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Chastity Has Given Our Relationship A Jump Start

InkedChastityBln | 1990 | 180 cm | 70 kg | Berlin (DE)

My keyholder loves that fact that I’m basically ready to have sex whenever he wants.


Our Reader’s Chastity Experiences

sadOsam: Are you a sub/slave/faggot?

InkedChastityBln: I classify myself as a sub/switch. Though I am definitely more submissive when it comes to play, I do sometimes prefer to take on the dominant role. This works out quite well in my relationship, as my partner can also submit to me if he is in the mood. That being said, I am only allowed to be dominant when he clearly gives me permission, therefore my act of dominance is, in essence, an act of submission, if that makes any sense. As far as titles are concerned, I have no problem being called boy, but I am not fond of being referred to as a faggot. Other names largely depend on context.

sadOsam: What’s your motivation for being in chastity?

InkedChastityBln: First and foremost, it’s worth mentioning that I consider chastity a fetish. I love the way my cock looks in a device, and I think it’s super hot to see other chaste guys out there. Aesthetics aside, for me, chastity is about self discipline much more than anything else. How long can I push myself to be locked? In which ways does it change me? Chastity is largely psychological.

sadOsam: How long have you been into chastity?

InkedChastityBln: I had heard of chastity quite a few years back, but never gave it much thought until I discovered images on Tumblr of others “locked up.” I was immediately intrigued by it, but it took some time for me to actually get muster the courage to buy my own device. I got my first cage in September last year, but couldn’t wear it for longer than 2–3 hours because of how ill-fitting it was. At the end of October, I purchased a knock-off Holy Trainer V2, which I still believe to be a great little cage for those interested in trying out long-term chastity. I got my new Holy Trainer V3 in December and can definitely tell the difference in terms of quality and comfort in comparison to the old knock-off device.

sadOsam: What device do you wear?

InkedChastityBln: I wear the Holy Trainer V3, standard size with the ø50mm ring.

sadOsam: Are you locked 24/7?

InkedChastityBln: No. As agreed with my keyholder, I can sleep unlocked and remain so until I’ve finished cleaning in the bathroom in the morning, under the condition that I am not allowed to touch myself. I am otherwise locked throughout the day.

sadOsam: Do you have a keyholder?

InkedChastityBln: I do, yes. He also happens to be my partner of five years. He doesn’t share my interest in exhibitionism. 😉

sadOsam: What’s the longest you’ve gone locked?

InkedChastityBln: About 1 month. I would like to push myself to go further, but at the end of the day, that’s for my keyholder to decide.

sadOsam: Don’t you miss masturbating/cumming while locked up?

InkedChastityBln: Yes and no. The thing is, we’ve come to perceive male masturbation primarily involving penile stimulation. Don’t get me wrong – I love jacking off and it can be a lot of fun. But when you’re locked in chastity, you learn to stop depending so much on your cock for pleasure and are free to discover other erogenous zones. In the past, I had never been one for nipple play, for example. Since I’ve been locking up, my nipples are suddenly super sensitive. I’ve also learnt to pleasure myself immensely through prostate massage. I’ve achieved a sort of dry orgasm multiple times during some sessions. It’s quite different than an ejaculatory orgasm, but amazing in its own way.

sadOsam: How often are you allowed to cum?

InkedChastityBln: It averages out to once every 2–3 weeks at the moment. My keyholder generally only lets me cum if I’m fucking him. 😉

sadOsam: What were some of the problems you’ve had with chastity devices and how did you solve them?

InkedChastityBln: Finding a device that fits well and that is comfortable for long-term wear is definitely the biggest challenge, in my opinion. It took some trial and error until I found a device that I was really comfortable in. My first cage had an adjustable ring that was prone to pinching, which made it really uncomfortable. I’d recommend starting out with a cheaper device to figure out what feels comfortable and determine your size, then upgrading to a high-quality device once you’ve found a model/fit that works well for you. I’ve also found that keeping the skin hydrated with a high-quality balm helps prevent and chastity-related injuries or discomfort.

sadOsam: What are some of the positive effects of chastity you’ve noticed?

InkedChastityBln: Well, for starters, my libido has skyrocketed! My keyholder loves that fact that I’m basically ready to have sex whenever he wants. As mentioned before, it’s also been a great experience discovering my body in new ways. I’m also much more affectionate and more attentive towards my partner outside of the bedroom – it’s truly given our relationship a jump start!

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