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It’s One Part Having All The Power, And The Other Being Completely Helpless, That Gives Me The Thrill!

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1989 | 175 cm | 75 kg

Oslo (No)

Multiversal’s Twitter

Hello everybody, today I’m talking to a rubbery entity. Multiversal, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What are you all into?

That’s a hard question to answer shortly, since I’m into so many things, all depending on the situation and the person(s) involved. I’m also constantly expanding my horizon! Bondage is really my main kink, and I’d say most things I enjoy sexually which isn’t vanilla (I love plain old vanilla sex too) is somehow connected to bondage and power exchange. It’s the feeling of one part having all the power, and the other being completely helpless, that gives me the thrill! I love either being the helpless tied up one, or watching the sight of a bound and gagged guy on the floor before me, knowing I can do anything I want with him. And there’s something super exciting about knowing that this person trusts me enough to willingly let me put him in this messed up situation!

Often heard when asking me about my kinks: “Are you into this?” “Well, if it’s by force, then yes!” That goes for stuff like spanking, shoe sniffing, piss, cbt, humiliation… It’s that you can’t prevent it from happening that makes it hot for me! In addition to being inescapable (which is first priority) it’s a great bonus if the bondage looks pretty! The aesthetics of naked skin covered in pretty ropework. Or the contrast of hard and cold metal bondage against a naked and vulnerable body!

This is also where rubber comes in. The look of a hot guy in tight and shiny latex is just amazing! Or the feeling of it on my own skin, being transformed into a sexy rubber creature! (I seem to be getting a bigger and bigger kink for objectification lately!) Hot sports outfits, leather gear and army uniforms are also among things that get me going! All of the above are also well combined with my interest in photography. Doing planned photo sessions is fun, but I also love just pulling out my camera whenever a play session turns out to be pretty above average.

How did you discover those things? Did you one day step foot into the kinkyverse and travelled through different planes of various fetishes? Is that by chance how you got your name?

Haha. Well, I’ve been into bondage as long as I can remember, from back when my friends and I used to tie each other up for fun, or played cops and robbers as kids! At some point I did the pleasant discovery that I wasn’t the only one, and that this is actually something people do for fun! I was in my early twenties when I decided to start making all the fantasies to reality.

Most of my other kinks just came along after discovering them one after another. It often went from “okay, that’s weird I’m not gonna do that” to “well, I kinda see what’s hot about it” and finally to “this is super hot, I’m definitely into this!”.

How do you go about playing? What is stuff you look out for, and what are you attracted to?

I guess it’s all about chemistry. A sexy personality is at least as important as sexy looks. Being reflected and able to have a good conversation is important, since I don’t want play partners just for the sexy fun. I want to be able to function as friends, and enjoy each other’s company while just chilling and after-caring on the couch, or going out for a beer at the local fetish bar. There’s a lot more fun making someone into a mindless gimp object if they weren’t mindless in the first place! 😉

As a sub I’m really attracted to a confident dominant having the skills and personality needed to make me trust him and look up to him. Or her. (I’m bi by the way.) Experience is good, but having the right attitude and personality is most important.

What do you often like to do when you want to turn things up at yours? What’s some of your favorites and mixes and why do you like them?

There’s one kind of scenario I’ve done with a few subs that I think is really fun. Many guys, myself included, think it’s hot to be taken by force. So we’ve agreed on beforehand that I can just make the move whenever I feel for it. So, after having a chat over a beer, we went over to my place. When he least expected it (or, he probably did), I got him forced down on the floor, hands behind his back, while getting out my handcuffs. After having him cuffed and hooded, he was helpless enough for me to go and get some more stuff to restrain him with. That was the beginning of a long weekend of training him from being an unruly kidnap victim into an obedient and submissive slave!

Do you have a fantasy you’d absolutely love to experience once? Or actually, by chance recently did?

I’ve been lucky enough to realize a lot of my major fantasies already! But one that’s still undone is a real realistic prison play scenario. Being captured for several days, shackled in a cell with no way out. I know I would be bored as hell at times, and hate parts of it, but it’s still a hot fantasy, and would be interesting to experience! Even better if it was all started off by being overpowered by a large group of guys in special forces gear or something of that sort!

Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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