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Josh Parker: About Feet, Armpits, Dirty Underwear & Smells

MasterMarc: Hi Josh, nice to have you here. Today we will talk a little about the importance of your nose for your fetish life. But first of all, it would be great if you would introduce yourself to our readers.

joshparker-161129-120Josh ParkerHello MasterMarc! Likewise, it’s great to be here too. I’m honoured. Well, as you know, my name is Josh Parker. I’m 28 years old and I was born in Liverpool in the UK. I’m probably best known for my work as an ex Porn Star between the years of 2010-2013. During my porn years, I fillmed solo scenes for websites including BritainsBoys, Blakemason, Selfshotboys, HornyBoy and Britblokes. I also filmed several DVD scenes  for EuroboyXXX, LoadXXX, RawReality and BarebackBoys (Two of which were Bondage scenes). I’d love to work in porn again, but as far as my work life currently stands, I work professionally as an Escort. In my spare time, I’m also a human pup named Ace.  So, I guess you could say I have 3 roles within my life, but in a way, they’re all intertwined. I would say they’re all  parts of my creativity and my own personality. I am more than happy to talk about my fetish life with you today.

MasterMarc: You’re totally into feet, armpits, dirty underwear etc. It seems that you’re nose is a very sexual organ. Can you tell us, what is the attraction of smells? 

Josh Parker: Feet are the biggest thing to get me off. Stick a pair of feet in my hands or mouth and I get an instant erection. I could play with feet for hours on end, licking and sucking. I’d happily sniff someone’s dirty socks or trainers too. Overly powerful one’s due to foot problems like athletes foot, can be a bit overbearing at times, but I can live with general smelly stuff. My nose can be a sexual organ, but I can’t really give much answer as to why smells are attractive, other than the act being dirty. Dirty underwear is probably the main thing that turn me on in regards to smells. The smell of an arse can really get me off. It turns me on when I rim someone as well, before sticking my dick in them, so that could also account for why I’ve grown custom to the scent. I also have a WS fetish, so a guy pissing in his underwear would turns me on for sure. I think that again, piss smells are nice, but when they are stale, they become a little too much. I prefer fresh stuff. As for armpits, they are different, as the visual aspect comes in to play. I’d prefer people not to spray their pits sometimes if I’m honest, just so I can lick and sniff them.


MasterMarc: When have you noticed that you are totally into feet and smells? And what have been your first experiences in that field?

Josh Parker: I really don’t remember my first experiences in those fields but I probably explored with my own body first. I’m a very open minded person and I’ve done my fair share of exploring another person’s body as well as testing the waters with my desires in kinks and fetishism. I  don’t believe it’s right to restrict yourself. If you want to try something, do it. As long as it doesn’t cause any harm to yourself or others, who’s to tell you what’s right or wrong? There are some  things that people just don’t like or want to try and I’m no different in that respect.  As for feet, I’m aware that people  have foot fetish due to the part of the brain that controls the sexual glands being located next to the part that controls feet. Cross wiring occurs and just like that, people have a thing for feet. So, I’ve never really questioned the reasons as to why I like feet. I’m not ashamed of it either, it’s not something everyone will understand, but I’m okay with that. I had urges to try and I did. I think it’s enhanced my sex life if I’m honest. Sometimes I don’t desire them, other times I get sudden urges for them. I think it’s likewise with the smells. I don’t know when I’ll have an urge to smell something. It’s all spontaneous.

MasterMarc: Is it important that the guy you’re playing with is also a foot fetishist or is it enough if he just enjoy that he gets a good foot massage and his feet licked? 

Josh Parker: I wouldn’t say it’s important for a guy (or a woman – as I am bisexual) to have a foot fetish, or to be into anything I like. It’s sometimes refreshing when someone likes something different or shares a different outlook than you. It can change a lot of dynamics and if you haven’t tried something, may open your mind to do so. I’d happily play with someone who prefers vanilla stuff, I can’t say it’s totally for me, I’m too kinky to remain living a vanilla lifestyle, but I do have the ability to switch my fetish side  off, should I please. If I really like a person, I can happily do so. So, to say it’s important for someone to ‘like feet’ puts a restriction over me and I don’t like that. If a guy is happy to have me massage or lick his feet, I’m totally down with that. If he doesn’t have a foot fetish, then it just shows he respects that I do and is open minded enough to  let me enjoy doing my thing. That’s hot in my opinion. I totally love that.


MasterMarc: And if someone is into feet what kind of other action beside massage and licking is possible?

Josh Parker: Well I do think massaging them is quite important to me, along with licking feet – especially the soles. Soles of feet are the most attractive parts for me, and I don’t just like licking them softly, I prefer to lick them hard. I think that’s probably because I am so turned on by them. Aside from the licking there’s kissing them and foot-jobs. I do love sucking them, and I also like sucking toes. That is a big turn on for me. I’m not really into having my feet tickled myself, but I’ll happily tickle someone else. It’s all in good fun at the end of the day. I kind of like it when  a guy is intolerant to tickling, it’s kind of exciting to see them struggling and laughing unbearably. I guess it sounds selfish that I say I don’t like doing it myself, but I guess I’d let a guy I like do it, I just can’t say I’d enjoy it all that much. Like I say, I’m not very submissive.

