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Nick’s Account (2)

A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 2

Click here to see all published chapters. Illustration by Theo Blaze.

This story is for my boy Nick, and is closely based on him. I changed a little, but not too much. I hope you enjoy this Nick, my good boy.

Nick got to the door where his dreams would finally become reality and knocked. A moment later the door began to open.

Whoever was opening it was behind the door. Nick froze for a moment, this dream was so close, he had to go in. Hesitantly, Nick stepped into the room. The door closed. Nick saw who he was meeting. “Luke, fuck shit fuck. Luke. Fuck. I need to go.” Nick turned. Luke grabbed his arm and pulled him to face him.

“Nick, you came here for me. Because I told you to.” Luke’s voice radiated supreme confidence. He pulled Nick closer, putting one hand on each of Nick’s biceps.

“Fuck, no, I’m …” Nick was lost at what he was going to say.

“BetaNick, you are my boy. I sent for you. I want you here. For a very specific reason. A reason you have waited so long for.” Luke pulled Nick to him, pressing Nick against his chest. Luke placed Nick’s head in contact as well, slightly facing down, nose towards his pit.

Nick could smell the musk Luke made, felt the strong muscles under his shirt. Luke’s hands on him.

“You are my boy. I took you. My boy. I selected you. I will have you. You are here to make me happy. You want to make me happy, don’t you?”

“I do want to make you happy.” Nick said in a small voice.

“I know you do. And you will, you will make me very happy.” Luke patted Nick’s head.

Nick felt the warmth of Luke’s body, the fit muscles, the musky scent. Luke rubbed his arms over Nick’s back and head. Nick seemed to fold into Luke, bringing his own arms to embrace Luke. A man, Nick had wanted to be with a man for so long, and he was now. Flighting ideas of backing out, saying it was a joke or mistake crumbled in his mind, the need for a cock in his mouth taking control. Any resistance Nick felt crumbled, snuggling into Luke.

Luke held his new boy for a few minutes. Letting his scent and body cover Nick. Luke felt Nick fall closer into his body, that was more psychological then physical. Nick needed a little more time wrapped in Luke’s arms to fall into the cavern Luke had prepared. While Nick’s mind accepted the situation he was in.

Luke moved with Nick to the bed, sitting down and pulling Nick to his lap. “That’s my boy, my boy is here. You are going to make your Alpha very happy.”

“Yes, Sir. I want to make you happy.” Nick was still reeling from the realization that he had been chatting with and obeying Luke. Luke who had been in his house to watch games, grabbed beers with, hung out with. Now he was here to suck his dick.

Luke, as if he could read Nick’s mind moved his hand to Nick’s shirt and started to undo the buttons. Luke opened Nick’s shirt and ran his hand over Nick’s chest and abs. Nick looked down, realizing a man was feeling his chest. A flash that he needed to run passed through his brain, but the feeling of a strong hand was so enticing he could not go.

Luke kissed the top of Nick’s head and slipped the shirt off the boy. Nick felt the air on his skin, this was the first time he had sexually undressed for a man. Nick took a deep breath.

“It’s OK boy, your Alpha is here, you are going to do what you have always dreamed of. You’re still looking forward to it, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I want to do this.” Nick sounded small but determined.

“Good boy, we’re going to go a little further.” Luke began to work on Nick’s pants, and Nick had to rise a bit and was surprised that his underwear was pulled off at the same time. Nick bent a bit, trying to cover his nakedness, but Luke didn’t allow that, pulling Nick back to his lap. “It’s OK, I’ve seen it already, you’re my boy.” Luke knew Nick needed the reassurance, to feel accepted. He could be rougher later, now he had to get Nick so hooked on him, and that call for gentleness.

Luke ran his hands over Nick’s body, making Nick feel Luke’s ownership. Luke knew this is exactly what Nick needed, to feel the closeness of a man. Luke let Nick’s mind accept what had happened. Never touching Nick’s cock except for some incidental brushing. Nick needed to feel Luke touching his body.

“I like the feel of your hands.” Nick whispered, Luke let a smile cross his face. One more step. Luke knew Nick only had one more step to take. Nick took that step by curling closer to Luke’s body. Nick seemed so in charge usually. Luke recalled how boisterous Nick was during the game Luke joined the party to watch. Luke knew Nick was a boss at his family’s business. Nick was a beta behind all that, desperate for a man to handle him.

