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One on one: Phil vs. Parker

„Hi, Phil“, Parker said cheerfully. The 21 year old gymnast with the dyed flaming red hair grinned. He was wearing tight jeans that highlighted the impressive package in his crotch. His sleeveless batik t-shirt was washed-out and perforated with strategically placed holes that permitted a glimpse of his tanned skin, his defined abs and his muscular chest.

Phil nodded and grinned back. I had asked him to put on his soccer shorts and shirt. The shirt had his last name and his number on the back side. The English soccer star who had recently transferred to a United States team was wearing cleats and looked a bit uncomfortable.

“Everything alright?” Parker asked and put his arm around the red haired soccer player.

Phil nodded.

“Great”, Parker grinned and playfully grabbed Phil’s nuts through the thin fabric of his soccer shorts.

The 18 year old boy winced and pulled Parker’s hand away from his crotch. He grimaced and rubbed his groin. “You can’t wait to get your hands on my junk, huh?”

Parker laughed and patted his back.

Phil smiled weakly.

I looked at my cameraman Chad who was fumbling with the camera.

Chad nodded.

“Okay, let’s start”, I said.

“Uh, what are we supposed to do?” Parker stared at me.

I shrugged. “It’s a fight.”

Parker blinked. “There are no—“

He was interrupted by a powerful punch to his bulging package that was clearly outlined in his tight jeans.

Parker blinked again before the pain hit him. He let out a soft moan and doubled over, bending at his knees and clutching his balls.

Phil grinned. “There are no rules.”

He had beaten Sammy in the first instalment of this series of one on one fights, and he seemed pretty confident that he could beat Parker, too.

Parker was groaning. “Good one”, he croaked.

Phil laughed. “Thanks. I—“

Now it was Parker’s turn to launch a surprise attack. His fist shot out while he was doubled over and standing next to Phil. It connected perfectly with the soft mound in Phil’s crotch that was not at all protected by the thin fabric of his loose soccer shorts.

Phil yelped and grabbed his gonads.

Now both boys were doubled over, standing next to each other, moaning in pain and cupping their hurting genitals.

Parker grimaced in pain, but he managed a weak smile and lunged at Phil, pushing the red haired soccer player to the ground and landing on top of him.

Parker’s hand fumbled to sneak past Phil’s hands and get a good hold of Phil’s balls inside the skimpy fabric.

Phil started to pant heavily, trying to fight off Parker’s hand. His face turned to a look of sheer panic when Parker succeeded and wrapped his fingers around Phil’s tender globes.

“Got you”, Parker grinned and squeezed hard.

Phil screamed in pain.

Parker chuckled and increased the pressure on Phil’s poor balls. The delicate testicles were kneaded and squished in Parker’s hand and Phil’s eyes widened with pain and terror.

“Let’s see”, Parker grinned, his body weight pushing Phil down. “Which of your bollocks do you like better? The left one?”

Phil screamed at the top of his lungs when Parker clamped down on his left nut.

“Or the right one?”

Parker’s hand squashed Phil’s right ball hard, making Phil scream again.

Parker laughed. “I can’t decide…”

With that, Parker grabbed hold of both of Phil’s balls and squeezed them in his hand.

Phil let out another blood-curdling scream and finally managed to break free.

Parker let go of Phil’s balls and get up, leaving the poor soccer player curled up in a ball on the floor.

Parker chuckled and turned to the camera. “That was easy, he didn’t even—“

With an angry roar, Phil brought up his foot between Parker’s thighs. From his lying position, his soccer trained foot connected perfectly with the tight package in Parker’s groin.

Parker’s eyes bulged and he coughed.

Once more, Phil’s foot came crashing into Parker’s bulge, smashing his gonads into his pelvis.

“Well”, Phil screamed. “Which nut do you like better?”

Parker coughed again and blinked. “Fuck”, he whispered in a high-pitched voice.

“Which one?” Phil repeated.

“Lefty”, Parker croaked, his voice a few octaves higher than normal.

Phil brought up his foot again and smashed Parker’s nuts into his body.

“Got it?” Phil spat.

Parker’s eyes crossed and he tentatively grabbed his aching nuts. “Yup”, he said in a soft, high-pitched voice.

“Good!” Phil said and kicked Parker’s nuts once more. His toes collided with Parker’s hands and drove them into his nuggets, making Parker scream in pain and collapse on the floor.

“Don’t play games with me”, Phil said in a low voice, grimacing in pain and rubbing his own sore equipment.

Parker was rolling around on the ground, his hands clutching his aching testicles, his eyes closed and his mouth wide open, moaning in pain.

Phil doubled over and tried to shake of the pain from Parker’s vicious squeeze. He grimaced and sighed. Then he knelt next to Parker.

The red haired indie boy was curled up in a ball with no chance for Phil to get to his balls.

Phil shrugged and clenched his fist. He punched Parker’s ass hard, making the poor gymnast shriek in pain. Phil punched his ass again, and Parker’s body convulsed.

Phil sensed his chance and brought his elbow down, connecting perfectly with his opponent’s tightly packed genitals. The bony elbow dug into the soft mound and squashed Parker’s nuts into his crotch.

Parker was panting heavily. Sweat was running down his face.

