942188_10202104923249397_20MasterMarc: Hello Nicolas. By seeing your great work as comic artist I have the following conclusion: You’re definitely not straight, you’re kinky and you love dicks and porn actors. Am I right? But first of all, how would you discribe your art? 

Nicolas Brunet: Hello, You’re right, but is it that obvious I’m not straight? I can be kinky sometimes, I admit it. I like porn actors but there are so many, in fact there some faces that I like and find interesting artistically, but not only with porn actors, it might be a guy see while walkin in the street or on TV… Most of the time it’s when I find something sexy, beautiful or even charming in the guy but can’t define what I find attractive in them. I need to draw him to find out why is sexy to me on the guy. I don’t know if what I’m saying is clear.

It’s hard for me to describe my art… I’m attracted by so many things, from really soft and completive to hard and trash pictures, I guess this is what comes out when I look at my illustrations and comic. But in the end, I don’t think I’m the good person to describe my art.


(c) by Nicolas Brunet

MasterMarc: It is allways the hardest to describe yourself or what you’re doing. It would be much easier if I would ask you about the art of somebody else. But let me ask some questions about it. Are that paintings you do on paper or canvas or is it computer work? Can you tell us, what the different steps of the realization of your creations are?

Nicolas Brunet: First I draw a detail sketch with pencil, then I ink it before scanning to add the colors with computer. I used to do some paint or watercolor long ago in art school, although I love it I don’t do much.


MasterMarc: Where do you find your motives? And how has a motive to be, to be interesting for you?

(c) by Nicolas Brunet

Nicolas Brunet: If you’re speaking of my motivations for drawing, there none appart my own pleasure, and if it please other people it’s even better. It might sounds a bit selfish but I don’t do good things when I force myself to draw things I don’t want to. I drawing with instinctive feelings. But it’s funny to look and observe what people like (or at least seem to like) through tumblr for example, what kind of fetishes or type of guys. That’s great for me for I’m curious and like many type of guys and fetishisms to draw. So I said to myself for example: “Hey some like to sniff sneakers, why not try to draw that?” It forces me to be careful at all the codes there are for each type fetish.

If you’re speaking of themes I find them everywhere, It might be a picture view on the internet, on TV. For example there is one of my illustration I did after watching the British TV show Hercule Poirot, and it end up with a guy in panties with a fob watch! Most of the time I had just have a rough idea and as I’m drawing it’s evoluating. Some other time I challenge myself trying to do something I’ve never done, like the Merman I’ve done recently this year.


MasterMarc: If i would have to guess, than i would say that you are sexual passive, or versatile with a dominant passive side. I say that because the dicks have in a lot of your pics an oversized importance. What is the significance of the penis for you?

painted by Nicolas Brunet (c) by ClassComics

Nicolas Brunet: Ah ah! you guess right! The significance of penis? hmm interesting question… In my artworks, I oversized them because art is fantasy and you can do whatever you want, and as I try to make porn art, it sounds obvious to make them bigger, like a it’s more exciting to do see a nice round bubbly butt. The thing is, I’m that good at drawing butts, so I draw penis. And admit it: A big cock is always a pleasure for the eyes, isn’t it?


MasterMarc: Of course it does look nice but it hasn’t the importance for me, as it has for you. So what type of men is your favourite? I mean for you as artist, but of course also for you as man. 🙂

Nicolas Brunet: That’s both a problem and an advantage: I like too many types! it goes from a 20 Y.O. student to a 50 Y.O. Daddy, from thin to muscular… I realized recently that I’m attracted to stereotypes (almost say clichés) in all theirs forms and ways: skin or hair color, body shapes, suit & tie or punk, skinheads, sportswear,  boots to sneakers, trendy fashion hipsters or leather/rubber gears. Even for sex it goes to simple loving kiss to some really hard torture, smells stuff and domination/submission or slavery! I see sexy guys everywhere, but for each of them the thing I will like will be different. It’s a problem because I can’t choose and an advantage because I open many doors to creation and imagination.