Luke slid Nick down between his thighs to the floor, bending over so he loomed over the boy. “I’m going to let you do what you have always wanted.” Luke removed his shirt, revealing a fit chest and lightly scattered hair. Luke took Nick’s hands and placed them on his pecs, running Nick’s hand over his body. After a few passes, Luke moved Nick’s hands and indicated Nick should remove his belt. Nick did, feeling urgency, quickly reaching to undo the button and pull down the zipper of Luke’s jeans. The side of Nick’s hand brushed the hardness of Luke’s cock. Nick shuddered with excitement. He had wanted this for so long, so very long. Now it was happening, so close. He was naked and kneeling, pulling down a man’s pants.

Nick saw Luke’s pubes appear, then the root of Luke’s dick. Nick had wanted this so bad for so long, now it was real, it was here, Nick was doing it. In the background of his mind Nick realized his dick was so hard, but more of Luke’s cock came into view, so that was not important in relation. Nick inhaled, getting the warmth and musk, seeing more of a dick he would actually suck.

The pants came further down and made the end of Luke’s long cock pop out, some pre-cum flying to Nick’s naked chest. Nick glommed to the head of Luke’s cock as it bounced in freedom. Nick forgot to breathe as he watched the movement. Luke smiled, knowing he had the boy well in hand. Luke ran his hand over the side of Nick’s face. “You want it, you want it bad, don’t you boy?”

“I do Sir, I really do. Can I?” Nick focused on the pearl of pre-cum slightly growing. So close, it was so very close.

“Give it a kiss, kiss that bit of pre right off me.”

“Ahh……” Nick moved closer to the object of his desire, pursing his lips and landing on the moistened head of Luke’s love stick. Nick felt the pre-cum and it seemed to flow over him, a lifetime of desire culminating in this brief moment. And more to come. Nick leaned back, eyes closed, tongue taking in the taste. Luke could see a glow from Nick’s face. The boy was hooked, dick would be his life from now on.

“Take it in your mouth, cover it. Go slow, feel it in there.”

Nick returned, opening his mouth and covering the large member, holding his teeth back and getting the taste in Nick shuttered, so close. He could see the base of the dick and pubes before him, he pushed further in, greedy. Nick gagged, rocking back, to feel Luke’s hand on his back shoving him back on.

Nick struggled, throwing his hands out, but taking it, fighting to keep his teeth back. He resisted Luke some, losing that battle, and going down, choking more. Luke made him gag over and over again. Nick didn’t want to disappoint his man, not fully understanding what was happening, but accepting.

Having no choice, Nick gagged repeatedly, like it had to be worked out. After the surprise, Nick’s desire re-asserted and Nick forced his throat to open. The gagging got better, Nick found the strength to take it. “You’re doing it, you’re taking my dick. You’re getting better.”

Luke’s dick was hard, so hard, Nick felt the hardness, solid like steel, he forced his throat around it. There was no choice, Nick had to give way.  Accepting that made it easier in Nick’s mind, Nick worked more to further reduce his gagging. “Now you’ve worked out your gagging some, you’ve had the hard part. Now take it slow, get to know my cock.”

Luke released Nick and leaned back, relaxing. Nick let the dick out of his mouth and looked at it. It had been in his mouth. It needed to be again. Nick lunged forward, engulfing the prick once again. There was a warmth from it’s hardness, Nick wasn’t expecting that. A prick was a special part of a body, and sucking on one was the best thing ever. After a few trips up and down the significant length, Nick slowed. He wanted to savor this. Let the silkiness travel over his lips. Enfold the head with his tongue. That was different, the head and the shaft felt different. The head smooth, and the movement in Nick’s mouth of the substantial member with the blood coursing.

Nick savored this time with Luke’s crotch in his face, he never wanted to leave. Nick took the cock out of his mouth and licked up and down. Reaching the base, Nick started on the balls, letting them roll on his tongue. The sensation was unique, balls connected but somehow not. Nick had played with his, but having another man’s, a very masculine man’s was different.

Luke was feeling very magnanimous as he looked down at Nick working his junk. He had worked hard to get Nick here. Now, he had succeeded, and Nick was on his knees slobbering over his cock. Luke thought how Nick was such a big man with his circle of friends, now he was a beta. Luke was going to let Nick go at his junk, the beta had worked for it. Forcing his head down was to tease Nick and get him to learn faster. Use this excitement to open the throat. Now things had worked exactly as Luke planned, and Nick was working on Luke’s pecker with no desire to let it end.

Luke let Nick keep his nose between his legs for over half an hour. Luke completely enjoyed the long attention, but decided his work deserved a reward. “Get going, time for you to get some cum.”

