME. He is reminded regularly via various means who owns him and i get miff in the power exchange.

You mentioned a Leather-family. What does that mean for you? And how important is Leather to you?

A leather family is a group of likeminded individuals centralized around a common interest or goal. Each one supporting and contributing to the betterment of each individual and the clan as a whole. Communication is the key to any successful power exchange.

The second part of that is being true to your word. Leather is about safe, sane, and consentual practice. It’s a brotherhood of like minded individuals who can create the space necessary for one to submit to the best of their ability in a safe space as well as allowing the Dom the freedom to express His desire.

Do you have any tips you could recommend to beginners who would like to try out domming or controlling somebody? What should they watch out for or be mindful of?

Never consent to any scene that you can’t get out of with someone you have never met. Always let someone know where you are and give them a precise time that you will check in when finished . BDSM is a wonderful world of emotional, spiritual, and sexual energy. Take it slow, build trust..but most of all, have fun.

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