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You Almost Forget You’re A Regular Human Being.

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1994 | 168 cm | 63 kg

New York (US)


Hey readers, today we got a shiny gimpyboy here: Jackhellwing, tell us a bit about yourself 🙂 what do you all like?

Hello, I am a 24 y/o rubber gimp in New York and I love full coverage rubber and bondage. The tighter the better. I love it when rubber looks very shiny and slick, almost like a second skin that keeps me trapped but also kind of protected from the outside.

How did you first find out about rubber, and what fascinated you about it/made you want to try it?

Well, I had always been fascinated with tight materials. I remember being turned on by neoprene wetsuits at the beach in my early teenage years. Then, as I got older and got exposed to porn, I found out about rubber and immediately loved it. It looked so shiny and it made that plastic noise that for some reason got me super excited.

But it took me many many years to get the courage to try it. I didn’t dare to go on Recon until I was around 20, and still then, it took me forever to dare to meet the first person there. I remember I tried my first suit on a trip to Amsterdam, at Boys4Bondage’s apartment. It was everything I had dreamed of and more!

That was back in early 2015. I got my first suit in late 2016. and from then, there was no way to stop!

Is latex something that is more for sex and sessions or is more of a whole lifestyle?

I’m starting to apreciate latex outside of the dungeon, more as an art form. Especially since I started an Instagram account. To be honest, I don’t usually wear rubber outside of sessions but that may be because I only have full suits and it’s just not very practical. I enjoy playing by myself in rubber sometimes too, but I’d be lying if I said there isn’t a huge sexual component in seeing myself in latex. I guess it’s a learning curve.

I’m in love with the aesthetics that rubber provides and I love it when I get good pictures from a session. Would I rubber up just for pictures and without playing? Probably yes. But I’d probably get horny and have to do something about it sooner or later.

What exactly does change for you once you get in your rubber? What does it add to sex?

I immediately get in the submissive mood. Sometimes it’s incredibly obvious and I just laugh at myself. The second the hood goes on (which is usually the last piece of rubber I put on), I get quiet and ready. Same thing happens after playing. Once I’m released and start taking the rubber off, I become a regular person again, can’t stop talking and laughing…

I’m not sure what makes me switch modes like this, it may be that I just trained myself to start the game when I’m fully covered. I just know I suddenly realize how nice and tight it feels everywhere and just let myself go.

I have some trigger objects like that myself. But I also know this letting go “headspace” often varies in intensity, doesn’t it?

Haha definitely! I get more and more into this headspace the more tied up I am. Blindfolds also make me more submissive, if you can’t see, you’re at your dom’s mercy.

Recently I spent my first night in rubber and got to test my endurance in this submissive mood. It made it through the night, although I was ready to take my rubber off and go home early in the morning. It was with kinkyken21, he always keeps me tied up for long periods of time and super shiny, which makes for great pictures.

It happened a couple times with him that I got really really submissive and started begging him to play with me and tease me. After being ignored for like an hour, I guess I just felt like the only way to get some attention was to beg. It kinda worked haha.

But it’s crazy because for a moment you almost forget you’re a regular human being with a job and a life of your own.

XD I know right? Its strange, yet very exciting too, and makes you wonder what happens if you go further in that space. Do you have such fantasies? Where you’re being kept as a rubber gimp slave over longer time and just become that?

Haha yeah, but I think it all sounds so much better in your head than what it actually is. I have a lot of fantasies of spending a whole week tied up in full rubber, milked with electro and a milking machine non-stop. The truth is that after the second or third load, I just want to go home haha. And tight rubber starts being uncomfortable after a few hours. I especially struggle with the toe socks, my toes start hurting after around three hours in rubber. A couple of months ago I visited Tklbndg516 (hope I got the name right) in Long Island. I had told him about a fantasy I had and wanted to make it happen.

I told him I wanted to be tied up in suspension, electro on my butt and a milking machine draining me, and I wanted him to keep me there until I came at least five times. Only managed to do two loads haha. It was a lot to take in for such a long time. I’d do it again tho! Maybe I just need training!

Haha training is never wrong 😉 thank you for your time, and hopefully we’ll talk again soon.

Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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