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I love making other people horny

A “My Fetish Life” interview with Pup Spike (22).

FI-MFL-160530-Spike Spike


1993 / 22 years

179 cm

76 kg

Frankfurt am Main / Germany

sadOsam: How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you come to that?

Spike: I’ve been kinky since about I was 16, when it comes to really living out my kink I’d say it started end of last year when I first went to a public fetish event in Offenbach, Germany. Before that day, I only pupped out for myself at home in my bedroom, wearing all my gear and having fun with leashes, balls and squeaky toys. Attending that party felt like a big relief, like my inner pup was free after all those years and I could explore my own desires like I always wanted to, it was a great and welcoming start.

sadOsam: Whats especially important for you there?

Spike: Kink, like many other things in life, is something private, something that you can only define for yourself. Society, or the kink community, can only give guidelines. Living my kink and therefor my sexuality is something I want to define for myself, and that is very important for me. That said, I am a huge “gear exhibitionist”. I love showing off my harness, my jocks and my leather, I love making other people horny, I love it when others have a great time just because a cute and sexy pup is around. For me that is part of being a pup, or sub for that matter: Making others horny, showing them something pleasing, something they like and something they’d love to own or play, be it just for an evening.

sadOsam: Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

Spike: Sure. I love pup play obviously. Apart of that I am a huge fan of gear of any sorts, Leather, rubber, jocks, singlets, spandex, everything that I can wear and that makes me look sexier, most times it’s better to wear something skimpy and make others guess what I look like naked than being full on nude. Bondage and edging is another fetish of mine, even though I haven’t explored that a lot. Being bound to a table or bed, teased until I beg to cum, unable to move or get myself out of that situation is something I really want to try. When It comes to normal sex I prefer girls. Their aesthetics, their curvy bodies, their smell and their ability to make me hard is something totally different from my fetish interests, it’s something that is rooted deeply in myself and which I can’t resist. If I see a cute girl on the street, wearing hot pants and a simple top, I can’t resist to turn my head and I really have to focus to not start drooling uncontrollably. Funnily, femdom is something I’m not really into.

sadOsam: What kind of guys do you like?

Spike: I prefer guys my age. Nothing beats the experience of older guys, but men defining themselves as daddies or something similar never appealed to me.  What always catches my eye is gear. A guy wearing the right amount of leather or rubber is something I could look at all the time. A harness, a nice jock or some rubber pants and a puppy hood and I’m sold. I can’t help it; gear is a huge fetish of mine. When it comes to personality, I like guys with a lot of humor, who I can laugh with even though I am in sub mode at the moment. Mutual interests are important too, I am a techie and I love big and small tech gizmos, if you get bored with me talking about the pros and cons of something tech related, chances are we won’t get along really good.


sadOsam: What was your hottest experience until now?

Spike: Definitely attending Darklands in Antwerp. It’s a big event during the leather pride in Belgium with a fetish market, a pup out zone, a big stage with events and shows, a darkroom area and a big fetish party in the evening. I went there the first time this year, even though I planned on going there last year. It was a two-day event for me and I met with Nobley, Zero, Bain and other pups. The best part was that I could wear all of the stuff I normally wear under my clothes or only at night in semipublic, around guys enjoying my looks. I got a lot of nice comments, many scritches and even more butt-squeezes. I got to pup out, have fun with other pups and subs and got to see a lot of awesome gear and guys from all around Europe. I plan on going there again next year and I hope I can meet even more pups and subs I can play with.

sadOsam: Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

Spike: There are a lot, as I said I plan on attending Darklands again, but I’d really love to make it to Folsom Europe in Berlin too. Generally speaking, I want to attend a lot of national and international fetish events and meet other pups and guys.
Another thing I’d love to try is rope bondage and some cbt or edging. I did get fettered a few times, but not with ropes. Getting tightly packed in rope and being teased and played with is something I have dreamed of a lot, but never got to experience. Apart of that I’ll try to explore my exhibitionist side more. Being naked is something really enjoyable for me, thinking about being naughty and naked in public makes me hard all the time, but until now, I neither found the time, nor the place to try that.
Something else I wanted to try out for a long time is making my everyday life kinkier. Many pups and subs wear a collar in public for example, or they eat out of bowls all the time. Even regularly wearing a jock or my harness under my clothes is something that would brighten up my day a lot, but I didn’t find the guts to try it yet.


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