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My Fetishes Make Up Part Of Who I Am As A Person

A “My Fetish Life” interview with PupTyler (21).




Pup, Submissive


188 cm / 6′ 2

78 kg

London, UK

sadOsam: How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you come to that?

PupTyler: I’ve been properly the fetish scene about 4 years now. I joined quite a few websites back after London Pride in 2011 where I saw some people dressed up in fetish gear.

I’d had an interest in zentai and other tight fitting clothing since I was about 12, but of course hadn’t properly explored the rubber scene so this gave me a proper thrust of motivation to find out more.

After joining a few sites, I got some information as to where I could get my first bits of rubber from and eventually ended up buying myself a full suit from Libidex and my hood from Blackstyle.

After a year or so, I ended up upgrading to my much better SkinTightRubber suit which is still with me today

sadOsam: Whats especially important for you there?

PupTyler: At the end of the day, nobody chooses their fetishes or kinks and I feel that people shouldn’t be outcast for what they’re into so long as it’s consenting and legal. This follows through to even things that might seem more mundane to the kink community such as pup play, gunge, watersports and slightly more marmite type fetishes. There’s surprisingly still a lot of childish behaviour and hatred from some people based upon what others are into even with stuff such as pup play.

All my fetishes are important to me, they make up part of who I am as a person and will continue to grow me as a person long into my future.

sadOsam: Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

PupTyler: I prefer being submissive for sure. Being in control of a scene really puts me out of my comfort zone and I don’t end up enjoying it. To a certain degree, I can happily do mutual play with another sub, but it’s more doing things that keep us both happy rather than doing what I want for the pleasure of myself.

I used to do a lot more bottoming but recently have been more of a top which some people find confusing. Topping and dominance don’t always come hand in hand as does submission and bottoming.

The majority of the time when I’m playing in gear in an actual fetish scene, I’ve found that anal is the last thing that comes to mind as there’s always many other ways to have fun. 😉

sadOsam: What kind of guys do you like?

PupTyler: I always seem to fall for the blonde haired blue eyed twinky boys for some reason  😕  but I’ve been known to play with guys of all shapes, sizes, ages and experience levels. I’m not the kind of guy that likes super muscular guys or particularly hairy guys though. The majority of the time so long as a guy has a nice face, good personality, somebody I can trust and looks good covered in rubber then I’m down to try stuff out. Vanilla definitely isn’t for me though. The more kink, the better. 😳

sadOsam: What was your hottest experience until now?

PupTyler: I definitely can’t put my finger on a single experience. Most of the experiences that I’ve had have all been amazing in their own ways for different reasons and they all occasionally pop back into my head at inappropriate times.

There’s a few times which have been particularly interesting or me which will always stay with me (in no particular order);

  • The first time I got gunged at a friends house
  • Trying the urinal hood for the first time
  • Being tied to a chair and sounded whilst gagged and blindfolded in rubber
  • Giving a biker a blowjob with other guys watching at GearBlast UK
  • Wearing a murrsuit for the first time (and second, and third, and fourth……. etc)
  • Being forced to cum whilst in rubber, inside of a neoprene sleepsack with an S10 on having being fed poppers and using a rebreather
  • Having J-Lube poured over me in a bathtub and being filmed having fun with it
  • Locked onto a chair with another sub being told to grind, suck and play with me in various ways
  • Demanded to get into gear and sit and wait until he got home, being locked into a rubber straight jacket and tormented for ages
  • Getting fisted for the first time and various times afterwards

This is by no means an exhaustive list either. There’s many other occasions that pop back into my head at different times.

sadOsam: Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

PupTyler: I’d love to do more stuff with gunge. It’s something I really enjoy a lot but never get the time or facilities to do it in. It’s a lot of preparation and cleanup so rarely get the opportunity to do it.

There’s much more I’d like to do with fisting, toys, sounding and other things.

Amazingly, something I’m still yet to do is ANY rope bondage at all and the segufix systems are becoming more and more tempting. I enjoy long scenes and would like to try something for more than 24 hours someday.

Something that’s always intrigued me has been having multiple doms being in charge of me at the same time.

You can find PupTyler on Twitter.

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