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I’m Baring It All For Everyone to See, So They Know What They Get Into


1995 | 173 cm | 68 kg
Vancouver (CA)

Pup_Powder on Twitter.

Hey readers, we got a returning guest again today. Pup Powder already told us once about his exciting fetish life, and now has come back to tell us a bit more details about some parts of it. Powder, you are quite much into pup play and it’s been, from what I can gather from the last interview, your first contact with fetish right? How was that and what made you so intrigued by it?

I made my first contact with pup play at a sex party I was invited to by one of my ex boyfriends good friends. I went, and I noticed throughout the night that the DJ was wearing a puppy hood, and me being a man who loves animals and was already part of the furry fandom, I was immediately interested and curious. I’ve always wanted to explore my more stress free animalistic side where I didn’t have to worry about bills or rent. So I got in contact with that DJ, who also happened to be the guy who invited me to the party.

We started having coffee and chatting about pup play. Then we started dating, then we started going to pup events together. It really keeps me interested because pup play is able to incorporate any fetish you want, but And it’s such a sex positive and welcoming community. I’ve made a lot of amazing long term friends exploring pup play then I would’ve on my own, and that’s why I love pup play.

That’s a wonderful story 🙂 and I’m happy you had such positive experiences with it. How do you personally combine/incorporate it with your other fetishes?

Well I incorporate many fetishes with my pup okay at different times but the main fetish I do is my exhibitionism. I go everywhere in my pup hood just to see people’s reactions. Yes sometimes the reactions are bad but there are far more good reactions like people smiling or giggling or some even ask questions which opens up an avenue for me to educate people in what it is we pups do. I’ll go to the bar in gear that “shows my figure” and my pup hood on cause I love it when I see people looking at me.

I’ve also done several photo shoots in my puppy gear and been on two calendars, in a newspaper, and on a photographers website. It’s not an ego thing for me. It just really turns me on to know people see me or my photos or my videos and they enjoy them. And puppy play really gets me into the perfect headspace to do that without any worries.

Ok, I got to ask a question that you often find in the back of the heads of in many peoples minds now: Do you also use the hood to conceal your face for web and recognition safety? If so, how much of an issue is it for you?

I personally am not concerned with showing my face online or in crowds when I’m doing pup play. Never been a concern I’ve had. But I do understand why some people use the pup hood as a form of concealment. Some pups in their normal life, work in jobs where their security would be at risk if anyone found out, so they wear the pup hood to keep people from recognizing them. That’s a very reasonable reason and I totally respect it. They other people wear the hood because it helps them get into puppy headspace better. I don’t need it for either of those things but I wear a pup hood for the sake of roleplay.

Interesting. Does bringing in the pup play also feel like you’re sharing more of yourself when you live out your exhibitionistic side than when you do it without? Do you feel more of a rush?

Well I feel puppy play is way to express a more animalistic and instinctual side of myself. So yes I do feel like I’m sharing more when I’m being a puppy because it lets out a side of my personality that people don’t normally get to see. Which in turn definitely gives me more of a rush because that’s when I feel like I’m truly exposed and when I’m truly exhibiting myself.

When I’m not in puppy headspace I always have mental walls built up to hide parts of myself from people in my everyday life, but when I’m a puppy those walls all come down. So yes it’s definitely more of a thrill when I practice my exhibitionism as a puppy.

Hehe it sounds a little similar to what my experiences felt like. What were some of the most memorable moments you had doing this fetish combo, and for what reasons?

My most memorable moments while being an exhibitionist pup were probably when I was attending camp k9 in Washington state. It’s a puppy play oriented camping weekend at a gay run clothing optional campground put on my the local puppy group. And the reason they’re so memorable is because I was able to walk around naked everywhere I went and as a result I ended up having a lot of outdoor sex with an audience. But that wasn’t all. Also through those experiences I got to meet a lot of great people who I’m still friends with today and I also got to make a lot of great puppy Porn content for my pornhub.

Naked and animalistic. Sounds like a very back to the natural roots weekend. What was it and felt it like to be able to run around naked and be puppy? Was that also something you liked/found a connection with? Have you found your inner nudist? 😉

I’ve always been a nudist at heart. If I don’t have to wear clothes, I won’t. I don’t wear clothes at home, and usually not at friends places as long as they’re ok with it. At pup events or fetish events I’ll usually wear as little as is legally allowed. I’ll always choose to go to a nude beach over a regular one. I feel much more comfortable when I’m naked.

So it’s not that I’ve found my inner nudist. It’s always been there. I just now have the appropriate opportunities to practice it. I just feel that when I’m naked, there’s no expectations I have to live up to for anyone. I’m baring it all for everyone to see, so they know what they’re getting into.

Very honest. Ok last question. After all we heard it may be silly, cause you lived out a lot, but: Do you still have a fetish fantasy dream? Something you’d like achieve one day and make come true? If so, what is it?

Not a silly question at all. Honestly, I’ve always been mainly a Dom top pup. An alpha in other words. But I’ve been trying to explore more as a bottom and become more of a versatile pup. While still being dominant. But a fantasy I am trying to work towards if you don’t mind the explicit language, is that I’ve wanted to spend a whole day purely submitting to another Dom in full dog headspace. On all fours, eating from bowls, and letting him use my ass, mouth, worship his feet, use me as a footstool, make me sleep at the foot of the bed, etcetera. Just live a whole day as a dog serving a Dom. I’ve got a very long way to go in achieving that fantasy, and I have yet to find the right person to do that to me. But it’s a fantasy I’m working towards all the same.

A blissful day description to me :)) I hope you find the right person to make that a reality with soon, and thank you very much for your time. Hope to talk to you again soon.

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