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I Lost My Virginity To A Daddy Guy In His 50s When I Was 16

Tom | 1989 | 180 cm | 64 kg | London (UK)

A big, beefy, hairy man that towers over me was always a big turn on.

Twitter: @SonForDaddy 

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MasterMarc: Hi Tom, I know that you are totally into older and hairy guys. Can you tell us, when have you discovered your love for daddies and, what was their attraction?

Tom: Hey MasterMarc, I think I’ve always been into older men. Even at school I never had crushes on the boys in my class, it was always the teachers or my friends’ dads that gave me butterflies. I definitely have daddy issues and you could probably link it all back to craving a strong male role model when I was going through puberty and realising I was gay. I think it’s the difference that turns me on – I’ve always been short, slight and naturally smooth, so a big, beefy, hairy man that towers over me was always a big turn on.

MasterMarc: It seems you’ve been quite young as you have realised that you’re gay. Can you tell us, what kind of feelings you have been missing by not having a strong male role model and what has been the impact of this gap?

Tom: So my family were super accepting of my sexuality. I came out to them when I was 15 and they soon realised I like older men. They’ve met most of the guys I’ve dated and several of them still send my mum a Christmas card every year. I don’t think I’ve necessarily missed out on anything by not having a male role model growing up, but I do have trouble approaching and talking to men. Guys my age are easy enough to talk to, but beautiful beefy daddies twice my age are intimidating as fuck. I’m terrified of making the first move and making small talk can be super awkward – but fucking is easy.

MasterMarc: Isn’t it just a fact, that most of us, even if they have a good self-confidence, are getting shy if they have to talk to a guy they are really interested in? So why talk, if fucking is easy? If we talk about fucking … when have you had your first real experience with a dad and how does it come?

Tom: I actually lost my virginity to a guy in his 50s. We met online when I was 16, he said he was 40. We spoke for a few months and ended up meeting in a Travelodge (classy) and screwing for like 11 hours. It was a good first experience but he wasn’t really a “daddy”.

A year or so later I started dating a beautiful, tall, Italian daddy in his mid 40s. I’ve always classed that as my entry into daddy/son roleplay. He allowed me to explore my sexuality more – and since he came out later on in life he was able to experience new things with me, while still being caring and fatherly. He’s a lovely bloke and we still speak occasionally.

MasterMarc: Do you have experiences with guys in your age or younger and can you tell us about the difference between the feelings you have with daddies and them?

Tom: I could count the number of guys I’ve slept with that are my age or younger on one hand. It’s just never been the same. Older men tend to be more experienced, more direct, know what they want and know how to do it. There’s also an element of teaching that’s often involved when hooking up with older men, I enjoy learning from an older generation. To be honest if I’m trying out a new kink, I’d feel much more comfortable trusting someone with twenty years experience than someone who’s tried it a handful of times. I guess that ties in with the whole role model thing.

Having said that, my boyfriend is only a few years older than me. He’s the youngest person I’ve ever dated, but he’s more of a long term investment – he’s sexy as hell now, but in ten to twenty years he’s going to make a beautiful daddy 😉

MasterMarc: It sounds as you like the natural feeling of inferiority you get by dating daddies. Is that correct?

Tom: It’s more about comfort and security for me when it comes to dating. If it’s just a hookup I love to play on the power dynamic, especially if there’s verbal role-play involved. But after a heavy scene, there’s nothing more comforting that snuggling into daddy’s big hairy chest. It’s the best kind of aftercare.

MasterMarc: The tender moments are even better after a hard session, that’s right. But now you have really to tell us what your into? What kind of action and role-play do you like?

Tom: I love spit and piss in a passive role, there’s nothing that makes me feel submissive faster. Verbal roleplay is always hot if you’re both in the right headspace: dad/son, teacher/student, anything with an age gap. I also really enjoy rubber, leather, pup play, tit torture, CMNM, cruising, wetplay, body hair, beards, piercings, and screwing dirty old men in public toilets. I’m versatile so the kind of sex I have tends to depend on my mood, the person and the risk. (I’m not going to bottom if I have anal fissures, but I’ll happily guzzle as much piss as you let me) There are a bunch of other kinks that I’d like to explore later on in life, but with the right people and in the right circumstance.

MasterMarc: Oh what kind of kinks do you have in your mind? 

Tom: So I’ve met a lot of new people over the last year that have exposed me to kinks that have been hard limits in the past. Going to kink events, meeting new people, and using twitter as social media (rather than just a place to repost porn) has opened my eyes to that heavier, darker side of kink that has always interested me, but I have no experience in.

Sounding, heavy bondage and fisting are all things that I am curious about now and plan on working on, but like I said, I’d like to find the right teacher before committing. Saline infusion is another that never used to appeal to me. It seems to be a big trend at the moment, and it’s not something that I’d come across much in the past. It’s fascinating to me, and who doesn’t love a big bulge on a daddy?

MasterMarc: I understand that you want to have good teachers, even more important with kinks which are great but can also harm your health. It seems that as longer as more you see also guys in their twenties calling themselves daddy. What do you think about?

Tom: Personally, I don’t get it, but that’s because a large part of my daddy fetish is the age gap. To me, a daddy is a mixture of things – part aesthetic, part state of mind, part mentor and part age (ideally 40s/50s/60s)

I think the terms “daddy” and “mummy” were popularised in America by teenagers referring to boybands, singers and drag queens and it gets lost in translation a lot online. Think less Harry Styles from One Direction, and more Bob Hoskins in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

MasterMarc: I’m 40 now and some boys are telling me daddy, which still is very strange for me. I am more used that they call me my name, Master or Sir. So I can totally understand what you mean. But do you think that guys in their 20ies or early 30ies can have some typical daddy attributes? Beside the age what are the characteristics of daddies?

Tom: Yeah totally! Embrace your inner daddy, mentor younger guys, have crazy stupid sex with someone who looks up to you and snugglefuck their brains out. I don’t think you just become that kind of person over night. It’s definitely a mentality that you grow into so it makes sense that guys in their 20s and 30s might feel paternal. It’s always meant as a compliment, take advantage of it and try something new. It’s a lot of fun.

As for classic characteristics, in my experience most men who identify as daddies tend to be hairy, bearded, exclusively into guys at least a generation younger than them. Other than that there aren’t many typical attributes, like any kink it depends largely on the person and what they’re looking to get from it. Some are looking to relive lost years, some just like to get fucked by younger guys and others really get off on to power dynamic it brings.

MasterMarc: You have told me before that you can also top daddies.  Isn’t that a little weird to dominate older paternal guys?

Tom: I’ve never found it weird, the majority of men that I hookup with happen to be bottom or versatile. You can still be paternal and caring as a bottom or a submissive and if daddy wants to teach me how to fuck by letting me stick my dick in him, I’m more than happy to comply. I just want to make him happy. It makes sex easier and more enjoyable for me if my role is fluid, plus you’d be surprised how many daddies want to get buggered senseless by a horny little boy.


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