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I Need It Bigger (1)

WARNING: This story contains EXTREME examples of fictional racism. If you are not okay with racial slurs or this type of raceplay, then please for the love of god don’t leave some half-brained comment expressing your hate…just move on. It is important to remember that all themes and subjects covered in this story are completely FICTIONAL. This story does not condone real-life racism or violent actions in any way.

NOTE: All students expressed in this story are senior level students, meaning that they are 18 years old.

The name’s Lamar. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that, as a young boy, I am thoroughly obsessed with my dick. I love touching it, playing with it, and watching it grow. I’ve got about 9 inches of girthy black meat dangling between my legs. I used to think that was a lot, but I guess it’s only average for black boys like me.

Most of the girls in school realize how much more pleasurable it is to fuck a black boy. I’ve had countless girls come up to me and beg me to fuck them. I love that look on their face as they stare at my giant throbbing shaft. There’s just something about having a huge cock that makes me feel so powerful and dominant. As great as all that sounds… I still want it bigger! Every night I’m plagued with dreams of having a dick twice as big as what I have now. This obsession finally reached a new level of depravity the other day. It’s the reason that I now stand at my bedside with a bottle labeled “Experimental Growth Hormones.” A few nights ago, when I was browsing through the internet’s collection of huge cocks and busty women, I came across a strange advertisement on one of the pages.

“Want the biggest dick in the world? Try Experimental Growth Hormones!”, the advertisement read. In the small flashing image was a picture of a white guy with a dick that must have been a foot long. I laughed to myself, knowing the full truth about just how small white dicks are. Nevertheless, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to buy some, hoping that it could make my already large member unnaturally huge. It didn’t take long for it to ship to my house. Now, only a few days later, I stand here with the bottle in my hand.

I quickly pop off the cap and let the aroma rise from inside the bottle. I couldn’t quite pinpoint the foreign smell. Perhaps these were what pheromones smelt like. It was a strange and odd smell…and yet I was extremely aroused by them. I leaned my head over and looked into the shadowy bottle. I could see what looked like a couple dozen rounded circular pills. I glanced at the back of the bottle, realizing that I had no idea how many of these to take. The sticker on the back read, “Take ONE pill PER DAY to ensure a safe growing experience.” I reached in and grabbed one of the pills. Considering how they were pretty small pills, I quickly threw it into my mouth and swallowed it without needing any water. Even though I was slightly disappointed that my dick didn’t start instantly engorging with blood and ripping through my pajamas, I understood that this would need some time to take effect. I crawled into bed and anxiously awaited the morning.

I awoke the next morning feeling…tight. It felt like my skin was being pulled taut against my body. I quickly yanked off my pajamas, hoping to see a monstrously huge cock between my legs. I pouted with disappointment. It was no bigger than it was last night. I was normally about 7 inches while flaccid, and about 9 inches when hard. I thought perhaps that it seemed slightly wider than before, although that could have just been my imagination trying to make me happy. I grabbed the bottle of pills that were sitting on my nightstand.

“Damn waste of money, is all this is.” I murmured to myself. I popped open the cap and let the intoxicating smell wash over me. Perhaps I didn’t take enough, I thought. I dumped three more pills in my hand and threw them into my mouth, one by one. I swallowed each one individually and threw the bottle back down on my dresser. I got dressed for school and left the house.

To my disappointment, this day at school was completely normal. In my dreams I thought this might be the day that I walk into school sporting a two-foot long dick that makes everyone drop to their knees. Sadly, nothing seemed special about today. My last class of the day was history. I sat patiently, just waiting for it to be over. Mr. Johnson stood up at the blackboard and rambled on about the same useless facts that he always does. I was always impressed by him, physically speaking. He was a pretty muscular man who obviously cared about his body. Unlike most history teachers, he was quite young. As a guy in his 30s, who was muscular and big…he was a pretty good looking guy, overall.

Suddenly, I could feel a strange sensation in my crotch. Once again my skin started to feel tight and warm. I could feel a pained look come upon my face as my crotch erupted in pain. Strangely, it felt as if someone grabbed ahold of my dick and pulled with all their might. I tried my best to contain my suffering, but I could see that some of the students were looking at me. One of my friends sitting next to me tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, so Mr. Johnson wouldn’t hear.

