I’ve talked with many guys who have had very special kinks but never with one who has a clown fetish. Today I’ve a cute kinkster from NYC with me who is talking about his attraction for quarky things.

Hi RubberShadow. Transformation is for you a real turn-on. What makes the special attraction of it?

Transformation eh? It really is a real turn on for something not real haha! It’s a fantasy of mine I’ve had ever since I was a kid! I like the idea if being forced to turn into something different for someone else’s pleasure! I like that a transformation can be both physical and mental!

Just thinking about being transformed turns me on! Sometimes I’m turned on by what I could turn into, but also HOW I transform as well! The idea of “living latex liquid” is one of my favorite methods of a transformation! Imagining someone giving you a magical drink or pouring liquid latex on top of me and having it slowly spread over my body and invade my insides until I’m nothing but a rubber puppet for someone to mold, own and control!

Is it the transformation by itself which is your kink or more the getting forced?

Both! I think a lot of kinks for me compliment and blend together easily! Transformation as kink relates to loss of control, domination, objectification, dehumanization, humiliation, etc.

That sounds like an escape from reality or at least from daily life …

It really is! I think for me that’s what being kinky is all about! It’s a form of play and escape from reality and the norm. I’m not trying to run away from life or its responsibilities, but it’s nice to drop those worries for a short time and pick up a new head space for a short time and lose myself in the moment!

I’m not trying to run away from life or its responsibilities, but it’s nice to drop those worries for a short time and pick up a new head space for a short time and lose myself in the moment!

Why is the humiliation such an important part of this “little escape”? What is the attraction of it?

Humiliation doesn’t have to be part of the escape, but it’s a newer kink I’m exploring! For me humiliation needs to be on the playful goofy side versus something more vulgar and demeaning. I guess it’s an excuse to let go more and to not take myself too seriously, but humiliation is usually a one on one situation and not a public thing! But to each their own kink and style of kink!

Humiliation is also a compliment to being dehumized and dominated, but the tone for me is more playful.

Can you give us examples for such humiliations?

Here’s a few kinks/scenarios/role plays for humilation I enjoy! Take some kinks such as pup play, abdl, gunge or clowning. I explain this from the side if the sub being humiliated, but know I do enjoy both being the humiliated and the humiliator haha. Becoming a pup, losing control of my hands and being forced to wear pup gear, be on my knees and obey my handler puts me in a submissive space. If the handler then verbally starts to tease me in a loving way saying things like “aww, what a cute dumb pup you are! Whose a dumb dog?! Whose a dumb dog?! You are! Yes you are!” As if the pup has no brain power to even understand its situation fully! But love being humiliated and dehumanized!

Clowning is a kink for you? I know there are people who love clowns, others are even scared about but there aren’t a lot seeing it as kink. How does that come?

I understand clowns can be scary for most! For me I call my turn on or kink “clowning” versus “clowns” because your average clown doesn’t give me a boner haha, and to each their own if a clown does or doesn’t do that for you! For me the act of being forced to transform into a clown physically and mentally. It’s being turned into something that looks and acts funny! Something to be laughed at and humiliated in a fun playful manner! Clowning connects to a few kinks such as humiliation, transformation, gunge, gear and sneakers in general! It’s such a niche kink, and the more strange and wacky it is the more fun I have! I love feeling loopy, mindless and goofy! It’s very freeing and very sexy!

In general clowns need an audience and also humiliations got often a boost of intensity by others seing you in this situation. But you’ve told us that you don’t like the public … why not?

I guess when I think of public play or humiliation or whatever I think of actually being outside where strangers could observe or revealing my actual identity online. And that’s not what I’m personally into or will consent to. It took a lot of courage for me to finally share clowning and abdl as kinks on my social media platforms. In some regard I did get a little turned on by revealing that to everyone, but it’s on my terms and I’m controlling the humiliation. If I want to be out of control with humiliation I prefer it to be private and one on one. But that’s just me. Nothing against those who enjoy public play, but it’s not for me personally.

That with the total public play I understand totally. But how would it be for example in a semi-public environement, for example at a fetish party of a friend where you get exposed and humiliated in front of other kinksters?

Hmmm, I guess it depends on the scenario and the friends. Being humiliated is a very personal thing and it involves a lot of trust. I would personally talk with who wanted to explore humiliation in that sort of setting first! I can be a rather reserved individual and even a small group of friends can give me anxiety!

Clowning is very sexual for me!

Trust is the base of good kink. Let us talk a little more about your clowning. How sexual is this fetish?

Clowning is very sexual for me haha, it’s still something new I’m exploring. I haven’t explored it much with someone else yet (covid), but by myself gearing up in colorful rubber or really any gear, adding clown shoes and a big red nose gets me in the mood and in the head space of a goofy horny clown! Then I try to find something to jerk off to! There are a few short story clown transformations I enjoy reading and a few illustrated comics on furrafinity that I love to jerk off to! I like doing poppers while clowned up too! It makes me feel submissive and loopy! Helps me feel so happy and horny haha! And if I really get in the mood I love hitting myself with a whipped cream pie and jerking off until I bust my clowny load! Hahaha!

In our talk before we started with the interview you’ve told me that you’ve learned that you’ve always been kinky or at least curious about some quarky things. What other odd things are you into?

Hmmm, most of the things I’ve described in my list of kinks. But one example of a kink or turn on or quark I had growing up was to wear someone else’s clothes/gear! I loved trying on someone’s sports uniform like football pads and shorts or someone’s wrestling singlet! Or even their underwear haha

Used and sweaty singlets and underwear or clean ones?

Either! Nothing toooooo dirty haha, I have some standards, but not many haha.

I’m quite sure you still have some kinks in your mind you haven’t lived yet. Could you tell us about them?

Hmmm, I’ve been wanting to dive deeper into a type of transformation. It’s hard to nail the exact classified kink it is, but in general I like the idea of a gender swapping transformation. It kind of relates to sissifaction, and objectification. But it doesn’t relate to demeaning girls or femination in general. I just like the concept of trading my dick for a mound or a pleasure hole to be used as a sex doll or toy or object. I don’t like dehumanizing women or anything like that. I just enjoy the idea of becoming a vessel for pleasure only and the idea of losing my dick and changing gender for the purpose of serving sounds hot!

It sounds like in genereal the idea of being used for the pleasure of others is a turn-on for you. How important is your own satisfaction for you?

Hehe, it depends on my mood! Sometimes I enjoy focusing on someone else’s pleasure before mine! And sometimes that applies to both doming or subing! In a sub setting I like being a passive passenger where I’m in gear and bondage, and I get to be played with as an object. When I dom I like to make someone become that bondage object I get to play with! But there are other times I like having or sharing the satisfaction with someone! It depends on the chemistry and the dynamic we’re seeking together!


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