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MISTER LEATHER LOVE (sadOsam @ Folsom Europe)

Raymond | 1974 | 191 cm | 97 kg | Mister Leather Amsterdam

Reto | 1978 | 191 cm | 94 kg | Mister Leather Switzerland

Raymond’s Facebook | Reto’s Facebook

I feel strong, masculine, attractive, like a “real” man, it makes me horny!

About Their Love for Leather & Each Other

MasterMarc: Today it is a great pleasure to have two Mr. Leathers with us. Hi Raymond, Mr. Leather Amsterdam, and Reto, Mr. Leather Switzerland, how are you doing? Leather seems to be one of your big loves. Could you explain us why do you like it and how you explore your love for leather?

Reto: Hi MasterMarc! I am great and it is a pleasure for me to have this talk with you and my wonderful partner Raymond. — My fascination for leather startet at my early teenage years or even before: I felt kind of allured by people wearing leather. Common leather jackets of course but even more guys in leather pants or biker leathers. These guys stroke me by their very masculine and self-confident looks. The distinctive sound of the leather when such men walked closed by and the captivating smell of leather – I loved the leather smell of my parents leather jackets in the wardrobe of our house – highlighted this perception. Of course, I did not think of anything sexual then nor did I know what fetish means. And for some reasons I never shared this fascination with anybody – be it I felt ashamed about it or just wanted to keep it for me. I would never have dared to tell my parents that I would have loved to wear a leather jacket too.

When I moved out and lived in my first own flat, I spent hours on my computer browsing for leather guys. By that I came in contact with the whole Tom of Finland story which intensified my feelings towards tough, masculine leather guys. The funny thing was, I did not even think about my own sexuality then as I came to this point rather late. Leather stayed a secret thing of my own, I started opening fake profiles on gay chat platforms, positioned myself as the gorgeous muscled leather cop, got contacts to many leather guys, startet virtually exploring leather clubs… actually did a lot of “research” of the gay leather life.

It happened then one day that I helped a friend moving to Zurich and as we finished faster than planned I had spare time and went to a local fetish store where I tried on my first leather outfit: Leatherchaps, jock, gilet. It felt great, so I whore it in the store for hours while other customers came by and loved my look. A completely new experience for me! Finally one of the guys there took me the same evening into the local fetish club and I loved my first experience there too. Men all around, in leather, smell of leather and sweat – felt like paradise! (we don’t talk about the details here…). So leather actually brought me into discovering and living my homosexuality.

But back to the initial question: My love of leather still is based on this fascination of the unique feeling of tight leather on my skin, the smell, the sound and all the effects I now experience on myself too: I feel strong, masculine, attractive, like a “real” man, it makes me horny. I love to impress others by its tough look, be it among leather men, when going out in the scene or just walking in leather through the streets. Probably even to evoke the same feelings as I had decades ago. (buh… that was quite long…)

MasterMarc: I think it is typically for fetish newbies that they feel ashamed in the beginning and than they realize, that they aren’t alone with their desires. What have been your first leather experiences, Raymond?

Raymond:  Hi MasterMarc, I’m doing fantastic and having an amazing year and love to share this with my man Reto.

Leather was always a fascination a bit similar to Reto and many other men. I noticed gay feelings at very young age but I put it away for a long time, but I was very intrigued by the leather men. On TV when I saw the leather men I was always fascinated and could not stop watching. I love the smell and feel of leather (especially when mixed sweat/man smell). I remember the movies Police Academy and the Blue Oyster bar in this. Everybody joked about it but I thought I want to experience this.

Years later I tried on my first chaps during a sex date and it felt great… I was hooked after that. I bought my first leather jock… This also brought me in contact with the ‘other’ side of sex. Leather sex and BDSM, fisting, etc. The journey had begun. I love the masculinity and roughness about the leather and like Reto I enjoy to show if and even provoke a bit perhaps. I find it also a means to show there is another side to the stereotype ‘pink’ gays as how most people see us.

