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Today I’m very glad about this decision. That I overcame myself and did something crazy




Hello dear readers, today I’m here with a red rubber pup from the land of mozart.

Kami, can you tell me a bit about yourself? When did you first come into contact with kink and fetish?

Well first of all a big woof to the pup community and the readers, and you. Thank you very much for the invitation to this interview.

I am 20 years old and have been active in the pet play scene for about 3 years now. Born in the year 1999 in Tirol, a relatively small but beautiful federal state in Austria, when I was 17 I’ve left my home already for relationship reason and quit my school to be with my now ex-boyfriend. When it came towards the end of our relationship I’ve stumbled over pup play through the furry community. In that I’ve been since 2014 btw.

I was a little aversed towards trying things like that in the beginning, but after a few weeks it got to me anyway. I just thought: “Aw come on, let’s just try it.” 2-3 weeks later my first pup hood lay on the porch. I was totally thrilled when trying it out, and searched for other puppies in telegram groups, over the web and also in my furry friend circles, and of course found some. That’s how I got into the scene. Naturally I’ve been made aware about pet play events, where I’ve met my now-boyfriend. On that event I’ve also came across the most various puppies and fetishes, and a few of the latter stuck with me immediately, like rubber, watersports, toys and so forth.

Why were you aversed to it at the beginning? And what do you think today about your thoughts back then?

At that time I wasn’t so active in the furry fandom anyomre and did solely just concentrate on my relationship and my then-boyfriend. After time, it all became grey and boring though, I was just there for my bf and he for me. The love-glasses of the first relationship. We, or better said more me, wanted to have more fun again, and searched for something new, and to be more active in the furry scene.

There I then found pup play, like already mentioned. I was slightly aversed to it first because I was still only 17 back then and still a little uptight when it came to fetish, actively living out your desires and all these things. What you don’t know and find strange often is a bit outlandish to oneself, especially if you can’t yet relate to or imagine it immediately. But after some time it crossed in my mind more and more, that I am still young, and that I could still experience so much. It was almost like a little ecstasis when I noticed that I want out of here, and let my lust and desires free reign. That’s how it developed. And today I’m very glad to make this decision. That I did overcame myself and did something crazy like this.

Sometimes it takes time and selfwork. But often it pays off. You said there’s a few fetishes that stuck with you, like latex for example. What glued that to you? 😉

Latex for me is just an allrounder that belong to my pup play. It just looks great, I love the smell, the aesthetic, the feel and how with the pup hood it rounds it all so well and really limits the human body physically as well as psychically to be just a doggo. Maybe it surprises a few of you now, but I’m not wearing latex because it makes me horny to wear it. Privately I’m even only wearing it very rarely, as I belong to the kind of people that are lazy and don’t really want to go through the long effort it takes to put it on.

But for my boyfriend and other guys who are really into it I still put it on from time to time, to pleasure them, and also since it still kind of belongs to it to a certain degree. It just looks better than naked skin. It’s its own special feeling when you see puppies in latex that I can’t really describe. It just looks very hot and horny.

If one reads through your answer it seems like it really is deeply connected with pup play. Is that so, and is that also the case with the other “stuck” fetishes for you?

Well of course latex without pup hood or pet play still has something, especially with gasmask it’s very alluring. And other fetishes like feet and watersports and public I partially had before my dog life too. However I ignored them and didn’t really lvied them out, or just was not ready in my head to do them in real life. I also was a little ashamed of them back then. With becoming a puppy, through the hood and the knowledge that there are others besides me that got very pervy fetishes that upthightness loosened and my shyness to live it so openly went away. I’ve also started to discover new things for myself since then, like breathplay, bondage and light SM too through the fetish-rich life with all the puppies I’ve had the luck to get knowing.

So it was a bit of a catalyst for you then 😉 And today, what meaning does fetish have for you all in all?

Fetishes are a part of my daily life, and if we’re honest, of almost every other person. A big part of humanity has at least some kind of fetish, some certain object, a certain manner of behaviour or a special body part or smell taht is more arousing than others. Most connect a certain feel of shame with those fetishes, which is why they don’t want to talk about them, and won’t show them to others openly. But I for one discovered these kinks, and like to live them as much as I can and share them online as well, because I think one shouldn’t have to hide his likes from others.

Very true. An excellent sentence to end on. Thank you very much for your time Kami, and I wish you all the best on your further fetish journey.

Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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