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Being Undeniably Under The Control Of A Dominant Man

mfl-boytim-161029-010 Boy Tim

Sub/slave/gimp (TBD)


5’9”  / 175 cm

135 lbs / 61 kg

New York Metro Area


sadOsam: How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you come to that?

Boy Tim: All of my life since I first began any sexuality.  At six I was exploring bondage with my brother.  We called it cowboys and Indians, but there were no other props than a small chair and rope, so I’m not sure how we came by that name for it.  In my young mind, my brother could never seem to tie me up tightly enough.  My earliest sexual exposure was Honcho magazine, Manscape, Drummer, and my partners were mostly older, stronger, but always in charge.  I can count on one hand the number of guys I’ve been with who have not been in charge and still not run out of fingers.

mfl-boytim-161029-005Boy Tim: It is important to me to know my place in a man’s life, and what I should be doing to bring him pleasure and fulfillment in sex and life in general.  While I can take initiative and be very creative, I’ve always preferred a man or a Dominant who directs my creativity or just takes charge.  The best connection is a Dominant who wants to get into my head and see how far he can take me down that road of surrender.  A few have gotten very far indeed.  I have yet to find a long term committed Sir, or Master, but I see no reason to avoid exploring a permanent commitment that centers around an uneven power structure. I’ve long since stopped denying this is how i was made.

sadOsam: Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

Boy Tim: Narrowing this down to words or objects is maybe not the best way to understand me.  My fetish might best be described as powerlessness.  To me real power exchange is where it’s at, and this can be achieved by bondage, confinement, chastity, sensory deprivation, forced nudity, speech restriction or a million other ways.  I’m open.  I  think the gear and equipment is there to augment a Master’s enjoyment of my surrender.  It is important to note what fetishes i do not have. I am not a masochist nor do i derive pleasure or excitement from pain.  I can endure some, more at some times than at others. I do not enjoy or derive pleasure from filth, scat, injury or activities that require hospital visits or extended healing or an immune response.  Domination that requires pain or injury is not welcome.  Pain may happen, discomfort too, but it is not it’s own reward, and if that is the only point of the activity, i would do my best to avoid that Dom and any surrender to a Dominant of this sort can be assumed to be unknowing and involuntary and thus, not really surrender at all.  The distinction between powerlessness and abuse a clear one.  It’s not a blurred line.  One sets the Dom and the sub on a course together as allies, the other as adversaries.

sadOsam: What kind of guys do you like?

Boy Tim: My first crush was a boy from Haiti, I was awestruck by his beautiful skin and dark smile.  Ever since that time my eye has always been drawn to dark skinned guys.  Also thanks I think to Honcho, I have a thing for Arab, middle eastern, and Latin men as well, something about the furry masculinity of those types is beautiful. I find my eye mostly drawn to what makes a man different than what I see in the mirror. I like confident men, self assured and easy going about their tastes and pleasures. If a guy likes good service and the finer pleasures in life, we would likely get along well whether I’m providing the service or not. I like healthy fit men because it suggests both discipline and self control.  I am not drawn toward obese men or heavily muscled titans because it suggests obsession, insecurity, or lack of discipline.


sadOsam: What was your hottest experience until now?

Boy Tim: My first time shackled and caged stands out.  It was something that taught me about myself.  Being undeniably under the control of a Dominant man, I felt safe and perfectly in my place, which surprised me.  I thought it would be scary, but instead it felt peaceful. I am also somewhat of an exhibitionist, which is distinct from being a slut, but can sometimes take a turn in that direction. A Dom once took me to a party where he enjoyed fucking me while others watched, we both enjoyed that others actually got off while he was taking his pleasure with me.  At another such party he sat and held my leash while I sucked him while he casually chatted. He then left me while he went to get himself and the other guy a drink.  I was told to do what the other guy ordered, and ended up giving him head until Sir came back.  There was something powerful about that easy-going relaxed and offhanded confidence that has stayed with me.


sadOsam: Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

Boy Tim: I’m interested in the transition from a normal everyday guy to a gimped surrendered and altered sub, and I think about having guys witness that transformation and even participate in it.  Being stripped or clothes cut off, gagged, shaved, cock locked, and made to look and feel like property where anyone looking at me would know that I have been taken would be a dream fulfilled. I might not be presentable in public for a time, but that might be the whole point. Another or several others will have decided how I will look and it’s out of my hands.  I want to experience a no way out situation, with actual real and irreversible alterations in my appearance and my ability to back out.  I realize that safety and consent are important, but a leap of faith in that direction is something I have long considered a possibility. For a Master who truly enjoys control, it seems that the inability to get up and walk away and fade back into the everyday would bring a lot of pleasure.  He could take one look at me and see the evidence of TAKING OVER and revel in  what he  has made of me.  Having the power to decide how long I stay in this new form, or if  other changes are interesting to him I think would be incredible to experience from both sides of the surrender.


You can contact Boy Tim on Tumblr or Recon.

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