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Diaper Guide: It feels good to mess my diaper

sadOsam: Hi Lorenzopadded. You’re a young ABDL but you are living your fetish for a long time. Can you tell us, what your first ABDL experiences have been and how you have explored your fetish? 

Lorenzopadded: Well I started off doing wedgie video dares on YouTube people know me as wedgiedarebrothers or wedgiedareboy!! Started when I was 14. Was really bored in the summer and I had this thing for wedgies. So I thought why not just make a youtube account and have people send me wedgie dares. So I did that and instantly I was getting so many subscribers got up to 500 subscribers. Didn’t even plan on hitting that much. This was just for fun. Then I’d get people asking me to wear a diaper. I don’t know if this started it or if it was middle school but I feel like I always had a thing for diapers. I would have so many dreams about it and would wake up with commies in my undies. I feel like my first tbdl experience was in middle school.

Wasn’t a planned one. I wet my pants accidently and had to go to nurses office. They gave me a pair of sweat pants but they office don’t carry around boy underwear. So they gave me a diaper to wear. Embarassing part was that they know we haven’t worn for a long time so wouldn’t expect us to know how to put it on. So the nurse had to put it on me which made me blush and almost got a hard on. I actually thought it felt really fun and when I got home I kept wearing it. Didn’t want to take it off but eventually parents threw them away.

After a while when I was 16 years old. I decided to buy some diapers. I rode up my bike to discount drugmart and got goodnite diapers. I was nervous buying them I instantly told the cashier they were for my brother but I feel like I gave myself away. So once I got home I ran upstairs and put them on. Instantly fell in love with them!! Started wetting them and pooping them was best experince ever. I didn’t want to sit on them because I was scared of the mess. Youtube kept deleting my channels for videos that were not even that bad. So I moved to wedgie clips for a while but then that got shut down to. So then I found tumblr and uploaded my pics and vids to there. Tumblr helped me find so many cool diaper boys and girls out there like me!!!

Some would message me and know who I am. Some I would meet and hangout with!!! Also some I talk to on kik and alot of them helped me get into sitting in my mess that I now love doing. I have really close ones I like to talk to!! You all know who u are :). My favorite tumblr blog was gizzy. One of the cutest and awesome best diaper friends to have!!! He and some other people got me into sitting in my mess. Also helped me through situations. Like changing into a diaper at school. Almost got caught but thankfully didn’t. I realise how embarassing and can be hard to change in public restroom for people who actually need diapers that can’t control there bladders. I support them though for doing that it’s not so easy. I also told some of my friends just recently about my diaper fetish and that. Ones I can trust and they accepted me and supported me for doing it. They are great friends to have!!! I love the diaper community I grew up with and will always be a abdl!!!

sadOsam: Can you explain us the sexual attraction of diapers?

Lorenzopadded: Well it’s probably different for everybody. What I like to do is it feels really good when I mess and wet my diaper then just sit in it. And play in it. Mush it all around then take some vasoline and rub myself till I go cummies. When having diaper friends over. It’s super fun to mess your diapers together then start humping each other mushing the poopy around in each others diaper!!! Feels so great. I have not yet tried sex in diapers before yet. Like poking holes through front and back. Something I would like to try at least. Sometimes when I mess I like to unfold my diaper and just like move around in it while jacking. Use vasoline and sometimes use my dildo. Feeling that warm messy diaper against your crotch and butt feels so nice.

Also I been reading diaper stories they turn me on alot and diaper anime pics to. I have wrote some of my own diaper stories on my screen name on there is diaperdareboy if anybody wants to read my stories. Alot of people on tumblr like them. Also I guess being babied is fun to like the age play like little bro and big bro stuff. Getting treated like a baby. Getting spanked, fed baby food, milk, and given a bath is fun to. Getting babied though doesn’t have to be sexual but it can be for some people. That’s all I can think of atm. I might be missing some other stuff but that’s all I can think of.

sadOsam: If you’re talking about to mess your diapers are you just talking about piss or more?

Lorenzopadded: When I talk about messing my diaper that usually means pooping my diaper. Wetting is peeing your diaper.

sadOsam: So do you don’t have scat experiences? And what do you think about?

Lorenzopadded: I don’t really think I have. I mean I don’t know if sitting in my messy dirty diaper counts. I love sitting in it and mushing it around. I don’t really judge on people who like scat play.

sadOsam: It sounds like a kind of scat play light. 🙂 As you have tested several diapers we are now really interested to know, what do you think about the different brands and models.

Tykable overnights

People have said they arnt that great for maximum wetting but I think they are amazing. I love design and I loved using them. My friend traded them for one of my diapers.

Crinklz Diaper

Now this is my favorite diaper. I love the design and are super thick and awesome for messing and wetting. They are super expensive though. My friend sent me a sample box of different diapers and there was two of those in the box. I love them so much. Highly recommend trying.

Dry 24/7 Diaper

They are pretty good. I mean I wish they had design on them. One of my friends sent me these diapers. They are super good.

Littlepawz Diaper

I got these on my birthday. They are amazing and so cute. Super good on absorbant and messy level. Can handle a enema bag too.

Space Diaper (Abu)

I loved these one I first ordered them. The aliens dissapear when u wet them. Super thick!!

Rearz Diaper

Cute little paw prints on them. They are pretty good to. Pretty absorbant and nice.


I got this off a diaper friend to. Super cute design. But not one of like the best diapers compared to abu. Abu has really good diapers. I like wearing them though really cute.

Cushie Diaper (Abu)

I love them. I got them off of a friend. He gave me two of them to try. I love cushies they hsve cute design and there really absorbant and cute.

Safari Diaper

It is the diaper that I tried most recently. Omg world’s thickest diaper. These you can fill up and mess so much. Like literally I was lucky enough to get to try one on. My friend had some. Always wanted to wear and they were awesome.

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