“Dude, Lamar…are you okay? What’s going on?” I could see the concern in the young boy’s eyes. I tried my best to answer but the pain was starting to resonate through my whole body. With every passing second, my pants felt tighter and tighter. It wasn’t long before I could literally see the seams of my pants starting to pull apart. I jumped up from my seat and rushed out the door. As I raced towards the bathroom, I could see the bulge in my pants getting bigger. This obvious protrusion stuck out a couple inches from my crotch. I quickly ran into the bathroom and locked myself in one of the stalls.

I threw my body onto the closed toilet seat and stared down at the throbbing bulge that was slowly tearing apart my pants. I watched as it pulsated and throbbed, as if it was alive. As my whole body tightened with pain, I grabbed a hold of my zipper and yanked it down. The beast was finally freed! My soft floppy dick sprung up and out of my zipper hole. I could see the thick veins along the shaft pulsating strangely. What used to be a 7 inch soft dick was now about 9 inches soft. It also seemed much thicker too. I laid a few fingers down on the soft shaft to gauge the width. About three fingers fully covered the girth of my flaccid dick.

I couldn’t deny how incredibly turned on I was by this growth. My dreams had finally come true! I could literally see my dick throbbing as it grew slightly with every second. I could see my dick start to swell and rise as erotic thoughts of my new monster cock filled my mind. With only the thoughts of myself and my own superiority, I started rubbing my huge shaft. I worked myself over until my dick was fully hard. I let go and marveled at my new dick. Instead of 9 inches long, it was about a foot or so. I couldn’t believe that I could finally tell people that I have a “foot long dick.”

Despite needing to get back to history class, I just couldn’t take my eyes off my own dick. Even in porn, I had never seen something so long and thick before. Instinct took over me and I slowly began jerking off my giant veiny monster. With every stroke, I felt that pain turn into pleasure. I couldn’t even feel it stretching out anymore. I couldn’t even think straight, for that matter. All I could think about was jerking off faster and faster. I dragged my hand over the entirety of my massive shaft, squeezing and rubbing every inch. Surprisingly, I was more turned on by staring at my foot long shaft that I ever was by staring at any guys and girls. There was no doubt in my mind that I now had the biggest cock in the whole school…hell, in the state, probably!

My eyes happened to graze past the clock on the wall. I stopped for a second and stared at it. To my amazement, I had been jerking myself off for nearly a whole hour! I was so caught up on admiring my gigantic veiny shaft that I completely forgot about getting back to the classroom. It was too late now. Class was over…and yet, I wasn’t even close to cumming. From past experience, I knew that I always had quite the excessive amount of stamina in the bedroom. Some of my girlfriends even complained about how long it would take me to cum, but this was completely different. I had never been able to jerk myself off for an entire hour before.

Perhaps these pills also increased my stamina. Nevertheless, whatever caused this…I didn’t care. I was just happy that I had even more time to admire my huge throbbing dick before I blew my load. For the next few minutes, I viciously jerked my dick off, as if I was mad at it. I dragged my hand up and down on my shaft as fast as I possibly could. I could feel my orgasm slowly building up inside me – unnaturally slow, I might add. As I got closer to cumming, I lifted the lid off the toilet seat and pointed my dick right at the bowl.

It didn’t take more than a couple more pumps until my first huge wad of cum shot out and splat into the toilet water with a loud splash. I couldn’t believe how much shot out! Each stream of cum must have been twice as big as it ever was before. I didn’t have the brainpower to think about what these pills were doing to my body. I jerked my dick and milked every last drop out of my swollen balls. All I could hear was splat after splat of my big thick loads slamming against the bowl. I stepped back, panting like a tired dog. The bowl was completely covered in my thick white cream. I couldn’t help but smile, impressed by the unnaturally large load that nearly filled the toilet bowl.

I tried my best to coil up my still enlarged dick and shove it into my pants. It may have fit technically, but I wasn’t fooling anyone. The huge round bulge stuck out a couple inches from my waist. I tenderly rubbed the lump in my jeans, in love with my new monster. Considering the time, I exited the bathroom and made my way out of the school. I could feel my tight bulge wiggling from side to side with each step I took towards the door. It took every fiber of my being not to whip out my foot long monster and start jerking it off right in the middle of the hallway. Perhaps it was these pills again, but I just couldn’t think about anything other than my dick. Even though I had just cum a few minutes ago, I was feeling incredibly horny again.

