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Lycra – It’s All About Escapism From Normal Life

A talk with Simon (36), a real LYCRA lover.

sadOsam: Hi Simon. Great to have you here with us. I’ts a pity but can’t see your face. You really seem to love lycra zentai suits. Can you tell us why this fabric is such a turn on for you?

meinlycra-160910-001Simon: I first got into lycra from cycling when i was 24, i preffer nylon lycra to cotton lycra its generally much thinner and shinier , i like any thing from compression sports lycra to full zentai suits or morphsuits which have turned up in the last 4 years i wear my suits around the house and with other guys who share the love for lycra. What turns me on is in a full zentai suit the anonymous feeling and i feel my inhibitions are lowered and get up to more adventurous positions with other guys, like body worshiping, grinding and sliding over each its very sensual and heightens you sense of touch,

sadOsam: Is a guy in lycra more sexy for you than naked? And what is the difference in sensuality between a boy in lycra and a naked one?

Simon: If the guy already has a lycra fetish I preffer them suited. I get alot of guys wanting to try a zentai for the first time. They usally start a session in lycra, but also enjoy getting stripped out of it also. If the guy is fit and cute then they’re both sexy. I do have a type; I go for slim to muscled. I find nothing sexy about average which usaully means over weight to fat people in lycra.

sadOsam: Can you tell us a little about the feelings and sensations of wearing lycra and touching other guys in lycra?

Simon: It’s all about escapism from normal life, having a mutual bond between the guy or guys in lycra, knowing your touching them but having a lycra barrier between you and them, getting them hard and touching them in a sensual manner , because they have hood viability is greatly reduced so the parts of the body that making contact increase tingling on the skin underneath i do recommend to anyone to try , its the ultimate safe sex.


sadOsam: But are you really during the whole session in lycra? I am sure you like also real sexual action. What are you into and how does it work together with your lycra fetish?

Simon: As you can imagine all that friction does get abit hot and sweaty when there wet they come off, i have a few suits with strategic holes front and back for sucking and fucking ive also been tied up in a bondage playroom by Londonropetop in zentai i aslo have a full rubber suit im into most clean safe sexual practices , im versatile so enjoy both topping and bottoming, bondage wise i preferr subbing for an experienced top tho have been the dom for younger lads a few times, ill try most things once, i am open minded…

sadOsam: What kind of kinky sexual practice do you like?

Simon: As a top i like to mix i up , change positions every couple of minutes to keep the energy and flow going as a bottom i like having toys used on me nipple clamps , being restrainted and edged cum control light whipping and cbt have tried electro which was intensely fun , I aslo have played with several couples which is always fun, four is the biggest group kinky session where enyone fucked everyone, I supose the ultimate for me would be a lycra sex group session with lots would be the best

meinlycra-160910-004 meinlycra-160910-003

sadOsam: That sounds hot. How has a good lycra suit to be and can you give some advices what people should consider if they buy a lycra suit for the first time?

Simon: Well for me it has to be nylon lycra which as i previously mentioned has a shiny and tight feeling with strong double stitched hems last longer and allow you to go a size down for the ultimate tight fit, i generally find the cheap Chinese ones you find on ebay are tailored for a smaller statured asian market and fall apart quickly or zip bust quickly. On the subject of zips they generally are on the back so if you are on your own depending on how flexible you are at getting your hands behind your head and back can be very awkward doing up, a tip is to put some string on a knot through the zip fastening and use that to pull the zip up otherwise you’ll either cramp up trying or break the zip. morphsuits are good quality with a big range , i know some lycra fetish fans don’t like them because of the corporate branding on the back . are kinky suits but are quite expensive and the rubberised coating doesn’t last to long if playing sweating or rough play. General sports compression lycra is a good starting point for novices and found in most sport retailers , nike pro, under armour, skins and sud compression are all good quality and can be worn it public or under your clothes if you not that brave yet …

sadOsam: Thank you, Simon. I wish that you find your lycra group and than I hope you’ll report us, how it was. 🙂

Simon: Yes will keep you posted , hope it helps other lycra fetishists or curious guys realise that there on the road to sensaul sexy horny fun, all the best !!!


Visit Simon’s Tumblr.

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