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My passion for girly clothes | The beginnings

Hey folks,

I can remember that I already liked socks in my early childhood, I also remember that I liked to wear them over my childish hands and pet my face with it. Sometime, when I sat in the bathtub and nobody was around me I take the nylon socks from my mother from the clothesline and donned them. I’ve found out at those time that it’s also a gorgeous feeling to put my finger in my butt.

In those days I had a best friend and I asked him for wearing pantyhose. Those pantyhose which you all know from your own childhood and which you mostly hate to wear. I’ve loved to wear it. I had could wear them almost in summer, but I told nobody that I loved my pantyhose but my best friend. That all was before my puberty and it also ended with the puberty. For now!

Later I had my first sexual experiences with my best friend. I think we were in the age between 13 und 15. It had nothing to do with love or something else. It was just experimenting with sexuality. We had bought our first sex rags and tried different positions about we’ve “read”. We had used plant oil for fucking each other’s ass. I don’t know until today if it’s something special that I had my first fuck with my best friend in that young age.

Once we wanted to try nylon stockings but had no opportunity to get some. So we decided to buy a nylon pantyhose in the drugstore. In the store we got cold feet what the cashier could say. We put some pantyhose in our bag, bought something harmless and stole the pantyhose. My first pantyhose was therefore stolen. At home we cut a hole between the legs and had sex. Btw: I wore the pantyhose 😉 I loved the feeling to wear it and my best friend loved to pet it and the feeling when I pressed my nylon legs at his nude body during riding his young cock.

The sexual experiment with my best friend ended as they started – unplanned and creeping. In puberty. Soon I’ll have had my first girlfriend in the age of 15. She was 13 when we had fucked for the first time. It wasn’t long before and I had another girlfriend. I think there were three or four girlfriend between 15 and 17 and I had never had the wish to wear lingerie or other girly clothes. At the end of my seventeens I bought some lingerie for my then actual girlfriend in a sex shop not far away from my home. It were blue stockings and a fitting suspender belt. We decided to take some photos, so I took my first porn pictures with 17. After my girlfriend went home I was alone and look at her lingerie. Hours before I had fucked her in this beautiful, blue and shiny stockings, but now I wanted to wear them by myself, like I wore the pantyhose during feeling my friend’s cock inside my tight butt. I did it. I had donned the girly lingerie and I fingered my young ass and jerk of my boyish cock. And I’ve loved it!

In the following years girls came and went. In all these years there was the wish to wear lingerie, act and be treated like a girl, although I like girls, too. So I wasn’t really gay all the time and I’m not gay today. I love young, smooth and tight bodies in bitchy clothes. Boy or girl doesn’t matter. But you already know this. A few years elapsed without the wish to be a girly femboy until I did my first video for the web. How it went on you can read in my interview with MasterMarc from sadOsam.

I’m really glad to have great friends who like what I do, or those who just accept it. I’ve never felt to make a mistake by publishing my videos and pictures. It’s gorgeous to be a kinky, girly boy and I won’t miss one second of it. What I still need is a cute friend – boy or girl – who would like to dress up with me. My best bet would be someone with great makeup skills, because making myself up is one of those things I’ll never learn.

So let the beautiful girl inside you come out! Stay tough! Your way starts there, where you stop following other people. Some people will never understand your way. They don’ have to do. It’s not their way.


About KinkyChrisX

I’m Chrissy aka KinkyChrisX. I’m a skinny femboy in the mid-twenties. Wearing girly clothes and teasing dressed up for the cam is my biggest passion. My obsession is once upon a time to make a porn video with my sissy friends, in which one we get pounded by smooth boys. I shave my tiny body and wear sexy lingerie every day, but I don’t want to be a girl. I just love this feeling to be as cute as a young girl. But I do serious thing, too. I like mountain biking and many other sports. I make sport whenever I can to keep my girly body slim. When I don’t do some of this things, I like to draw and paint. Sometimes filthy pictures 😉 In everyday life I’m a marketing assistant who loves his job and the team around him. Some months ago MasterMarc from sadOsam asked me if would like to do an interview and I agreed. That’s how KinkyChris started on sadOsam. Thank you so much and now have fun!

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