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My stories satisfy many of my sexual needs

An interview with our new kinky story author Pete Brown.


MasterMarc: Hi Pete. I have to say that we are happy, that you start to publish your kinky stories on sadOsam. For how long are you writing kinky stories and what is your motivation to do it?

Pete Brown: I wrote my first story – that is to say typed it in to a computer and distributed it  – 16 years ago.   My motivation is hard to define, except to note that there’s a big difference between something that’s in your head and something that’s “out there”.  You see I have always had stories flowing in my brain, even from a very early age.  As a child, every night before I went to sleep I had stories about elves and childish things like that.  Then when I read Gulliver’s Travels I had a series where I was in Gulliver’s pocket, and so on.

Once puberty struck and I had quite by chance picked up a book about the treatment of prisoners of war by the Japanese – I remember it had a picture on the over of a sweating soldier working away dressed only in a loincloth – my stories were about that.  So I have always had fantasy stories in my head, and got a great deal of satisfaction from them. Actually I thought everyone did this!  I was surprised to find out in casual conversation one day that I was unusual and not everyone is creative like this, and decided to try writing my “current” story out – which I did and put it up on a Google group.

I was amazed to find that there were many, many people who enjoyed what are my private fantasies.  I have therefore continued to externalise my private fantasies from time to time as I find it makes them even better for me to know that there are thousands out there who find them equally stimulating.


MasterMarc: You’re phantasies are very kinky and mostly a insight into a authoritarian society. What are the points which make slavery interesting for you? 

Pete Brown: I like the idea of strong, powerful, wilful men being forced to bend to the desires of others.  I have two main themes, I think.  Firstly is the use of men as human ponies, being forced to act like animals pulling their owners’ carts, or delivery vehicles. They have no free will, being required to go where ordered, when ordered, and wait around whilst their owners go about their business. They may be blinkered and controlled by a bridle and bit, or as they are “intelligent animals”, they may simply be ordered to “take me to the station” or whatever, and then do so because they have no other choice. Along the way they are generally “encouraged” by the carriage whip to keep up their pace.  Human ponies are kept in stables and of course are naked.  My particular interest is in describing not only what happens to a pony, but what it thinks about the whole thing.

My second bit theme is imagiing a near-future society where slavery has been re-introduced – often for trivial offences, like not paying speeding tickets, or having sex with a girlfriend without her parents’ consent.   I like to look at the consequences of this in terms of how the enslaved are treated (being caged, put up on show, being auctioned, and so on), and of the jobs they are made to do – labouring ‘encouraged’ by the whip, as pleasure slaves providing sex on demand, as fighters, gladiators, and so on.  I am interested in making these slaves’ stories happen in a self-consistent universe, and in seeing how these men then live out their lives – lives very different from their lives as free men as they now have dfferent realtionships with their (male) owners, fellow (male) slaves and so on.  How they adapt to their new lives where the only sex they are allowed is gay sex – initially probably forced – and how their relationships develop excites me.

Overall my interest is not so much in physical descriptions of how slaves are treated (although this does occur to keep the story moving along) but in what they think about it, so we “hear” their thoughts and understand their shame, humiliation and despair at the loss of control over their lives.

Illustration by Nicolas Brunet


MasterMarc: Often written stories show a lot about the desires needs of the author. What are the kinks you’re living in your life and how have you discovered your desires? 

Pete Brown: In everyday life I am assertive (being a senior manager) but not dominant, either in business or sexually.  I have no desire to actually be a slave in any sense, even though my stories are often written from the slave’s perspective. Equally I have no desire to “play” at being a master, or slave, as a pastime. Sexually I want a partner who is an equal, and that we both experience satisfaction from the exchange.

My stories fulfil my need to be creative, and for eroticism.  I do not work in the “creative” industries such as advertising or TV and bring only a small amount of true creativity to business life.  I therefore pour out my creative abilities on to the scenarios in my stories.  I personally find my stories erotic, and can get real stimulation even now from re-reading even the earliest ones I wrote. They satisfy many of my sexual needs when alone as aid to masturbation.  And I think that when I write about the strong bonding and love between men that does occur in many of my stories it is expressing a strong desire for such feelings to actually happen to me.

A final need that they fulfil for me is one of amusement – when I am sitting on a train or at an airport typing on my laptop, every inch the respectable business man, inwardly I am smiling at how those around me would never guess the subject matter of my efforts.  This “secret life”, as my hobby is not known to family or friends, is also very pleasing – in a different world I think I would have enjoyed being a spy, as I can hold two very different personalities together.


MasterMarc: It is funny that a lot of kinky artists don’t really live their kinks. Do you think that this fact can also be an advantage because you’re not bordered by the limits the real liven bdsm is giving? 

Pete Brown: Yes, I do agree.  On those occasions where I have actually seen caning, spanking and light whipping the reality has never been anywhere near as good as the scenes playing in my head that I sometimes then write about.  And certainly I never have the opportunity to brand a hard male buttock to mark it as my property, or to forcibly ‘skin (circumcise) a cock as I prefer the “look” of the exposed cock head.  Then there’s sex – tying a male down and “taking the cherry” forcibly is not something I have ever don, or, thinking about it, would ever really wish to do in real life.

As I have explained my stories also tend to portray what the slave, or victim, experiences – and certainly I do not want to be branded, raped, or whipped. But imagining what that would be like is very erotic.

There’s a downside to this, though:  I can only describe what it feels like to be chained in a coffle of naked slaves anf be forced to work and live with my coffle mates, experiencing not just the pain of the overseer’s whips during the day but the delights of my fellow slaves’ bodies as we lie chained together at night, and so on.

Ultimately all sexual excitement is in the brain.  Fantasy can short cut the necessity of actually experiencing the physical reality and still deliver the arousal and stimulation.


MasterMarc: Hey Pete, it was great to talk to you. Today we publish together with this interview the first part of your “Pleasure Slave” story. I’m sure we will have a lot of guys who will enjoy it. I wish you all the best for your future and a lot of creativity, so that we can follow your kiny phantasies.

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