MasterMarc: You say that you’re not really submissive but to lick feet is for most of the people a symbol of submission. Can you explain us your point of view?

Josh Parker: That’s a very good question, and if I was ever confronted by a person in regards to that assumption, I’d happily allow them to voice their opinion, but I’d also voice mine. I  can agree to some extent that it can be a submissive role  (for many people), though it’s a very dynamic and broad fetish. Submission is about conforming to the wishes of others, allowing yourself to be dominated and controlled. If someone tried dominate me, I’d not feel all that comfortable about the situation. I play with feet on my own accordance and my own desire to, not because I was told to do so.  I go back to where I say “it’s a dynamic fetish”, what I actually mean by that is there are other guys into feet who are dominant too. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s your brain that controls the desire for feet, not the role in which you associate yourself with. I can also argue the case that I do like making a guy play with my feet at times, so the tables can easily be flipped around on this one. It’s not just a submissive act. It’s an act that both submissive and dominant people can enjoy. I think one thing that’s important for me to say on the whole subject, is it doesn’t matter what other people think, it matters what you think and feel. If you feel you are submissive or if you feel you are dominant, then no one can judge you or say otherwise. You are what you feel most comfortable with.


MasterMarc: To judge about the fetish of others is always a mistake as everyone is different and has different needs. That is something we want also to show here on sadOsam. But now let us talk about armpits. What is the attraction of it?

Josh Parker: You’re quite right and I’m glad you also feel that way. It doesn’t just apply to fetishism though, it can apply to every day life. There’s quite an epidemic amongst humans, where the need to judge other people comes in to play. Mostly, because of what we don’t understand or what we don’t conform to ourselves. This is why I’m quite proud that I’m open minded.

Armpits? It’s a funny one, because instantly we talk about smells, though I don’t know if smells are a main factor for me. I  like smells, don’t get me wrong, but I also find armpits very erotic to view. Just looking at hairy armpits gives me a sudden urge to lick and kiss them. The smell is just a bonus if it’s there, but not mandatory.  I’ve been attracted to armpits for a very long time, but I first became aware I liked them in High School in the  PE changing rooms. There was this guy called Jake, who had really hairy pits and I couldn’t stop myself looking at them. The desire to touch and lick them was definitely there. The funny thing is, back then I was  ashamed of my sexuality and my sexual desires. I’m just glad I have explored what I like, because there’s nothing worse than suppressing yourself.

MasterMarc: Hehe. And what do you think about shaved armpits?

Josh Parker: I don’t think hairless armpits quite have the same appeal to me. I mean, trimmed ones can still be nice, though I think for me, hairy is  the main attraction. I’d still go near a guy with hairless armpits, don’t get me wrong. I just think I’d be more turned on if they were hairy. Some may argue that’s because they’re more masculine, and to some extent I can somewhat agree with that, it could be the reason. I’m not really one for criticising anyone or telling others what they should or shouldn’t do with their own body though. It’s the same for a guy who shaves his legs, some people would say it’s feminine, but who is anyone to really judge you, if that’s what you prefer? I don’t believe it’s a nice thing to make an assumption that someone is ‘feminine’ based on where you chose to shave. I can’t see the appeal myself,  but like I say, it’s my opinion, it’s not the same for everyone. If a man shaves his armpits and feels more comfortable that way, then he should by all means continue. The opinions of others are never of any importance, you are who you are and you like what you like.


MasterMarc: Last but not least you have tell us a little more about your desire to smell on dirty underwear. When have you started to smell on strangers underwear and where have you found it?

Josh Parker: I wouldn’t say I’ve ever found a random strangers underwear, I’ve not quite had that experience. The first time was  through a fuck buddy of mine, from the past. If I remember correctly, he threw a pair of his dirty underwear at me and asked if I’d like to sniff them. It wasn’t really a submissive thing for me, because it was an optional choice. He wasn’t going to force me at the end of the day. I found the idea completely horny and I’m glad I did sniff them, it was an absolute turn on especially sniffing for piss and arse smells.  There was something about the act that felt dirty and instead of shying away, I just embraced it. I don’t really sniff guys underwear as often as I’d like to, but I’d never turn the opportunity down, as I really do find it a turn on to have a guys dirty underwear in my face. Before I go, I just want to thank you for the interview SadOSam, it’s been an absolute pleasure and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with my followers on twitter and of course, with your readers.

MasterMarc: It was great to having you here with us. But I have a real last question: Do you have some underwear of some of your fuckbuddies at home at a secret place to sniff on it and to remember the horniness of the moment you have spent with them?

Josh Parker: Haha… no sadly, I’m afraid I don’t. I guess I don’t really see him in the same light now either. I do however, need to find a  new cute guy to give me some of his used underwear. We’ll see, I don’t know what’s in store for me yet, but well, a guy can at least dream can’t he? It’s been great to be here and I’ve  most certainly enjoyed your questions. 


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