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LFC: The fetish community and the pandemic

Social life has been dormant for over a year now, and we kinksters notice this too. many bars and clubs are closed, events don’t happen and the organized kink life with happenings, etc. is practically non-existent. it is very important that we are slowly preparing to get back into the kink life. That is why we are going to be talking regularly with exponents organizers in the community about the covid-times and how things will go from here. The beginning we will make with Klaus Kirschner, the spokesman of the LFC, the umbrella organization of the german speaking fetish clubs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The DAMAGe for the community through covid is hard to Predict

Hello Klaus, these days we “celebrate” the 1st year jubilee since the first lockdown in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in march 2020. Tat was a real censorship of social life. How does it look in the kink community after one year of social distancing?

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To talk in this context of celebrating is a bit hard for me, as it normally has to do with something beautiful.

It is hard, to say something concrete here. The club life of our members is postponed currently, and it is hard to get information. Fact is though that the community is taking damage. The stores are closed and many men are suffering from the lonelyness.

You are certainly right, the kinkster is not made for social distancing. Let alone for play we need a partner, and they are for many not in the same household. You are a profound insider in the scene. Which damage you think the community might suffer and how can we minimize that?

That’s true. Many follow the recommendations of the DAH and limit themselves to one or two “long-term play partners”.

My personal opinion is that only a quick vaccination process might help us. A small help may also be the self tests. That way there’s at least some degree of safety during private sessions. Still does not solve the problem with the number of allowed to meet persons restriction though. And as though as that may be, everyone should still follow it. But even that, in the end, is something everyone decides for themselves.

The damage for the community is hard to predict. Fact is that surely many establishments likely won’t survive corona. Especially the “safe space rooms” are going to be missing. How that is going to affect the concerned people, may not be visible yet. I think that partially lies within our own hands, how much the community is going to help each other.

How do clubs and organisations with establishements that offer such safe spaces try to keep themselves afloat and have you already heard about such definite closings?

The most help themselves with reserves that were meant for maintenance and repair, or with donations from members and guests. Closings I have not yet heard of, luckily.

We need to Stick together and help each other!

That I am glad to hear about too. I think it will be important that WE ALL also are going to use the offers when they become back available. Do you have any insight or overview how the Clubs are planning to bring back their activities?

All the clubs are at the ready with their events. At least with those that don’t need extremely large lead time. It stands and falls all with the official regulations though.

There are some that do need a large amount of time-intense preparations. The Mr. Fetish Germany elections, which your organisation is responsible for, is one a such. How does it look in that regard?

Currently we are going with expectation that the next Mr. Fetish Germany is going to be elected in November 2022 for the year 2023. Condition for the participation is after all a regional title. And that will, from today’s view, likely only start 2022 again.

Let’s hope then that with the vaccinations also soon the kink-life will restart soon. But what can you tell others to take to heart for the oncoming time?

My plea to the community is: Please stick together, and help each other through these hard times. And especially, once it’s allowed again, visit events and establishments. The community must come out of this strong.

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  1. Great interview! Thanx!!!
    this slave, as a german but spanish resident in the canaries, was lucky enough to use that quarantine time in Germany for a two weeks trial period late January. And since this was quite intense with virtually no way out (except for its Master, who lived in Germany and didn`t have to stay in quarantine) it was a huge success… its become His and “goals are reached” so to speak. Can only recommend that!

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