Nick made an affirmative noise and started to get serious on sucking Luke’s dick. Luke appreciated the efforts, but it was more of the fact he had Nick there doing the sucking than the sucking itself. He would have to work on Nick to teach the boy some skill. And Nick would love every minute of it. The domination he had over Nick was so powerful the physical act was a tool. Luke grabbed Nick’s head as the first spurts of cum erupted out of his dick, crushing Nick all the way down. Nick gagged and fuitally tried to push back.

Spent, Luke took a couple lungfuls of air before releasing Nick, who fell backwards gasping. “Jerk that dick. You earned it boy.” Luke growled, staring with intensity at his new conquest. Nick didn’t answer, but his hand reached for his smaller member, and a few strokes brought him to climax. Nick stared at this hand covered in cum. “You’re mine now Nick. I’m your Master. The first man you ever sucked. I’ll always be in you. Some things are going to change for you. You always do exactly as I say, and you’ll get all the cock you want. You understand me boy.”

“Yes, Sir.” Nick replied, still in a fog.

“Master. You call me Master.”

“Master, yes Master.” Nick was unable to resist.

“This isn’t a one time thing. Not even one time tonight. I need some time to get going again, so you’re going to rim me until I have a nice new batch of spunk to go into your belly. You get me?”

“I want to rim you Master, I want to taste my Master’s ass.”

“No time like the present.” Luke flipped over on the bed, schooching up to the top to ease his head on the pillows, opening his legs. Nick crawled up between the muscular legs and for the first time in his life, grabbed a man’s ass in a sexual way. That simple act was instantly followed by this first taste of a man’s ass. His new Master’s ass tasted delicious. Clean, but you can never get the special taste out.

Nick’s tongue started with basic licking, covering the outer ring in spit. Circling the ring while pulsing his tongue back and forth. Changing direction, tongue shape, and solidness. All the skills he had gained over years of doing this for his girlfriends. This was so much better. A belly full of cum and servicing a man. Nick’s lips were not idle either. massaging the area they touched, Nick knew he didn’t have cocksucking skills, but he did know how to eat an ass, and he was going to give Luke the best rim job he’d ever had. It did not take long for Nick to be poking his tongue into Luke’s ass, this was going to be a full-on ass servicing.

Luke lay there letting Nick do all the work. His orgasm had been massive, and there was no reason not to use Nick’s excitement to its fullest extent. This was going to be great. So long as Luke had correctly gauged Nick and got him to the point where his desperation for dick turned into unquestioning devotion, Luke would be able to use the boy as much as he wanted. Luke let plans roll in his head as his ass got eaten better than it had ever been before. Nick had bragged about his analingus abilities, and he wasn’t blowing smoke. Nick’s skill was top of the line. Luke already knew he’d be doing a quick cum dump into Nick’s face, get a rimjob to restore his erection then do a more leisurely blow down Nick’s gullet. Yes, that would happen a lot.

Neither had any idea how long Nick ate out Luke’s ass. Luke let him go because it felt so good and did restore his dick to full hardness. Nick kept at it since he was doing for the man he had just accepted as his Master. The time came when Luke was ready so he rolled over and didn’t have to tell Nick anything. Nick shifted from eating ass to smoking pipe not missing a beat. Luke kept Nick alternating between dick and ass. At some point after the fourth load Luke shot, they both fell asleep.

Nick woke first. Momentarily confused why there was skin so close to his face. His memory came back as he lifted himself to see Luke’s backside. He recalled everything he did, how great it was, finally doing what he had needed to for so long.

Alone, well, with Luke sleeping at least, Nick could think. He had done it, sucked a cock. And sucked it several times. Licked a man’s ass. Nick pulled back his head. Should he have done this? Should he have gone after dick in the first place? It was so good. Something in his brain clung to it being wrong. But he liked it so much. The cock was everything he dreamed up and more. What regret he had was fading as the joy of his cocksucking. Cocksucking. He was a cocksucker. He felt pride at the thought. He sucked cock and was happy about it. It was the best thing he had ever done in his life. He wanted to do it more, a lot more.

Nick could see the tip of Luke’s flaccid penis against the blanket. He wanted to taste it again. Nick positioned his face and stretched his tongue out to lick it. So good, so very good. Nick licked over and over again. Luke stirred, not needing as much time as Nick did to re-orient. It was not the first time Luke had woken to someone on his dick.

He knew it was Nick, giving a grunting laugh, Luke threw one leg in the air and flipped over so Nick would have unfettered access to his dick. Nick wasted no time getting the fully exposed cock in his mouth and starting to work on getting it back to full erection. Luke took Nick’s efforts. After cumming in his mouth the second time, Luke pressed back to rest on the headboard.