I was also ashamed and even not that long ago embarressed to walk in full leather or admit to some of my other fetishes. That is now the total opposite. As mentioned in my previous answer I really got into it about 15 years ago when I started going to some leather bars in the USA and when back in Europe I started experimenting with leather, rubber, and fetish in general. I explored a lot sexually to where I am today. My first piece of leather I bought was a jockstrap and I borrowed chaps from friends in the beginning… Well the rest is history 🙂

MasterMarc: Replacing the pink gay stereotype …. but aren’t you just replacing one stereotype by another? 

Raymond:  Absolutely and I expected that response 🙂 It is not replacing more adding to it. I have always liked to go against ‘the norm’… So even though leather is my fetish it also fits my personality to not conform… I think everybody to be whoever he wants to be, I am open to everthing! I have been in pink and even drag before, but I choose to be in leather and I feel at home in the leather scene. And leathermen are sexy and horny…

MasterMarc: Can you tell us about the sexual appeal of leather? And why do you think that most leather lovers are into raw and hard sex?

Reto:  The first question is a difficult one as this appeal is a very inner feeling or even reflex and might have different individual forms. I think leather on the one hand covers your body (at least partly, depending on the outfit) and so makes it more interesting and highlights your shape or your assets in a positive way. That is why most of us leathermen like tight leather and cuts that gives a look of a bubble but, a big bulge, muscular pecs or broad shoulders even if one does not have this ideal model body. Similar to a tailor made suit or a uniform. On the other hand leather is something very pure, animalic. It is shiny, smooth (glatt), but still very natural – feels like second or even own skin, has a smell the goes together with natural male sweaty smell… it can even give the feeling of power and “super”masculinity.

Do lover leathers generally prefer rougher sex? That might be a cliché but originates in my opinion in the fact that men living a fetish that is linked to masculinity and power are more self confident or just conscious about practising sex. They experiment with their fantasies and try new things as they already live their fetish not only in their thoughts. As we both explained above, leather intensifies all facettes that are very basic in sex: look, smell, touch, exchange of power. So it might seem natural to seek this intensity also in sex practices, be it roleplay, bdsm, dirty play, fisting or whatever.

But I really have to add that rougher sex among leather men does not exclude trust, sensibility, feelings and love. For me, it even includes these aspects more. And: Also Raymond and I can enjoy relaxed vanilla sex in our bed – fully naked and we love to cuddle in leather!

Raymond: Well a bit boring but I can relate to what Reto says. The sexual appeal is different for everybody and all men experience it defferently.
For me personally it is really the feel and smell of leather and the combination of manly sweat can really turn me on. It does feel like a second skin. On the other had does leather associate with uniform, police, army, etc. This to me is very horny too the idea of being captured, power exchange, etc is something that excites.
I have to say that not everybody associates leather with sex and being horny. Some just pure love wearing it and don’t have sex in leather.

Rougher and raw sex is not only present in the leather scene but in the fetish scene in general but also beyond that. With leather and uniform many men combine it with roleplay, BDSM, etc. But again not always and not everybody. Why this is is not easy to say and I think not black and white.

In full leather (or other fetish outfit) there is a feeling of being anonymous which is a horny idea and gives an extra dimension. There is a big component of trust which comes with the rough BDSM scene and fisting as well. As rough fisting seems as intimate this can be the idea of being so deep in someone and having such an intens connection intensifies the horny feeling and allows to even push more boundaries.

There is nothing better to have a very rough uninhinited session and then finishing with tender cuddling and kisses. Especially if you love the other…

MasterMarc: If we talk about love and feelings then we have to talk about you two as well. You’re our William and Kate of the Leather Community. A royal couple who shares more than just the love for leather. For how long are you a couple now and how does it come that two Mister Leather’s have fallen in love?

