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Even the most upright and reputable person can have a box full of rubber under the bed.


1989 | 191 cm | 90 kg

Spain (ES)

Hello readers, I’m talking to Luge today, a kinky pup from Spain. Can you tell us a little about yourself Luge, what do you like to do and what are some of the kinks you’re into?




Hello Seven, and thank you for your invitation. Well, the most obvious I think is that I’m into puppy play. I’m a service pup and switch so I can play any role and also be a handler.

I’m also rigger in shibari bondage since three years ago and I like to combine it with sensory deprivation.

I like leather too, but not as Bluff or full leather, it’s more like the classical chopper-Harley Davidson aesthetic, with vest and everything.

I like giving different kinds of humiliation, impact play, chastity devices, diapers and feeding (feeder).

Most of them as part of the humiliation. And I’m sure I have forgotten more fetishes from the list.

Haha yeah I guess once you go down deep enough the rabbit hole it can become like that xD What was the first thing that got you into this world though? And what was it like back then for you?

When i was about 20 years, i started to have interest into the Bear Community. As they’re closely related, that quickly brought me to have my first contact with leather. I bought my first harness and a pair of wristbands. I liked Heavy Metal since i was a teenager so the leather aesthetic was not new for me. Then, in 2013, I discovered Puppy Play, but i kept it kinda low profile until 2017, because I just didn’t find any other pups here in Spain.

That year though I really started Puppy Play Spain and also got into contact not only with other pups, but also with all the fetish community. Thanks to that, i started to open my mind and try new experiences.

One of my first ideas about fetish, when you start to realize your own different sexual tastes beyond your sexual orientation, is that you are doing something “wrong”. In general, television and popular culture tend to qualify the fetish world as negative, perverted, and I would almost say sickly.

Then you realize that they are your tastes and it is something that you cannot change, and that even the most upright and reputable person can have a box full of rubber under the bed.

And in the end you accept and realize they are simply your tastes, and honestly as long as you do not harm anyone, no one can criticize you for it.

Thats very true, and something we also want to show with our magazine. They’re more normal than you think, and you’re definitely not the only one with them 🙂 What about today though? What changed for you since realizing that?

I enjoy my private life more, both in the sexual and nonsexual way. And i have more self-confidence. In fact, at our home our hoods (mine and my two boyfriends’ hoods) are exposed in the main space of the living room, just over the TV.

Accepting that aspect of my life encouraged me to continue learning and knowing more about the fetish world, which also led me to know more about sexual health and, just as important, safety and fetishism. Also, i have met a lot of awesome people from all the world and i have gone some european fetish events like Darklands and Folsom Europe.

Honestly the worst thing that came out of it is that i have spent a lot of money in fetish gear.

That sadly tends to happen yes 😆 but such spending also keeps the scene alive and growing in the end.What were some of the adventures that you have great memories of with the people you’ve met, if you don’t mind me asking?

I have experienced many adventures:

In 2019 i contested for Mr Puppy Spain and i won. The same night, after the event, I fell from the stage because of the wet floor and hurt my foot, the whole thing felt like it was from a cartoon scene. In Seville, i slipped again somehow at the Plaza de España, trying to do a photobomb with a group of tourist, the fall was so fucking epic, but luckily I didn’t hurt myself… too much.

After that, i went to Mr Puppy Italy contest as part of the jury and, during my last day in Milan, i broke my psiform bone (a small bone in the hand that absolutely nobody broke yet, at least according to the doctor) because of a stumble accident due to a hard curve in the local underground.

When i went to Folsom Berlin, we had a car accident as soon as we left the airport. Luckily we were all well and mostly uninjured, but i travelled with a friend who is deaf.

So there we were, in Berlin, with the doctor speaking in german, a nurse translating to english and me, trying to translate from english to spanish sign language. It was a very strange situation.

Practically every time i have travelled i have put my health in risk somehow.

Oh yeah, also when i went to Milan, I was with Hack and Ritchie (Mr Puppy Czech Republic 2017 and 2018) and for waking them up, I jumped through his bed in full pup gear… and I mean through. We broke it.

There are still quite a few more of them, i could spend hours talking about all the fun things that happened last years.

Sounds like a ton of fun stories, though wow there really seems to be a bit of an unfortunate trend with your health 😆 I hope that in your future there will be less painful but equally joyful memories coming for you.

But yeah, you definitely seem to enjoy the pup life. Do you see it as a lifestyle for yourself, or more just one part of you?

It’s a bit of both definitely. Puppy Play is part of who i am, and Luge is an inner part of myself and my personality. But it also depends on my condition during the normal day to day. Puppy Play for me is more than a fetish, but because my interpretation of what is puppy play for me goes beyond sex. For me puppy play is about creating connections between people.

My pack brothers are like my blood brothers and, as a dog, i try to be noble and loyal. A dog never is going to judge or critizise you, and when you are feeling bad or wrong and are in a difficult moment, your dog is gonna be there. We have a lot of learn from them. We should be more dog for be better person.

Sometimes dogs feel better at being so yes. Although, some actions only us humans can do can also be special, kind and good. Anyways thanks for your time Luge, I wish you some good (and hopefully injuryless) kinky adventures, and lots of fun.

Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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