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When I looked into the mirror, oh boy I almost cried of joy.

Hello dear readers, I’m here today with bull, a sweet wolf who’s got his turf in Germany. Say Bull, could you tell us a little about yourself? What do you all like and are you into?

Hey everyone and thank you inviting me to this interview. My name is Bull from Germany and proud to call myself a pup player. I consider myself as a wolf in the rule of an Alpha, so be careful with your questions, I bite. It was many years ago when I saw the first time a guy in a “dog mask” without knowing anything about it or any other kinks.

I started to explore it more and was surprised how much I liked it. But it took a long time to get brave enough to turn myself into pup, this was in 2019, and I dived deep into this great community. Since this time, I discovered many hidden sides of my personality and sexuality that I not even thought about before.

My human side was conservative and boring, Bull is the opposite of it. I’m still on the exploring journey and have a lot on my to-try list. Leather, gloves and metal are my favourites when it comes to outfits.

Haha well that brings me into somewhat of a conundrum, because I like to be bitten quite a bit 😉

But, back to the topic. What was your initial reaction back then? What do you think made pulled you in from that view and exploration, and what was it like when you first tried it out the pup mindset?

I was with some friends on a pub tour in my home town but as usual I didn’t drink, because I had to drive everyone home. We saw these two guys in a pup hood, at this time for me it was a “dog mask”. My drunk friends made fun of them, but I was like hypnotized from the look, the mask but also the overall outfit from them, and you could easily see it was not like a costume for them. They sort of life the character. I really couldn’t stop staring at them, but had to hide it from my friends.

It took a bit to figure out later what I saw, since I didn’t know for what I should search. What I found out was fascinating for me in every way, but I never thought about doing it myself. I’m too old, not looking good and not fit enough was my thinking. In 2019 I finally decided to buy a cheap hood from China to see how it looks and feels on me. When I put it on the first time, it was an unusual tight feeling, but it felt very comfortable. Even the smell didn’t bother me much.

When I looked into the mirror, oh boy I almost cried. It was like the first time I saw someone in the mirror that I like.

A new pup was born on that day and I felt like a different person, stronger, more confident in myself, ready to try new things and bark at everyone. I still have that feeling and had the same effect on my human side.

What do you personally see pup play as for you? And how do you live it? Is it more social, sexual, lifestyle etc?

Pup play for me is sort of an outbreak from my human personality and the possibility to show a completely different side of me. So, I would say it’s first a lifestyle and has an influence on all I do now.

I never took so many pictures of myself, bought outfits, gear, accessories, toys, decoration and more as I did as Bull. And I’m always on the hunt for something new to show or new places to go or new things to do.

The social part is something I’m still working on to increase. The digital social life, like Twitter or Telegram, is easy. But to get social in real life is something I want to improve, COVID ruined many things on that part. Events, prides or just meet fellow pups is on my list to do. Pup play is still part of the BDSM scene and the sexual part is always there, just look at the pups how hot they are.

To have sex as a pup gives a totally different experience or exposing everything to a camera is great too, but it’s clearly not the main goal for me.

So Bull gave you a new confidence, and a world to explore. What things and kinks have you been “sniffing around” in since, tried out and learned to enjoy?

Well … “Sniffing” is actually something I discovered indeed, maybe it sounds funny, but things like sniffing, licking, biting, scratching, growling and howling is really fun for me, that I didn’t have before. Beside of my pet play kink, I got deep into leather, what is surprising, because I never thought I would look good in it.

Bondage with leather and chains is also on my list. Gloves, shoes and all kind of tight-fitting outfits in spandex, lycra, neoprene, latex and rubber, cosplay in general. I never used toys before and even found out, that torture can be fun. And my “sniffing around” will continue to make my nose dirty.

Hehe I wish you fun discoveries there 😉 Last question: Why do you think leather got you attracted? What do you like about the look of it on yourself/others, and how does wearing/seeing it make you feel?

That is not easy to answer. I had an old leather jacket for daily use, and everyone told me I should get rid of it because it doesn’t fit me. My best pup friend told me, they are all wrong and I should try it again.

I bought a jacket that I liked on the first look, and when I saw myself in the mirror the first time, I just told myself

“That is totally ME”.

I can’t remember I felt so good in anything I wore before. Maybe it’s the feeling that the thick leather protects me from everything that could harm me. The scent and touch of the real leather does the rest.

The black and red leather just shows my inner personality, I guess. If I look at someone in leather, my mind tells me it must be a “dominant real man”, to see myself in leather makes me think and feel the same.

I hope that does makes any sense to you.

It does. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and the readers. It was a real pleasure, and I still wish you a great kinky journey, and many social fun once you can go on events again 🙂

Pup Bull



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