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It’s just about the constant feeling of being horny which in turn to leads more submission

Are you a sub/slave/faggot or how would you describe yourself?

I think in general I would describe myself as a fag. I Just love being used and humiliated and put in my place. Further I’d be willing to become a Proper slave for the right person which. Haven’t found yet but let’s just hope that this will be soon. 2020 was the year I wanted to expand my kink horizon, get to know other kinksters (fellow subs, doms etc), go to events, clubs, saunas and so on, but I guess Miss Rona didn’t approve… But I’m still enthusiastic to catch up on these things. Moving to London brings so many opportunities!

When around rather vanilla people they would probably see me as sub. (Some of my straight and vanilla friends know I’m a bottom and rather submissive as in like being handcuffed while sex or anything (only if they would know the truth 😀 )



United Kingdom

yeah, I miss masturbating! I have to admit that I keep touching the sensitive part on my glans through the open bit of the cage. But that just leads to me becoming way too hard and therefore pain, swelling and blue balls.

8 cm

13 cm


Metal cage

60 days

What’s your motivation for being in chastity?

It’s just about the constant feeling of being horny which in turn to leads more submission. I feel like I’m a better fag when kept horny and more willing to please the other person or be used than when unlocked.

How long have you been into chastity?

It started when I was around 16 I’d say. I was always intrigued by Bdsm, master-slave kind of porn and started watching it more and more. I created a tumblr blog to have a collection for myself with just the stuff I like and soon got in touch with fellow kinksters. So it was just a matter of Time until stumbled upon chastity posts. Due to the fact I was living with my parents who are quite strict and conservative I waited until I moved out at the age of 18 to buy my very first cage. Over the years I tried multiple cages.

What device do you wear?

I currently wear a short metal cage that got a closed tube with an open front. So far it’s my favourite cage and probably the longest I had since I had it for over 2-3 years now

Are you locked 24/7?

I love the idea, I totally do. I would love nothing more than to give up the keys to someone and just be a locked fag (as I should be). I have to say that I got a lot of straight/vanilla friends. And as I for example use the gym At my workplace, going with friends and colleagues I’m a little torn. At one hand I’m thinking I need to be locked, no matter who sees. I’m just a fag and should embrace my status. On the other hand I don’t want any of them find out with the whole workplace knowing or anything. I kinda solved the issue since I don’t have a keyholder by sticking strictly to unlocking before the gym and unlocking straight after.

Do you have a keyholder?

I do not have a keyholder at the moment. As I mentioned before it’s a little difficult for me but I would Definitely love To get there at some point. The dream would be having a master or a kinky boyfriend (Or both?) who would keep me properly locked without access to the keys of my cage

What’s the longest you’ve gone locked?

60 days (2 months) starting from before lockdown due to Covid-19 until restrictions started easing. This was the opportunity for me to stay locked 24/7 without having an excuse why I need to unlock. I was crazy horny over the time and did plenty tasks for doms and fellow subs to kill time 😉

Don’t you miss masturbating/cumming while locked up?

Oh yeah I totally do! I have to admit that I keep touching the sensitive part on my glans through the open bit of the cage. But that just leads to me becoming way too hard and therefore pain, swelling and blue balls. Even if I managed to cum like that it wouldn’t be pleasurable at all. So I rather use it sometimes to tease/”edge”. But I noticed that my whole body gets way more sensitive when being locked. While my nipples don’t do anything for me really once I’m locked they turn quite sensitive which allows me to use them for pleasure. I don’t think I need to mention that I try to shift my Main focus on my hole when locked 😉 I use dildos and recently bought a hush plug as well over lockdown. Apart from that I own a rather small plug that’s enough to keep me horny and stuff my hole, but not too big to cause any discomfort which allows me to wear it easily over long periods of time. My favourite sleeping outfits included Being naked or in a jock (to keep the cage In place in nocturnal erections), collared, locked and plugged. I wake up incredibly horny in the morning which enhances the whole chastity situation.

How often are you allowed to cum?

I usually self lock and at some point I unlock and cum. Over long lockdown periods I had wet dreams with nocturnal emissions as well. This happened 3 times so far. Sometimes I self lock with the help of a dom or fellow kinkster who decides how long and as the good boy I am I stick to their goal 😉

What were some of the problems you’ve had with chastity devices and how did you solve them?

One of them was the smell and cleaning in a plastic cage like the holy Trainer for example. It was always so much maintenance which was just annoying me at some point. This is what got me Into metal cages. I also really love their look, their feel and their weight. The whole cleaning procedure is so much easier. Especially for a cut guy like me I don’t need to unlock at all really as I can just rinse and “jerk” the cage back and fourth with soap under the shower and it cleans itself really. Nevertheless sometimes you get a skin irritation so Multiple daily Check ups on your dick and skin should not be left out. This is when I terminate the current lock-up and let it heal for a weak using some healing lotions or similar. I occasionally unlock to get a deep shave of my balls and shaft. I managed quite the technique in shaving around but there’s always a bit something left so unlocking once a month or once every few weeks to get rid of them is great.

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