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homeBild2-recon-antoin002MasterMarc: Hi Antoin. One week ago was London Pride and a lot of people have had big party in the capital of the United Kingdom. In one week people from all over will join you at the London Fetish Week. What would you say as responsible organizer is the essence of this main event of the British gay fetish community?

Antoin: Recon sponsors and produces fetish events around the globe. Some years ago we realised that London didn’t have an event that would bring such a large and diverse group of fetish men together, in the UK’s capital. 2015 is the 6th anniversary of Fetish Week London.

I think the essence of Fetish Week London is that it’s a true to life celebration of gay male fetish. Thousands of men from around the globe, converge on the city. It’s a culmination of all things fetish: it’s masculine, its kinky and… dare I say, “its’ fucking sexy! We provide a safe environment for like-minded gay fetish men and their admirers to live out their fantasies.

The Recon brand is strong, we are known for maintaining a strict dress code and our events have a unique reputation. The gear is an integral part of maintaining that essence. Each year we aim to exceed the expectations of FWL attendees. The 2015 schedule of events runs 8 days, with 12 official events. There is something for EVERYONE!


MasterMarc: That sounds great and like a must for every kinky gay soul. But where do you see the difference to other fetish events? Just the city or are there other outstandig features?

Antoin: What makes us stand out is not just the city, but the type of set-up and production we do for events. Recon has introduced a very unique style of darkroom at the Full Fetish events that we’ve done around the world. We’ve introduced it to PiG Berlin in Folsom Europe, Leatherpride Belgium in Antwerp, and also to Full Fetish events in Madrid, Ibiza and San Francisco.

Of course, here in London we can do even more with our playroom space and this means that guys coming out know that they can expect an amazing experience that they know they can only get at one or 2 other parties. We also have an amazing line-up of international DJs for Fetish Week and we also include events from other organisers. This is also something that other fetish events – especially in Europe, don’t often do.

I think it’s ultimately about the experience of the visitor. This is something that Recon continues to improve upon and highlight as a unique aspect of our parties. They are definitely an “experience”.


MasterMarc: Parties which offer the combination of good music and good and kinky sex are rare if you compare it with the last decade. It is good that you and your company are providing new possibilities for such hot experiences. As I was also organizer major gay event for several years i know, how much work it is. What are the big issues you have with the organisation and what are the points which are motivating you to do the great job you’re doing?  

Antoin: As an organiser, I’m sure you know some of the obstacles. Like many other places on the continent are starting to experience – one of our biggest obstacles is finding event venues/clubs which will actually allow a party of this nature to take place. As open-minded as we like to think London is, it’s extremely difficult to find a venue that’s big enough for our event and also that allows sex on premises. Also a venue that’s ok with hosting a fetish party. Many places simply won’t host us – so the choice of locations gets VERY small.

The London landscape is rapidly changing and over the coming years, the larger club venues which are in the areas that people enjoy, will no longer be there. We have to make the most of it now, but try to party responsibly and not put pressure on the venues.

What motivates me? I’ve always been someone that wants to make everyone happy. This is, of course, impossible – someone will want red lights and someone else will complain that we should have had blue. But the challenge is to try and provide a variety that will cater to a range of different needs, likes, tastes and fetishes. Variety is a challenge and I like a good challenge. Bring it on!


MasterMarc: To organize such an event with the aim that the event is also authentic it needs, that you know what you’re doing professionally but of course you have also to know the desires and wishes of fetish people. What are the kinks you are into and which kinks get their own “stage” during your fetish week?

Antoin: Organising an event like this isn’t easy. But you have to try and anticipate the needs of guys coming and also introduce them to things they might now know that they need – or like. There are many different fetishes out there and we cannot accommodate all of them – some of these need to remain at home. But we try to be creative with what we can do in public.

My personal fetish is not so common. I’m into biting. The word for that fetish is “odaxelagnia”. There aren’t many guys out there that are into it, or that understand that it’s about stimulation and not about pain. You can reach that pain/pleasure threshold very quickly. I guess one of my other kinks is the gear. Skin on skin play can be very hot – but the gear that a guy is wearing can be a real turn-on, if he’s wearing it well and looks hot in it. Rubber, lycra and any gear that really shows off the body, can be a turn-on.


MasterMarc: If you have a gear fetish than i am sure that you will have enough eye candies for you so that work at the fetish week will also be fun for you. What are the highlights of the london fetish week? What is a must to participate and what is the most special event or activity during the festival?

Antoin: There are a few highlights for London Fetish Week.

The week begins on Sunday 12 July with a private members party which will be a celebration of Recon’s 15th Birthday. Members will have to be lucky to get a ticket to this unique event.

Another highlight will be our Fetish on Display – it’ the first time we are hosting an art exhibition. It features some of the iconic imagery from Recon, throughout the years, and also features works from other well-known fetish photographers.

Of course, the climax is going to be the Full Fetish party at The Coronet on Saturday 18th. It’s one of London’s largest clubbing venues and we are kitting it out with a lot of special treats for visitors. There’s a line-up of international DJs – from the USA, Spain, Germany and France. We are also improving on our iconic Recon-themed play spaces at the event. A 30m multimedia screen and an incredible light and laser show will feature on our main dancefloor to dazzle the dancing crowd. Our VIP room has always been an exclusive feature of the Full Fetish party and this year there are even more surprise treats. Pups is fast becoming a feature in the fetish scene and we’ve got an incredible pup area at Full Fetish. It’s great to keep them happy as well.

The Fetish Week Dinner is also a highlight of the week. Guys look forward to the opportunity to gear up in a public space and enjoy a meal with their friends.


MasterMarc: It sounds like an interesting fetish experience for every kinky soul. Antoin, thank you. I know you are as responsible organizer very busy at the moment. I wish you all the best and talk to you soon. 


More information about the fetish week:


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