MasterMarc: That doesn’t make it easy for you. It has also the danger that the type of guy you have with you at the moment is becomming boring very fast. How has the man to be to fascinate you for a longer time? And which is the fetish you feel yourself comfortable with?

Nicolas Brunet: The longest time that a guy had fascinated me was Darius, the hero of my comic “Straight To…#2”, it lasts half a year! But it’s true that I can be easy bored by someone or something, that’s why I don’t make a lot of comics, because it takes several months to do and I’m not patient, I have to be very motivate to finish one. Drawing a comic is spending days and days drawing the same character, it’s a really strange feeling.

About the fetish I feel comfortable, in drawing, I would say none if we talk about the difficulty ah ah! But to draw leather gear and recently despite its difficultness, rubber is also something I like when I’m done with it.


MasterMarc: And in your sexual life?

Nicolas Brunet: It depends on the guy(s) I have in front of me!


“La jeune Martyre”(1836) by Paul Delaroche

MasterMarc: That sounds really submissive. More or less like “What’s your name?” – “You can call me the name you want, darling!” . 🙂 Which one is at the moment your favorite painting and why?

Nicolas Brunet: My favorite painting in general, in art History? I love “La jeune Martyre”(1836) by Paul Delaroche, but all of his work is wonderful! I remember when I saw it at the Louvre the first time, I felt a lots of authenticity in the way the colors are mixed, the ton and what it comes out amost made me cry. Years after, I pass an exam workin on him in art school. There’s a quote from him I love: “There is more than one path to glory, follow yours”.


MasterMarc: What are the artists who have influenced your work?

Nicolas Brunet: There are so many, I can set an endless list! ah ah!

I’ve started to draw when i was 8/9 Y.O. reproducing lots of mangas and japanese animes (I can tell Shingo Araki, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Rumiko Takahashi among many others), and then in High school I studied cinema and the at university I studied practice and theory of art. I have many influences along my life and still discover some artists that can influence me. I’m drawing porn only for 5/6 years, so I can’t deny that Patrick Fillion was (and still is) one my main influence, I was honored when he told me he’d liked to publish my comic. It’s hard for me to make a difference of what artists I like and what artists I was influenced by… I think I pick a bit in each, might be a way of mixing colors, how to use lights and shadows. I often think when i see an illustration or a comic: “yeah that’s what I want to do” and then “No, do your own stuff”.


(c) by Nicolas Brunet

MasterMarc: I can understand totally that you say that there are a lot of artists who have had influence. But I think some of the readers are surprised that you haven’t mentioned the icon of gay fetish comic: Tom of Finland! 

Nicolas Brunet: I can understand that, I appreciate a lot what Tom of Finland did, but i can’t say he influenced me, I don’t know why, maybe because I discover his art a bit late, and I can’t deny how talented and prolific he was, I was never really “touched” by his art, it’s just a question of personal taste.


MasterMarc: Art is in my eyes always about personal taste. Of course also about technique, but i think that is the base we can expect from somebody who is working as artist. I’m sure you will show us also some of your pictures but where can people buy books, comics or paintings of you? Artists need also some bread to survive. 🙂

Nicolas Brunet: All of my artwork are on my website, and my comics are at ClassComics. At the moment, I don’t sell my illustrations, because I don’t think they’re good enough, although i received lots of very kind and encouraging words from people over the world (And I wanna thanks them It’s really helpful). I’m drawing for pleasure and if I don’t have a clue how much one of my illustration could cost! It happens a couple of time I’ve drawn some illustration for local gay bars or sauna, and it was such a pressure and responsabilities! So I prefer having a half-part time job that have nothing to do with art, perhaps because I’m scared to be bored with drawing if I only have to do it, or I won’t turn a pleasure into work! And I may be french, I don’t eat bread, just pastas! ah ah!


MasterMarc: Are you sure that you’re French and not Italian? 🙂 It was nice to talk to you. I hope that you don’t become too bored to paint, because it is a pleasure for all of us, to watch to your pictures. 

Nicolas Brunet: ah ah! Yeah i only eat bread with foie gras! ah ah! Thanks to you for this interview, I’ll make sure to keep on drawing!


pisspunk copiesmall
(c) by Nicolas Brunet


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