Phil brought down his elbow again, once more smashing Parker’s poor, trapped genitals and further traumatizing Parker’s manhood.

Parker rolled over, lying on his stomach now, his hands clutching his precious genitals, moaning in pain and writhing in agony.

Phil stood and grabbed Parker’s ankles.

“No!” Parker screamed.

Phil shook his head and grinned. He lifted Parker’s lower body by his ankles and brought his foot hard into Parker’s crotch, smashing both of his poor balls and his hands in the process.

Parker screamed from the top of voice.

Once again, Phil kicked his traumatized testicles, the instep of his foot ramming them into Parker’s body.

Parker’s voice cracked and he coughed.

Phil grinned and let go of Parker’s ankles. He grabbed his junk, adjusted his crotch, and grinned.

“Now for the fun part.”

Parker was moaning softly. “Please…”

Unimpressed, Phil grabbed his side and rolled him over. He pried Parker’s hands away from his crotch and brutally opened his fly.

“No”, Parker whispered.Phil grinned when he saw Parker’s pubic hair. “You don’t dye all the hair on your body, huh?”

Parker moaned.

Phil yanked down Parker’s jeans to his thighs and looked at the limp cock and the slightly swollen and reddened testicles that were resting peacefully in Parker’s crotch.

“Sorry”, Phil grinned and sent his fist down on Parker’s balls like a hammer, smashing both of his delicate orbs and renewing the pain in Parker’s groin.

The red haired gymnast shrieked in pain and doubled over.

Phil stood and watched Parker writhe around on the ground, his smooth ass exposed. He chuckled. He turned Parker around again and grinned. “Parker, you should change your career. You would make a great—“

With all the force Parker could muster, he slammed both of his feet into Phil’s crotch. Of course, the thin fabric of his soccer shorts did absolutely nothing to cushion the blow, and Parker’s heels hit Phil’s nuts dead on, crushing them into Phil’s pelvis and sending the young soccer player down to the ground instantly.

Phil roared with pain. His hands found the aching lumps in his crotch and clutched them for dear life.

Both boys were lying on the ground now, writhing in pain and clutching their precious balls.

Parker was breathing heavily, but he managed to crawl over to Phil who was sobbing in pain.

“You cracked them”, he whispered. “I think you cracked them.”

Parker grimaced and rubbed his own balls. “No way. They’ll hurt for a while but you’ll be fine next week.”

Phil shook his head. “I think you cracked them”, he repeated.

“Bullshit”, Parker raised his voice. He grabbed the waistband of Phil’s shorts and pulled them up, giving Phil a major wedgie and further crushing his nuts in the process.

Phil let out a high pitched scream.

Then his shorts ripped apart, revealing his bruised, naked genitals. Phil moaned in pain and embarrassment and clutched his naked possessions.

Parker grinned weakly. “No underwear in those flimsy shorts?” He threw the ripped shorts to the floor and pulled up his own jeans so that just his pubic hair was visible. “Nice. But risky.”

Phil groaned.

Parker squatted down next to Phil. “Listen, why don’t we—“

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Phil’s hand shot out and reached into Parker’s open jeans.

Parker yelped in surprise and fell on his ass.

Phil’s hands found what they were looking for and squeezed Parker’s precious balls.

Parker screamed in pain and rushed to get his hands on Phil’s nuts.

Now both boys were squeezing each other’s nuts, both of them screaming in pain, but unwilling to let go. When one of them increased the pressure – usually indicated by a rise in pitch and volume of the scream from his opponent – the other would follow suit, creating a ear-battering and nut-crunching circle of ball pain.

After a few minutes of high-octave ball squeezing, Parker screamed. “Truce! Truce!”

Phil stared at him, his eyes wet and his lips trembling.

Simultaneously, both boys let go and grabbed their own balls in agony.

“Truce”, Parker whispered repeatedly. “Truce.”

Phil was moaning.

Suddenly, he lunged at his opponent and brought his knee into Parker’s balls.

Parker screamed and his eyes lost focus.

Phil brought his leg up again and slammed his knee into Parker’s crotch once more.

Parker coughed. His eyes twitched and he moaned, “Truce?”

“There are no truces in soccer”, Phil grinned and kneed Parker’s poor genitals once again. “Do you give?”

Parker coughed. Then he nodded.

Phil smiled and let go of his opponent. He turned to the camera and showed a victory pose, his limp dick and bruised balls dangling naked between his thighs.

In a final turn of events, Parker managed to bring his right leg up and smash Phil’s nuts from behind.

Phil’s eyes bulged and his face turned pale.

With a long, pitiful moan, he sank to his knees and clutched his naked genitals.

Parker chuckled weakly and coughed again. “Fuck, you’re one tough nut to crack…”

Phil groaned miserably and rolled on the ground in pain.

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Alex Nehling
Alex Nehling
Alex Nehling has been into ballbusting ever since he can remember. He has published hundreds of stories on his website In addition to testicle torture his stories feature themes like wrestling, chastity play, edging and milking, muscle worship, small penis humiliation, oral and anal sex, public humiliation, domination, and many more. In 2017, Alex wrote his first ballbusting stories in his native language and started the German blog in collaboration with another author. In 2018, he has teamed up with fetish porn producer Toby Springs to produce a series of ballbusting video clips. Alex lives and works in Germany.

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