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CHASTITY: My Motivation Was Less Jerking Off During Sex

Revy | 1989 | 162 cm | 59kg | Virginia (USA)

I enjoy a much more streamlined focus on the alpha male that his needs are the only ones I need to take care of.

Twitter: @RevyAfterMao 

Our Reader’s Chastity Experiences

sadOsam: Are you a sub/slave/faggot?

Revy: I feel I can relate to all 3 of these.
I want to submit and pleasure any dominant alpha male to the best of my ability. To hear every order and follow through without question…being a slave to me is a quirky subject but the idea of being told what to do turns me on alot and would be willing to serve if the situation presents itself. And as a faggot I’m beta to any alpha males orders and desires so that I am his to use, ruin, and breed as he sees fit.

sadOsam: What’s your motivation for being in chastity?

Revy: My original motivation for wanting to be in chastity was to for one, less jerking off during sex so I could focus more on my partner and two, explore a much more submissive side of myself. Being on bottom lets me exchange pronouns and I don’t mind the girl pronouns as it only entices my situation more because I’m seen as less of a man and more of a “boi” or “gurl” without the use of my cock anymore. This makes it even better out in public :). Besides, I want my partner to be fully pleasured…so I don’t mind throwing away my ideals to be someones toy. I also enjoy the humiliation and embarrassment that comes from it and all the dirty talk that makes me blush hard and then get on my knees or all fours to enjoy a real mans cock.

sadOsam: How long have you been into chastity?

Revy: I had been interested in it since about 2013 when I first started really getting a cross dressing aspect in my life and the photography that I did with it. The thought of wearing it was hot but I thought my cock would be completely opposed to being stuffed in a cage for hours, days, or weeks on end with no release in sight. But I broke down finally and bought my first one to train in last year. Since I’ve bought better cages to more suit my needs. At this point I’ve fully embraced this side of submissiveness.

sadOsam: What device do you wear?

Revy: I swap between either a plastic CB-6000k chastity cage or a stainless steel chastity cage. These are ok with me for now but as a guy that is 7 inches long on a good day…I do want to go smaller as time goes on. If only the Holy Trainer cage came with a longer tube to train with 🙁

sadOsam: Are you locked 24/7?

Revy: Almost 24/7, my only problem is getting used to sleeping in it. The first night I slept with a cage on I was waking up every 2 hours right before a Monday morning full of deadly meetings. Not the best wake up call, but I’m still working on this and getting to my 24/7 goal.

sadOsam: Do you have a keyholder?

Revy: Currently I do not, and sadly all my prospective KH’s don’t live anywhere close to me to help submerse me deeper into the fantasy. But if anyone is in the DC metro area and wishes to be then by all means hit a boy up 😛

sadOsam: What’s the longest you’ve gone locked?

Revy: The longest I’ve gone is a month. With my metal cage I wish to go much longer cause it feels empowering to walk around caged. I almost don’t even notice is anymore when I drive, walk, or even when I’m running around outside for a jog or my workout routine in general. Its apart of my life forever.

sadOsam: Don’t you miss masturbating/cumming while locked up?

Revy: There are times when a boy like me wishes here and there for self stimulated release…but no I don’t.

Even when I did cum I don’t feel the same satisfaction otherwise…a fat cock in my hole is all the pleasure I need for a true submissive orgasm. A pussyboy like me doesn’t need to masturbate.

sadOsam: How often are you allowed to cum?

Revy: I’ve only given myself once a month to be able to self release by hand. Only to stay on the safe side of being healthy.

When I’m with any Daddy/Master/Sir its as he feels necessary. I honestly don’t feel that I need to cum and I enjoy when someone is controlling me. But again that is totally up to him and I should only get it if I have earned it 🙂

sadOsam: What were some of the problems you’ve had with chastity devices and how did you solve them?

Revy: My biggest issue was fitment and the pinching that comes and goes. Knowing the right tube length…the correct ring size…sure its not hard to figure out, but alot of devices have different rings and approaches that easily change the dynamic thus rendering all that research useless. I hated the first cage I bought cause the moment I was hard it had zero ability of holding me back, I controlled the cage. Since then I’ve bought better ones to put me in my place but even then it might slip down a little and I feel this ruins the experience for me. A cage that would stay up and stick to the body no matter how soft or hard I get would be perfect. I want my cock to be useless, not bothersome. So yes this is still a work in progress, but what I have for now works and I’ll always look to downsizing and wearing better cages in the future like the good boy that I am 🙂

sadOsam: What are some of the positive effects of chastity you’ve noticed?

Revy: I’m much happier and confident now that I’m much more into chastity than I was over a year ago. I enjoy a much more streamlined focus on the alpha male that his needs are the only ones I need to take care of. Giving my cock up has let me take the next step in life to enjoy myself physically, mentally, and sexually. Ultimately the combination of my “furry” lifestyle and chastity has helped me socially as well by leaps and bounds. I glad to have allowed this to become a part of my daily life and enjoying its benefits.

My useless locked cock at the end of the day is in essence, the alpha males trophy.

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