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BlunderfistOgre: Bonding With People Helps Me To Feel Safe

A “My Fetish Life” interview with BlunderfistOgre (19). 

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124 lb.

San Francisco (USA)

sadOsam: How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you come to that?

BlunderfistOgre: It’s been almost 2 years since I started actively exploring kink, with this past year giving me some of the greatest experiences I’ve had. I’ve always had sexual interests outside of the vanilla. I remember starting to form fetishes before I knew I was attracted to men when I was 8-10 in late elementary school. It was either my friend giving me a wedgie and me responding with interest possibly because of humiliation, discomfort, and power exchange, or seeing scenes in a movie or show that had some pain, humiliation, or other form of power exchange featured. I don’t remember exactly how it started, but I remember finding videos on YouTube that would arouse me and finding out later in life that most people don’t find their porn on YouTube. I later discovered Tumblr and have been using it to explore and develop a lot of new kinky interests. I didn’t actively pursue my kinks with other people until after I turned 18 and went to college mostly because I got to move away and gain some independence and a little for legal reasons. I asked a vanilla hook up to be bound and spanked, later started hooking up with people with similar kinks via Recon, and now I am exploring through local events.

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sadOsam: What’s especially important for you there?

BlunderfistOgre: Assuming you mean my kinky side, it’s important for me because it’s not only a major sexual component of my life, but it’s also an escape from stress and my regular headspace. At first, it was just sexual desire, a big one at that. And with sex being a common major component of relationships, naturally my kinks are important to me when forming intimate relationships. It becomes a way to bond, a common interest, and a difference that requires some level of intimacy, trust, and openness. With many of my fetishes, I sometimes find it hard to disclose me desires. There’s always fear of rejection and humiliation (of the kind I don’t like). Therefore, I find that bonding with people with similar interests help me feel safe and welcomed, allowing me to be open about myself and trust others. My kinks are also a form of escape. A lot of my fetishes are related to power exchange, entering a headspace that is more grounded and focused on the current session and play, rather than the many stresses of life. I find that kink can be relaxing and cathartic.


sadOsam: Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

BlunderfistOgre: I have many fetishes and many coming and going. They sometimes change depending on mood, and sometimes just goes away. I found that it is easy for me to accumulate kinks. But for the most part, the kinks I tend to lean towards have some sort of power exchange at the core, where I am degraded, humiliated, or put in a state of submission. I like forced acts, restraints, degradation, and pain. This is probably because it’s the easiest for me to find and enjoy with others and that it is often intense and can draw me out of my regular headspace. I enjoy consensual non-consensual play, being bound and gagged, being treated like a fucktoy, and being spanked. However I also have other fetishes that I indulge in less, including gunge/WAM, being diapered, and various smaller branches of humiliation and the like.

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sadOsam: What kind of guys do you like?

BlunderfistOgre: I like guys who are open minded, self-aware, and communicate well. Having a lot of kinks and further exploring them, I naturally like guys who are open minded and are also willing to try new things as I am with them. I also like those who are self-aware and communicate well as the lack of these skills tend to cause me a lot of stress. Physically, I like a variety of guys that range from slim or fit and hairless, to big  or muscular with nice scruff. I’ve noticed that I tend to be with guys that are older than me, but part of that may be that I am still young and the age group “younger than me” would only consist of the ages 18 and 19. I do like guys my age as well, but guys my age who are also at terms with their sexuality and kinks and maturity can be hard to come by when accounting for me not being a dom of any kind really. That said, none of these likes are a necessary for me to take interest in someone.


sadOsam: What was your hottest experience until now?

BlunderfistOgre: This is a tough call. But I think the winner is after a recent session with CastroKink. During the session, I was bound, plugged/chained, paddled, and fucked. But the hottest part for me was what came after. After that session and the aftercare, I showered and was getting ready to leave. He told me that I should start getting dressed or he’s going to have to fuck me for being around and getting him horny again I assume. But when I went and picked up my jeans at the side of the room, he pulled me back to the bed, pulled my underwear down, and threw me onto the bed. I kind of crawled away a little while he lubed his cock. Then he pulled me towards him by my ankles and fucked me as he pinned me down and covered my mouth with his hand, partially blocking my nose too. I was struggling but was no match. He fucked me spontaneously, in a moment of raw desire and that to me was hot. He took what he wanted without verbally asking in the moment before (I consent of course) and just shoved me down and dumped another load into me.

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sadOsam: Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

BlunderfistOgre: I’m not sure about the once part, but there are a ton of fantasies that I would like to experience. Being used as a fucktoy/cumdump in a gang bang where I’m the center of attention and degradation. Being pissed on, having my ass beat, and getting my holes fucked by a group of guys sounds like my typical gang bang fantasy. Sometimes I have desires where I’m the boy to a daddy who comes home stressed from work and just takes out his frustration on my ass. Sometimes I want to be mummified in between two fuck machines while being edged for hours on end. There are just so many things to want and to dream of. It often varies with my mood and recent things I’ve been around and have seen. I used to have a fantasy where I’d be punished and spanked until I was a sobbing mess with a bruised bottom, and have it continue before getting my hole pounded, with each thrust reminding me of the punishment through my sorely beaten cheeks. But in the end, I dream of happiness and belonging and feeling like an equal as a human.


You can find BlunderfistOgre on Tumblr and Recon.


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