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I love showing someone how kink can increase your happiness

How long have you already been living out your kinky side, and how did you come to that?

I think back to when I did things as a kid that have come full circle and have impacted my kinky lifestyle I enjoy now. Playing cops and robbers, making sure that robber was properly captured and punished. Discovering kink is completely intertwined with how I discovered my sexuality as well. Seeing men tied up in movies always gave me a special feeling. In college I tried kink with a girlfriend who had likeminded ideas as me. Slowly I discovered how I enjoyed men more and more in kink activity. I still hold an attraction to women as well, so I always try and enjoy both sides. Kink has also provided me with a family, since my biological family has not been fully excepting of who I choose to love. I am very fortunate to know and be loved by my kinky family and close kink friends, all of which are part of my chosen family.



Oregon (U.S.)

Bondage is a baseline for me, that creates the power exchange and energy of someone trusting another person to take control.

Whats especially important for you there?

The connection I make with people is the most important thing to me. I have shown a handful of people their own kinky side and they enjoy it so much. I love showing someone how kink can increase your happiness and find out about their bodies. To share what kink has done for me personally. Everyone has their own niche when it comes to kink and sexuality. It is very enjoyable to explore those areas with someone, especially if they hadn’t realized it was inside them the whole time. Sex through kink can be the most real connection you can make with someone. Due to our culture, sex is always so taboo and secret. So many miss out on discovering real pleasure. A part from the kink I have made close non sexual friends that I really have connected with.

Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

I have a very long list of kinks. I feel like I cover almost all spectrums of kink and have dabble in at least the basics. I am constantly learning from everyone I encounter. Bondage is a base line for me, that creates the power exchange and energy of someone trusting another person to take control. I prefer both sides of this exchange of control. I firmly believe in doing things as a submissive can help your dominate perspective and improve future sessions. I am always open for trying things when discussed beforehand.

What kind of guys do you like?

I really enjoy men and women that are comfortable and willing to try. That is the main starting point for everyone. Having kink experience I can learn from is always a great start for conversation. Physically I enjoy athletic/muscular builds, but experience and confidence have consistently won me over for amazing past sessions. Communication is key for any session with me, a submissive always has a choice in what will happen with their body. I usually don’t set a basic safe word, I prefer you just tell me what the issue is and we work through it.

What was your hottest experience until now?

There are so many experiences that have been amazing for me. From sessions in my own play, to woods, and in the middle of a crowded Folsom Street Fair. I really have a good session and feel pleased when the other person I am with is having an amazing time. Hopefully they will want more in the future. From a submissive side I have had an amazing session with a Goddess friend where I was mummified. The only thing exposed were my locked cock and nipples. I was her pain play thing, what made me go insane inside of my gas mask (that I love being inside) were the sounds of her own pleasure at the sight of my pain and frustration.

Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

In the last couple years I’ve been getting more interested in rubber. Seeing the extreme medical play with lots of hoses hooked up to respirators and other machines has really gotten me going. I got my first piece of rubber a year ago and I am hoping on getting a full suit soon. Objectification has always been on my kink list, but to be a rubber object just seem very mind blowing. Definitely an expensive kink, but I am planning on slowly building up my rubber and medical arsenal.

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