“You’re getting better. You still need a lot of practice. Good thing I have a dick that likes you. I’ll let you do this a lot. You’ll be headed to my place when I text you.”

“I will, any time you want.”

“Good. We’ll need to get you a lot of practice. You looking forward to that?”

“Yes I will, any time you want.”

“OK. I’ll text you later tonight. Be ready. I don’t want to wait.”

“I’ll head out the door right off.”

“That’s my boy. You will be rewarded with more dick.”

“I want more dick.” Nick started to move his head to Luke’s dick.

“Give it a kiss, we need to get going.”

Nick gave a disappointed groan, but kissed the dick he wanted to suck again. Luke got off the bed and started to dress. Nick knew they needed to go, it was getting late in the morning, so he started looking for his clothes as well.

Once dressed, Luke indicated the door, and said “You go out first. I’ll head out in a bit.”

“Yes sir. I can’t wait until you text me.”

“But you will.”

“Yes, I will.” Nick headed out the door, a longing glance at Luke’s crotch as he left.

Nick got in his car and turned to go home. He was still mentally high from the experience. Back at his place, Nick fell face up on the bed and stared at the ceiling for a while, reliving it all over and over again. Nick reached his hand to his cock after a while and wrapped around the shaft. It felt so good. Nick stroked fast until he almost came, then released, he wanted to make this last. Waiting until he began to droop a bit, then stroked slowly. Everything went through his mind on a loop, he had wanted this for so long, and now he had.

The edging session went on for a while, Nick lost himself and didn’t care what else he might be doing. When he did cum, it was great. Nick fell asleep with cum on his abs. Nick got up and wanked again, then took a shower.

Nick pulled himself together and managed to get a few simple chores done. Too hyped to cook, Nick ordered dinner in. Darkness fell, and Nick looked at his phone and out the window hoping for Luke’s message.

“Now”. The text was simple and direct. Nick rushed to his car and over to Luke’s place. Knocking on the door, Luke let him in. Luke went to sit in a leather recliner, letting his legs wide. Nick moved closer, hoping he was doing the right thing. It seemed right, so right. Nick got to his knees, put his hands on Luke’s thighs. Nick took a deep breath. He couldn’t but he seemed to smell the musk from Luke’s crotch. Looking with longing to Luke’s face, Nick got a short nod. Nick pulled down the workout shorts and had a sharper intake of breath when he saw the object of his lush. Waiting no longer, Nick took it into his mouth. Everything was right with the world.

That was the first of Luke summoning Nick. It happened nearly every day. Usually after Nick got off work, but sometimes in the day. Nick was glad his family owned the business, he could head out without too much fuss. It was not usual for him, but it wasn’t totally unheard of.

Nick loved it. Even when the text came after midnight. Nick set his phone to play a special ringtone for Luke’s texts so he would know at once. The sound gave Nick a boner every time. Nick couldn’t believe he was getting to suck so much dick. And he wanted more every time.

Nick was eating dinner alone in his dining room. To him, sitting there alone since his girlfriend was away for a few days, it seems right at the time. As he finished, the doorbell rang. When Nick opened it, Luke was standing there, big grin on his face. “Thought I’d come to you for once.”

“Luke, this is great! Come in.”

“Come in your mouth, you mean.” Luke guffawed as he came in, pulling the door closed behind him.

“Fuck yeah!” Nick got a boner with Luke in his house for the first time since he started sucking his dick.

Luke headed to the center of the sofa, dropped his pants and sat down, his legs splayed wide. “Get on it.” Nick licked his lips while he glanced at a window. “Ha. Go ahead, pull the blinds.”

“Thank you, Master.” Nick got the blinds and rushed to kneel between Luke’s legs. The musk filled Nick with lust and he gave into it.

“You have gotten so much better at this.” Luke stretched out. “Hey. Get me a beer.” Luke lightly kicked Nick’s leg.

Nick let the dick out of his mouth with a groan. “Yes, Master.” Nick rushed to the fridge, returning with beer in hand, then back to sucking the dick. Nick loved servicing Luke in his own house. It gave him a special feeling of submissiveness. Nick’s cock was rock hard, but he concentrated on Luke’s until Luke came in his mouth.

“Good job boy.” Luke got up, rubbed Nick’s head, pulled up his pants and headed out. Nick rolled over and stroked himself off.

Luke texted Nick a lot, and Nick loved it every time. Having to suck a cock when the cock wanted sucking instantly became his favorite hobby. Any hour of the day or night, Nick would be headed to Luke’s place, or Luke would appear at his. Nick loved his life, and never discovered that his carelessness with a browser tab had made it all possible.

To be continued …

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Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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