Nevertheless, I contained my excitement and walked back home. As I neared my house, I could feel the growing pains start again. I tried my best to contain the pain of my skin stretching out. I stumbled up to the front door, with my bulge literally throbbing under my clothes. All I could think about was dropping another load. Last time, with a fully erect dick, I couldn’t even feel the discomfort as I jacked off. I needed to get rid of this pain again. I raced up to the bathroom and locked the door behind me.

I quickly ripped my pants off with one strong yank. My huge soft dick flopped down and slapped against my thigh. It didn’t seem much bigger than it was at school, but I could literally see it pulsating with life. I wrapped my hand around the soft fleshy shaft, and sensually rubbed it up and down. It didn’t take long for my floppy shaft to become as hard as a rock. I paused for a second and looked at the mirror on the inside of the bathroom door. I smirked arrogantly when I noticed that my dickhead stuck out an entire foot from my balls. Seeing my dick from a third person perspective made me realize just how massive it looks. I took both my hands and squeezed them tightly around the shaft. My throbbing dickhead, along with a few inches of shaft, stuck out past my fingers. Not even the full width of both my hands could completely cover my unnaturally large monster.

Completely obsessed by my own gigantic dick, I lovingly stroked my monster up and down. I couldn’t believe that I already needed to cum again after just leaving the school. It wasn’t even a full hour ago that I blew the biggest load I had ever made. What were these pills doing to me? My stamina and endurance were off the charts, let alone my dick grew about 3 inches in less than 24 hours. I didn’t even think of the physical repercussions that these pills had on my body. I simply rejoiced, excited that I had found the holy grail of strength and power. My own natural strength as a black guy was already too much for some of the girls at school. With this newfound power, though, I would be unstoppable. My mind was drowning in thoughts of power and supremacy as I viciously jerked off my giant dick.

Every single movement of my hand made my body shiver with pleasure and excitement. Perhaps these pills had an effect on how much pleasure I could feel. I had masturbated many times before, but never have I ever felt this kind of ecstasy. Every time my hand squeezed tightly against my shaft, I could feel myself becoming more and more addicted. If these pills made me feel this good…then I needed more! Like before, I must have jerked off for more than a full hour or so; I honestly lost track of time. Amazed by my own stamina and dominance, I continued rubbing my hands on my thick shaft like a maniac. Faster and faster my movements became. I could feel the pleasure building inside me as I waited for the unnaturally huge load that was sure to come.

As I felt the rush of ecstasy, I quickly pointed my dick towards the closest thing I could think of. I aimed towards the empty sink as I continued to rub my dick like a madman. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t hold back anymore. When I finally let the flood gates open, I was amazed to see even stronger streams of hot cum than before. I could feel every jet rocketing out of me with incredible force. The loud splat of my cum against the porcelain sink was clearly audible throughout the whole room. I continued to jerk my shaft wildly, as I sunk further into this mindless stupor. I was amazed by my own power and virility. I had never been turned on by anyone more than I was by myself now.

As the final giant stream of cum finally slid out of my dickhole, I released my grasp. I watched as my throbbing meat stick slapped down against my thigh and twitched in place for a while. I looked up at the sink and was nearly thrown back with shock. My huge pool of thick cum had completely filled the bowl of the sink. I couldn’t help but laugh at my newfound virility. Strangely enough, I didn’t even feel tired. I had just filled an entire sink with my hot, thick load, and yet I felt like I still had more left in me. I could feel my dick still twitching and throbbing as it dangled down against my thigh. I tried my best to resist the urge to jack off again, as it was getting late.

I forced my giant trouser snake back into my tight pants and ran quickly into my bedroom. I bolted straight for my dresser, where I left the bottle of pills. I just couldn’t resist the urge to get even bigger. I quickly popped off the cap and dumped a few of the pills into my hand.

“1-2-3-4-5…” I said, as I quickly counted the pills in my hand. “That should really make this monster grow!” I threw them into my mouth one by one and swallow them all. I yanked my clothes off and jumped into bed. I could barely wait for tomorrow to arrive. I closed my eyes and waited to fall asleep.

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