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Making Movies

With the wealth of porn tube sites around these days and the easy availability of filming devices, it’s no wonder it’s bringing out the exhibitionist in many of us, not to mention the fun to be had filming your fetish for all to enjoy!

But how do you shoot a good home movie so it stands out from the crowd, gets you lots of positive feedback and followers, or even allows you to make a little money?

Well here are my essential tips to get you started without breaking the bank!


Of course it is perfectly feasible to shoot a movie on a mobile phone these days, but for indoor videography, where light levels are generally lower, a bigger lens which captures more light will produce a much higher quality image.

Due to this I film with a DSLR type camera, as it also allows more control over focusing and depth of field (foreground/background blur), giving a more professional looking result. It’s easy to pick up a second hand one if your on a budget, my preference is the Lumix micro 4/3rds range as these are designed with movie making in mind. Whichever device you choose, bear in mind 720p is the minimum resolution you should aim to film at and ensure it features a flip over screen as this enables you to check you’re in shot and not chopping an appendage off by mistake, ouch!


One essential accessory I recommend is a simple tripod, If there’s one thing that will make your movies look amateurish it’s shaky camera work, it will also enable you get the perfect angle while keeping your hands free for more crucial tasks such as spreading that hole for your all important post fuck, gape finale!


If there’s thing worse than shaky camera work it’s a dark and dismal video where it’s impossible to discern someones bollocks from their buttocks! Low light levels will also make your footage appear grainy, so if filming indoors try to get as much natural daylight into the room as possible and think about some additional lighting, compact LED floodlights bounced off a surface make an effective more economic alternative to professional studio lighting, also enabling you to get creative with different colour combinations, maybe a deep sensual red for that intimate fisting scene you’ve been planning!


Before you start and as you film, keep in mind a few ideas for different camera positions. New angles, close ups, and wide shots all add interest and a professional touch, it doesn’t have to be a Hollywood epic, but you could for instance start with a teaser close up of the front of your bulging briefs, then a rear view as you slowly remove them to reveal your smooth pert butt, and a wide shot including your face as you begin to slide that 12 inch dildo deep into your warm welcoming hole – and please guys don’t be shy, we want to witness the exhilaration on your face as you ride it to the balls!

Don’t forget sound either, it’s just as important as sight so remember to be vocal, your exclamations of ecstasy as that massive dildo presses against your prostate will really intensify the erotic energy of your production.

It’s a good idea film more footage than you think you’ll need and at the end of a scene pause and let the camera run on for a few seconds as this will give more leeway when editing, oh and turn the radio or T.V. off! I have seen videos where people are fucking to the latest local news report, now that’s a bit of a twisted fetish, even for me!


This is where you cut out the bits of you positioning the camera and getting into shot, join scenes together, and delete the bit where you accidentally pissed over yourself while proudly pushing out your resplendent rosebud, no on second thoughts, leave that in!

If you haven’t already, get yourself some simple movie editing software, iMovie (Mac) or Adobe Premier Elements (Mac/PC) are easy apps for beginners.

Ok, keep it simple is the key here, your software may have 200 fancy transitions but you don’t need to use them all in one movie! In fact you should probably ditch them all in favour of just one; cross fade.

Arrange your scenes then edit your movie down to the best bits, possibly adding a title, scene transitions and end fade. A good length to aim for is 5 to 20 minutes depending of how much interest you can sustain, remember keep it fluid, you don’t want viewers getting bored after 30 minutes of nipple play!

You may then be tempted to add a music track. Music can make or break the atmosphere of a video, a blaring dance track is always an instant “next!” for me, remember most people won’t share your exquisite musical taste and you’ll probably run into copyright issues as many sites have software that can detect commercial music and reject your hard work as a result. If you do use music, and it can be very effective in creating an atmosphere, search for royalty free music and keep it appropriate and in the background, that heavy metal track may not add the right tone to your ABDL video and you don’t want to drown out your ejaculations of euphoria in the final scene of you writhing around in orgasmic jizz soaked bliss!

Hopefully this has helped you on the path to perfecting your pornographic productions and inspired you to get a little more creative in the process, as you get more involved think about adding a second camera so you can capture that cum shot from multiple angles and maybe designing yourself a logo or theme for a consistent brand across all of your erotic artworks.

Enjoy the fun filming your own features brings and hopefully we’ll all be ordering an extra pack of screen wipes very soon!


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