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When I Have Latex On I Just Feel So Good With Myself

Pup Shade

1995 | 188 cm | xx kg

Harrogate (UK)

Shade’s Twitter

Hey readers, today we got a cute pup in England, which I assume is quite sly from it’s nickname πŸ˜‰ Shade, can you tell us a little about yourself and your kinks/fetishes? What are you all into?

Well I’m not the best at sly, I’m a little bit big for that. But generally I try to be a quiet, open and relaxed person. Kink wise on I am definitely a big fan of latex and bondage, those would have to be my favourites.

What exactly do you like about bondage? Can you describe it a bit?

It’s kind of hard to describe, it makes me feel a little vulnerable, but also more open and relaxed. It makes me feel more physically as well, so when I’m touched or teased, it makes the experience more intense than it would be without the restraints. It definitely triggers me being horny too and makes me wanting to be played with more. But if someone is in bondage in front of me, I really want to tease them too.

And as for latex? What pulled you towards that? How do you feel when you put it on, and see it etc :)?

Latex I was drawn to after seeing a vacbed video online, and when I met someone wearing a full suit I was drawn to it even more. I loved the smell, feel and look of it and when I have it on I just feel so good about myself.

Hehe it’s got a special sensation to it, hasn’t it? πŸ™‚ Was that how you got into fetish and Kink? Or how did you discover that for yourself?

Well, there was a program called sexcetera which was kind of a documentary on different kinks on tv. And when I saw just a couple minutes of it while looking for something to watch, I thought to myself: “That’s something I need to try.”. After some searching online I started finding all these different kinks that I wanted to explore, and eventually I joined recon and started to do them.

And yes, latex is definitely special. It just seems to make things better and adds to it for me πŸ™‚

How is it when it comes to other guys? Has what you look out for changed since you saw the documentary and joined the fetish circle? πŸ™‚

Well I only started seeing guys when I got into kink, so there wasn’t really much none kink meeting before then. My views haven’t really changed though. I will always be open about my kinks with someone, but it’s more important how I connect with him for me than anything else.

How important are your kinks/fetishes to you would you say? And do you think you discovered all you like already? Or are there still things that may get added to your list? πŸ˜‰

I don’t think I’ll ever fully discover my kinks, because when I’m with someone, what I enjoy and like depends on how the dynamic works. Sometimes there are things which are more enjoyable with one person than another, and sometimes it just feels perfect with that person, and I’m willing to try a lot more with them than usually.

But there are still a couple things I really want to try. For example I really want to try being in bondage for longer and a session that lasts more than a couple hours πŸ™‚ That would be cool.

We have talked about latex and bondage this entire interview now. But whats veryvisible in the pictures and vids as well is pup play. What is that for you?

For me its just letting go and enjoying myself. I just love getting into the headspace and enjoying it while it lasts. I’m usually quite reserved and keep to myself. When I’m playing around I am still reserved but I’m more social and willing to play. It can make me more spontaneous and willing to interact with people. When I have my hood I feel like I can just be there in the moment, rather than just thinking about other things that are on my mind.

Awesome. Thank you for you time and I hope you’ll have a lot of fun time playing and getting tied up πŸ˜‰

Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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