Raymond:  Reto and I met on 29 October 2016 in Amsterdam during Invasion Party. I just won the Mr Leather Amsterdam title and I was having beers and enjoying in the crowd. It was to the end of the party when Reto bumped into me. He was looking for his friends because he needed keys to bring a ‘date’ home… We saw each other quickly spoke a kiss and exchanged gayromeo profile… then we went on our way. After the win I was overwhelmed with reactions and even when I chatted with Reto on gayromeo I kinda forgot about it. A few weeks later during the Milan Fetish Winter Meeting our paths crossed again. In the restaurant I saw him but I did not connect the dots. Later in the club during the rubber party Reto was at the bar and I was taking pictures as Mister. I noticed him at the bars, especially his beautiful eyes, and I approached him. While talking he explained where we met because I did not remember right away. I bought him a beer and not much later we kissed and were having sex in the bar. After that we spend the entire weekend together and have had daily contact since.

I promised myself to stay single when I got the title but the opposite happend, and it is even better with Reto than without! Reto decided to run for Mr Leather Switzerland in June and he won. Now we are the Royal couple, which actually is really fun. We complete each other and Reto joined me on all my trips even when he did not have a title. Love is growing by the day, it is very unexpected but beautiful. Leather love is just a great as leather sex 🙂 Maybe even better.

Reto and I are very similar, I have not find a single thing yet in him which annoys me. For the first time in my life it feels like somebody completes me and accepts me exactly as I am… even with all my flaws ?

MasterMarc: That sounds great, Raymond, and I’m really happy for you. I think also it is easier now for you, Reto, as you have also a title. You’re on the same level now, when you’re visiting events and not only the prince consort. What has changed if you visit events together since you have also won your title, Reto?

Reto: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠”Prince consort” – what a nice expression. I was rather used to be called a “sash wife” as it is common among the titleholder with partners. For me two things have have changed: First, if we walk through the streets with sash, people want me on their selfies too and the second, logistics on fetish weekends are easier as I do not have to check out my man’s Mister programme and organize the tickets and adapt my schedule anymore as it fully goes in line now. But seriously, besides that, being “only” a sash wife at these events never felt disadvantageous or second class. Sash wifes are wholeheartedly integrated into the Mister family. I feel differences more in having now my own Mister obligations too where I want to be present with my man, especially offside the big events. So here we have to align our activities as the year of a Mister couple unluckily does not have 104 weeks.

MasterMarc: We are here in Berlin for Folsom Europe and I just want to ask you, what are your obligation as Mister Leather, which events do you have to visit and which events will you visit without any duties, just for fun? 

Raymond: As mister I’ll go to the sister dinner and on Saturday we’ll be at the entrance with the sisters to collect money and welcome the people. There will be photoshoot and VIP party. Also we are invited at the BLUF champagne reception.

For fun I prefer to stay around the bars and cruisebars. The big parties don’t have my preference. Usually last minute obligations come up too ?

MasterMarc: Do you have the same program, Reto? And what are your preferences?

Reto: For me it’s important to support organizations and activities which are the core of the Leather Mister community such as charity issues. The street fair is an open event which allows spontaneous contact with people interested into the fetish scene who would never enter a bar or a party. To be visible as Misters means to represent our national and local communities – but the sash also helps shy people to find somebody to ask questions and share their doubts. I am looking forward to have many of these intersting discussions and of course making new friends and network within the community. As Raymond told before, besides our duties we will enjoy Folsom as Raymond and Reto – a couple into fetish sharing their time together doing whatever we feel like.

Raymond: Well said Reto. That’s why I love him MasterMarc ?. To add, I really enjoy the outside street fair and mingle with all the leathermen from all over the globe. Being visible and representing indeed is very important to me.

MasterMarc: That sounds good … like work and fun at the same time. Btw october is comming soon and you Raymond will become the sash wife. Is your love deep enough to survive this downgrading?

Raymond: Haha! Yes I’d love to be Reto’s sashwife. I have never felt so good with somebody as with Reto (with or without a title!) ? But, I am competing for Mr Leather Europe in October as well so if I win that Reto will be sashwife again after his title ends… haha

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